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This story is to be continued.................. SO watch this space please, if you like it, and want to learn more!

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  1. 1.                            Sally                Chapter One ~ Chocolate Sally stepped onto the busy street and walked to the corner. She crossed the road and carried on walking, a lonely figure, cold and lost, looking for a bed for the harsh winter night. She made her way along a thin alleyway and walked towards a cardboard box, just outside an old abandoned doorway, she called this box “home”. She lay in the large box, once used to hold a freezer. Sally was very tall for an fifteen old with ginger-brown hair, which was in a scraggly mess, but her face showed elegance, and beauty, and she did look very pretty. She shivered and her warm breath rose to meet the cold, icy air, she fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of warm fires and a Mum & Dad. The next morning Sally woke up, as usual she headed to the nearest restaurant, not to buy anything, but to look for free scraps of food in the rubbish bin around the back. She munched on a stale piece of bread and nibbled at a dry, shrivelled carrot, she sighed and her breath hung in the air. Sally walked along the dirty, foot-trodden path and suddenly she stopped, she couldn't believe her eyes, there on the path lay a beautiful $5 note, she bent down and picked it up, she held it, wondering, should she keep it or let the person who dropped it come back for it? She soon found the answer when a fat old lady came bustling up to her and asked where she had found the note, Sally told her and the women's eyes twinkled, “You may have it, child” she said, and bustled away. Sally smiled, a thing that she rarely did, she walked to the dairy on the corner, and proudly marched in, grasping the note in her cold hands. Sally looked up at all the lollies arranged neatly along the counter, but soon she remembered what she had come into the dairy for, she tore her eyes away and walked to the heater, she was warming her cold hands, when a loud voice interrupted the silence, “Hello, can I help you?”, she turned around and saw a middle-aged man standing behind the tall counter, “I..I need bread and milk please, sir” she stammered, “Over here” said the man, leading her to a fridge and opening it up, he took a small bottle of milk out and then closed the door, he then took a loaf of bread of a shelf and handed it to her, Sally walked to the counter and put the bread and milk on it, she payed, it was exactly $4.50, she turned to walk out, when the man called her back and gave her a chocolate bar, “For free”, he said, Sally thanked him and skipped back to her “home”. Sally jumped into her box and opened up the bottle of milk, she took a few sips, then put the lid back on, she then opened the bread and had a slice of it, she looked at the bar of chocolate, tempting, she thought, finally, she couldn't resist the temptation and reached for the chocolate bar, she carefully peeled the corner away to reveal a small corner of her delicate chocolate bar, she took the smallest nibble, and then fell into a deep, happy sleep, dreaming, this time, of chocolate! The next day she awoke early and reached for her bar of chocolate, unfortunately the bar of chocolate had been wedged between one corner of the box and Sally's jacket, so when she reached for it, the wrapper came of and the bar of chocolate fell out, onto the hard, dirty floor, she hardly noticed this though, she was looking at a silver piece of paper that had fallen out of the packet, she picked it up, and stared at it, it read something, but Sally couldn’t read it, so she went to the dairy and asked the man if he could read it for her, as soon as he saw it, his eyes lit up and he smiled at her, then he read “Congratulations, you
  2. 2. are in for a real treat, you are the lucky winner of a dream holiday, of your choice to with $500 spending money, and you can invite 3 friends to come along too. To redeem prize ring, 63 987 1467, or text, 022 0567 893”, Sally grinned and the man told her that she was very lucky and he rang the number, when he hung up, he told her to be ready at 10:00a.m. the next morning, with all her belongings at the dairy, she said that she would see hi m then and pranced merrily to her ''home''. The next day at 10:00a.m. Sally was ready, outside the dairy, she had no bags with her, not even a small handbag, she had only a small teddy in her hands that was the only belonging that was of use to her. The kind man from the dairy, whose name was Sam had temporarily closed his shop so he could help her get going on her holiday. Sharp on 10:00 a Lamborghini pulled up and a chauffeur stepped out, he looked very smart, in a black business-like suit, with a tie and polished black shoes, Sally was a little bit scared, at first, but soon she warmed to the man, whose name was Mark, he asked her where her silver ticket was, and she gave it to him, he then instructed her to hop in the car, and asked her where her bags where, Sally turned red and explained to him how poor she was, Mark nodded and asked where her parents where she told him that she had none, “I'm sorry, but you need to have a parent or guardian with you to be able to go on this trip”, he said, at this point Sam interjected, “I can go with Sally”, he said, “Oh yes, please will you” Sally said, “Very well, said Mark, hop in then”. After Sam had rushed into his house and slammed some stuff into his suitcase, (as well as slamming his finger in the cupboard door), they all drive of in Mark's Lamborghini, Sally's Adventure had only just begun. Chapter Two ~ The Adventure Begins!d As Sally watched eagerly out the car's shaded windows, she began to dream of the luxuries to come, she wondered where she should go, what she should buy, and who she would meet, she smiled, thinking of how kind Sam had been, to sacrifice his job, to her happiness. As Mark drove the car around a bend, Sally saw a large mansion up ahead, Mark stopped outside the mansion, and helped her out of the car, she skipped up a flight of steps to a tall doorway, she stepped up onto a pristine step, and was greeted by a sober butler, dressed in a rich navy colour, he opened up the huge oak doors for her, and Sally stepped inside the grand mansion, she looked up and saw a tall, slender lady, “Hello dear” said the lady, in a tinkly, soft voice, “Hello, Ma'm” replied Sally, she felt herself turning pink, then red then scarlet with embarrassment of how dirty, small, and worthless a girl she was, in the presence of Lady Janice herself, “Follow me please” she explained, “I'll lead you to the room that you will be sleeping in tonight, and tomorrow we can begin the plans!”. After a sumptuous meal of Pies, omelets, chicken, beef, pork, roast poultry, vegetables, jelly, icecream, pavlova, and fruit to finish, she lay down in her 4-poster bed, and slept, a beautiful, long sleep, and she dreamed of plans for her holiday. The next morning, she woke up bright and early, to hear bluebirds singing by her window, and a maid coming in with her breakfast. Sally sat up immediately, and the maid gave her her breakfast, which consisted of eggs, sausages, and TONS of bacon. After breakfast, Sally found a sweet, pale blue, frilled, floral, knee-length dress, then Sally found her way downstairs, and was greeted by Lady Janice, who was wearing a beautiful, lustrous, pearl-beaded fabric dress, it was so pretty, that she couldn't tear her eyes away for even a moment, “Do you like it?” asked Lady Janice, “I LOVE IT!” exclaimed Sally, in awe, “Now, let's get started” said Lady Janice. Sally was lead by Lady Janice into a room which was splendidly sparkly, and very big, the wall paper was coloured rich magenta, which felt soft to the touch. Sally was then lead to a large table in the corner, which was empty except for a small bag in the centre, Lady Janice said “You will be staying with Lady Miranda”, and then she picked up the bag, and
  3. 3. opened it, out of the bag she pulled another bag, slightly smaller, and a few importantlooking pieces of paper, “This bag here contains all that you will be needing to have the best holiday ever!” said Lady Janice, “And these papers need to be signed by Sam, your caregiver, to show that he agrees to take full responsibility of you”, “Okay” said Sally, “Do you know where Sam is?, “He should be downstairs soon, I've just told the maid to get him”, said Lady Janice, as she handed Sally the bag. Moments later Sam was standing in the doorway, a wide grin on his face, “Hello Ladies” he said, “Hello Sam” replied Sally, “I'll need you to sign this piece of paper, to agree that you will take full responsibility of her”, said Lady Janice, “Alright, where do I sign?”, said Sam, “Here” said Lady Janice, pointing at a small line in the the bottom of the page. After Sam had signed, she instructed them to go and hop into the car, which waited for them outside. Mark was at the car, when they arrived, “Hop in please” he said, as he opened up the door for Sally, “Where do you wish to go” said Mark, “Any suggestions?” asked Sally “Well, you could go to Hawaii, France, China, I know, what about Hollywood, you could meet the sta-” before Mark could even finish his sentence, Sally said “Oh yes, I would love to go to Hollywood, to meet the stars there, I've always seen them on the front of magazines, when I walk past Sam's dairy!”, “Okay, let's go to Hollywood then” said Mark. One hour later, Sally was at the airport, boarding the plane, she had never been on a plane before, so she was a little scared, but Sam held her hand the whole way, and she felt much better. When Sally had got of the plane, a old, kindly looking gentleman greeted her, “Hello, you must be Sally” he said, “Yes, I'm Sally”, she said, she wasn't frightened, because she had met so many fancy people in the last few days, that she was getting accustomed to them. The man told her that his name was George, and he instructed her to follow him, with Sam beside Sally, she felt safe, and happy, as George led her to a waiting car just outside the airport, Sally hopped in and George murmured something to a man on the drivers seat, and the car roared into life, Sally sat back to relax, she opened up her bag, that Lady Janice had given her and took out the first thing she saw, it was a purse full of money, she guessed it was $500 worth, but she could only guess because she had never learnt to count before, next she pulled out a peculiar looking gadget, she turned it around in her hand, and gave a small squeak, when it started vibrating, but before she could explore it anymore, the door of the car opened, and George stood there, beckoning for her to hop out, Sally stuffed the stuff into her bag, and jumped out of the car, ahead loomed a large villa, her home for the next while. Chapter 3 ~ Lady Miranda & Henry As Sally neared closer to the large villa, she noticed that guards were patrolling the grounds, and that the house was made out of a beautiful marble material, and the amazing swirling patterns on it, seemed to shape into creatures, before her eyes, she also noticed that everyone was looking at her! She gasped, and almost tripped over a expensive marble pot, but straitened and hurriedly brushed the dust of the fur coat that Lady Janice had given her. Sally noticed that one of the guards, in particular, seemed to be goggling at her, but soon Sally forgot about him, and found her attention was on a grandly dressed lady, who she guessed was Lady Miranda, Lady Miranda's hair was done up in a tight bun,
  4. 4. high on her head, her dress was of utter elegance, with pearls strung from the beautiful lace frills, coming out of her deep-aqua ankle-length dress, the collar was covered in sparkling sequins, and the shoes took Sally's breath away, they were the same colour as the dress (deep-aqua), with miniature coral shells, sequins, and little lovely bobbles dotted over it, Sally managed to tear away her eyes for a moment to reply to the lady's question “How was the trip, Sally”, she said “I..It was.. Um...” Sally managed to pull herself together and reply, “It was good thanks”, “Excellent” replied Lady Miranda, “I shall talk to you tonight, but meanwhile we shall get you some food, and a nice, bubbly bath, shall we?”, to Sally's relief Lady Miranda didn't give her a chance to reply, and kept on talking, “I will order the maid, but while she prepares the bath, I think you should explore the land, there is plenty to do here, and I'll get one of these guards to give you a tour around the place!”, she stopped briefly to look around at the eager faces of the guards, but soon she decided on one of them, and went back inside.