No Ordinary Love


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No Ordinary Love

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  2. 2. Page 1 of 15 200-47475 No Ordinary LoveIMimi was about to be late for school, so she prepared her things in a hurry. She put on her blackstiletto and tried to straighten out her yellow dress. She was brushing her hair, when a knockcame on the door. “Who is it?” Mimi called out as she pinned her hair back into a half-moon. “It’s me, Bella,” answered her personal assistant. “Oh Bella, wait a sec! I’m just finishing up in here,” she called back. “I just wanted you to know that your father would like to see you in his office before youhead off to school.” Bella informed. “Okay, got it! Thanks a lot Bella!” Mimi looked at the mirror and put on some lip balm. “Good thing my skin’s fairly morena, I don’t have to put on a lot of make-up just to fixmy skin tone,” she said to herself. She took a final look at herself, stood up from her dresser, took her bag and her booksfrom her bed, and stormed out of her room to her father’s office, just after she said goodbye toher mother, the portrait of the woman which was hanging on her room. Mimi’s mother died when she was still ten, just a year after they settled in Manila. Shedidn’t know much about her mother. All she knew was that she looks exactly like her mother, asher father would always say. She had the same morena complexion, the same long black hair,and the same fair height. And just like her, her mother was also a music lover. That’s all sheknew of her late mother. But then, that didn’t make her love her mother less, she still loved hermother just as much as anyone who knew their mother well.
  3. 3. Page 2 of 15 200-47475 As Mimi was running through the hallway, she greeted all the people she passed by – herpersonal assistant, the main housekeeper, the butler, the chambermaid, one of the bodyguardsand the rest – with a smile and a good morning along the way. Finally, when she was about toreach the end of the hallway, where her father’s office was, she stopped to catch her breath,straightened out her dress and her hair, making sure not a single strand was sticking out, andtried to look normal as possible. Then she slowly walked towards her father’s office. “Good morning, Madam Mimi, your father is expecting you,” the bodyguards at the doorbowed to greet her as they opened the door for her. “Thanks! You guys look sharp today. Have a nice day!” waving her hand to thebodyguards, as the doors closed behind her as she entered her father’s office.She caught a glimpse of a guy sitting at the waiting bench. The guy was wearing a bodyguard’suniform, a black suit and tie with black leather shoes. “He must be new,” she said under her breath.His hair was neatly combed like a real gentleman is. He had the same fair complexion like Mimi.He had the nicest deep brown eyes that Mimi has ever seen. Something about him reminded herof someone. She continued to walk towards her father’s desk. “There you are!” her father greeted her with a warm hug, as usual. “Good morning Papa,” as she returned her father’s hug and gave him a peck on thecheek. “Bella said you wanted to see me,” she said. “I got you a new bodyguard. He will be accompanying you to school, piano and voicepractice, parties or any dates you go to,” Mr. dela Torre said.
  4. 4. Page 3 of 15 200-47475 “But Papa!”, Mimi tried to but in. “No more buts, honey. This is for your own good,” as he reached for the intercom andpressed the button, “you may now come in, David.”IIDavid just came from the province. He and his mother had lived there almost all his life. Hismother was the only one who raised him, because his father was an absentee. He didn’t know ifhis father was still alive or dead. He hadn’t seen a single picture of his father. But then, since hismother loved him so much; he felt that he did not need the love of a father anymore. Hismother’s love was enough for him. But then, there was one love from a person that he wanted to have. That love is from aspecial girl from his past, his childhood friend. And for that reason, he decided to work inManila, specifically for the dela Torre’s, so that he can be close to his special someone. So, when he graduated from the Philippine National Police Academy, he immediatelysought for a job in Manila, where his mother said the girl was currently residing. Luckily, heimmediately got a job as a bodyguard of the dela Torre companies. It was a group of well-to-docompanies which was known not just in Manila, but also all over the Philippines. They ownairlines, ships, resorts, hotels, restaurants, you name it and they have it. He was just so happy thathe got a job there, at least his chances of finding his first love was perking higher. As he left forManila, he hugged his mother tightly and kissed her check. “I’m sorry Mama, if I didn’t tell you the real reason why I wanted to work in Manila. ButI know this is the best for me,” he thought as he walked down the hill, carrying his duffel bag,towards the jeepney stop.
  5. 5. Page 4 of 15 200-47475 Though it was his first time in Manila, he didn’t have a hard time locating the delaTorre’s residence, because everyone in Manila knew them. Someone even offered him a ridethere, but then, just as they were about to go out of the airport, a man in a black suit, holding outa card with his name written on it, approached him. “Mr. Salazar?” “Yes sir. That’s me.” “Welcome to Manila. My name is Manuel. I will be driving you to the dela Torre’sresidence.” as he motioned towards the black and shiny limousine parked just outside the lobby. “Woah! Nice! I mean, thank you.”, then turning to the kind man who offered him a ride,“Thank you kind sir. But I guess I won’t be coming with you anymore. It was nice to meet youthough. Have a good day!” he bowed and waved goodbye and walked towards the limousine. The dela Torre’s residence was about an hour ride from the airport, just enough for himto get a glimpse of Manila. Everywhere he looked, there would either be a dela Torre restaurant,dela Torre spa and salon, dela Torre bank, dela Torre hotels and coffee shop and so on. It was asif, Manila was bustling with different dela Torre businesses. He imagined that the dela Torremust be a really rich family with a really nice house. Fair enough, the driver just informed himthat they have arrived. He pulled in what seemed like a palace which came out of some famousmovie. It was an enormous five story palace. Guards can be found everywhere. It had a widegarden in front filled with different plants and flowers. There were gardeners trimming andwatering the flowers and plants. The driveway was wide and tiled with marble. The garage,which seemed like a house on its own, was filled with different types of cars, from bullet proofcars, to sport cars, to motorcycles, and vans. The driver stopped at the backdoor steps, whereintwo guards were standing. A man in a deep navy suit greeted him at the door,
  6. 6. Page 5 of 15 200-47475 “Welcome Mr. Salazar. The president has been expecting you. But before you go seehim, let me show you your room.” and the man lead him inside the palace.He was too astonished to say anything. He just kept on nodding and smiling. There were maidsand servants everywhere. The palace had carpeted floors all over the place. A lot of portraits andpainting were hanging on either side of its walls. Even the ceilings had paintings on them. Hugeantique jars were placed at every corner. It had huge windows which made the insides of thepalace breezy. Everything in the palace looked exquisite and expensive. As he followed thebutler to his room, he caught a glimpse of some rooms. There was a dancing room, a minitheater, a couple of guest rooms, a spa and massage room, a TV room and a game room. Justthen the butler stopped at a door, which must be his room. “Here we are. Make yourself at home. Your uniform had been prepared already. Pleasewear it immediately, before we go to Mr. dela Torre.” “Oh, Okay. Thank you, kind sir,” he bowed as he entered the room. “Hurry up. I’ll be waiting outside.” David entered his room, which looked like a hotelroom.It had its own TV set, own dresser with a huge mirror attached to the wall. It also had its ownbathroom, kitchen and mini living room. He frantically searched for his uniform, and finally hesaw it neatly placed on a king sized bed. He changed into his uniform as fast as he could andcombed his hair neatly before he went out. “This way please.” the butler pointed towards the long hallway.Just as they were walking away, he saw a lady in business attire, knocking on the door of somewoman named Mimi, little did he know that he’ll be spending more time with her beginning thatday.
  7. 7. Page 6 of 15 200-47475 He’s been sitting on the bench in the waiting area of the president’s office for a couple ofminutes now. The butler said that he should just wait for the president to call him to come intohis office. So there he was, sitting there and waiting patiently. He thought of his childhood friendand how much he wanted to see her again. Just then, the door burst open and a beautiful younglady, just about his age, entered the room. He followed her with his eyes. Then, as if she felt hisstare, she glanced at him. And David, who felt a bit panicky, just smiled. The lady also smiledbrightly, as bright as her yellow dress, and then continued to walk away. He felt like there was a connection between him and the young lady. Her smile seemed sofamiliar to David. It made him think of someone special to him. He can still remember herbeautiful face and her bright smile. Unfortunately, they had to separate because the girl had tomove somewhere and they haven’t seen each other since then. The sound of the intercom cut through his thoughts. “You may come in now, David”, were the words he heard. So he got up and went to thedesk of the president.IIIThe guy, she saw in the waiting room earlier, entered the room. “This is Mr. David Salazar. He is going to be your new bodyguard.” then turning toDavid, “And this, Mr. Salazar, is my one and only precious daughter Senna Mae dela Torre.”David took of his cap and bowed to greet Mimi. “At your service, Madam. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said.David was shocked when Mimi held out her hand at him and said
  8. 8. Page 7 of 15 200-47475 “The pleasure’s mine, Dave. Can I call you that? Anyways, you can call me Mimi forshort. I don’t want to be so formal and all,” then brightly smiled at him and gestured for him toshake her hands.Realizing that he was just standing there staring at her beautiful face, David shook with Mimi’shands. “Ok, that’s it. I really have got to go Papa. I’m going to be late for school.” she kissedand hugged her father. “Take care honey,” Mr. dela Torre said, then turning to David, “Please stay for a bit. Ijust have some important matters to discuss with you in private.” “Yes sir,” Dave responded, then he looked at Mimi who was waiting for her at the door. “It’s okay, Dave. I’ll just wait for you in the car. But, please do hurry,” Mimi said. As Mimi saw Dave approaching the car, she opened her window and yelled out to him. “Dave! Hurry up! I’m gonna be late for school,” Mimi cried. “Okay, Madam. I’m sorry,” Dave said, as if he just snapped out from his thoughts.IVDavid was still bothered with what Mr. dela Torre told him earlier that day. “I know you mean well, but please break it to her gently. Don’t shock her, for she’s had atough time ever since then,” were Mr. dela Torre’s last words, before he left.He still couldn’t believe it. But, he was happy that he’s finally found his childhood friend, Mimi.Although she still can’t remember him now, he believes that one day, she eventually will.
  9. 9. Page 8 of 15 200-47475 In order for Mimi to remember him, Dave has planned out some things for him to do.And he started out with Mimi’s favorite snack. After school, as Mimi was about to get in the car,Dave handed her a bag of mangoes and bagoong, her favorite. “Wow! Thanks! These are my favorite,” Mimi beamed as she took it from him. “I know,” Dave smiled. “Huh? How did you know?” Mimi asked, puzzled. “Uhm, I mean. I know, right? Isn’t mangga’t bagoong the best?” Dave explained. “Oh, yeah. It definitely is,” Mimi said. “Whew! That was close,” Dave muttered under his breath, as he started the car.As Dave was pulling the car in the dela Torre’s driveway, he glanced at Mimi in the rearviewmirror. “So, I was informed that it’s your birthday tomorrow,” Dave blurted out. “Yes, it’s my twenty-fourth birthday,” she said, as Dave put the car to a stop. “Well, I guess we have the same birthday then,” Dave said, as he opened the car for her. “Really? That’s great! Then we’ll have a double birthday party tomorrow!” Mimiexclaimed. “I don’t think so. I’ll just be happy celebrating it with you at the side,” Dave said,laughing, as he closed the car’s door. “Wait, can I see that?” Mimi said pointing at Dave’s wrist. “Oh! This one? Yeah, sure,” Dave held out his hand for Mimi to see. “Nice bracelet. You know, I feel like I’ve seen something like this before. I’m just notsure,” Mimi said, observing the bracelet closely.
  10. 10. Page 9 of 15 200-47475 “You may have. You just forgot about it,” Dave said, thinking back to the time whenMimi gave him the bracelet as a present during his 9th birthday. “Yeah, I think so too. Anyways, I gotta go. I still have a lot of things to prepare fortomorrow,” Mimi said, as she hurried inside their house. “Yes indeed, you just don’t know it yet,” Dave muttered under his breath.VMimi woke up early the next morning. She planned to give Dave a birthday surprise. She went totheir cook and told him about her plan. The cook smiled and agreed to help her cook puchero forDave’s birthday surprise. Mimi didn’t know what Dave’s favorite dish was, but when shethought of a dish to cook, puchero was the first thing that popped into her mind. Indeed, shedecided to cook puchero for Dave. She was just placing a vase of tulips on the center table, when Dave entered the diningroom. He was about to say something, when Mimi and the cooks and some maids, sang him ahappy birthday. “Thanks everyone. Thanks Madam. I’m too speechless to think of anything,” Dave said,still overwhelmed with the surprise birthday breakfast. “Well, I’m glad you liked it. I’m sorry, since I didn’t know your favorite dish, I justdecided to cook puchero for you. I hope you’ll like it,” Mimi said, as they all settled down to eat. “You made a great choice. Puchero is actually my favorite. Thanks again Ma’am. Happybirthday to you too, I’m sorry I haven’t prepared anything special, yet.” Dave smiled.
  11. 11. Page 10 of 15 200-47475 “That’s great! Oh! Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you liked my little surprise. Youknow, I felt like I’ve known you before, because I seem to know a lot about you,” Mimi said,slicing her viand. “You might know me more than you think,” Dave muttered under his breath, smiling. “What did you say?” Mimi said as his father entered the room. “What’s going on here?” Mr. dela Torre asked coming to his daughter, “Happy birthday,darling,” he said, as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Papa. Well, I just found out yesterday that Dave and I have the same birthday.So I decided to prepare a little surprise for him. But since I didn’t know his favorite dish, I justdecided to cook puchero, which turned out to be his favorite dish. Can you believe it Papa?”Mimi happily explained. “Yes, I can dear. You might know him more than you think you do.” Mr. dela Torre said,exchanging knowing glances with Dave, across the table, “Happy birthday, Dave,” he added.VIWhen the last guests have said their last happy birthdays and goodbyes to Mimi, Dave askedMimi to come with him to the backyard. Mimi wondered what he could be up to, but came withhim anyways, smiling. “Surprise!” Dave said, as Mimi saw the backyard, which he decorated with tulips andlights.Situated at the middle of the backyard was a bench, filled with tulips and lights. And on thebench was a bouquet of tulips.
  12. 12. Page 11 of 15 200-47475 “Wow! This is nice Dave. I’m really surprised,” Mimi exclaimed, still mesmerized withthe view. “Here, sit,” Dave motioned for her to sit on the bench, as he took a guitar, which waslying on the ground, just beside the bench. “Oh!” Mimi exclaimed, cupping her mouth with her hands, overwhelmed. “Yeah, I’ve prepared a little something for you, I hope you will like this,” Dave said as hestarted playing the guitar.Dave sang Mimi’s favorite song, No Ordinary Love, hoping that she would finally rememberhim. All this time, Dave has been trying things that will make Mimi remember him, as herchildhood friend before. Since he already has Mr. dela Torre’s approval, he decided to go with it.And if this last step won’t work still, he has decided to finally let Mimi know the truth. He’ll tellher why she couldn’t remember him at all. “You were the first to touch my heart, and everything’s right again, with yourextraordinary love,” Dave sang as he strummed the last chords of the song. “Wow! I can’t say anything. I’m too surprised right now,” Mimi said in disbelief. “Well, I couldn’t think of a more perfect surprise for you. But I hope you liked it,” Davesaid placing the guitar back on the ground and sat beside her. “Liked it? I loved it! That was actually my favorite song. And tulips? Tulips are myfavorite!” looking at the tulips decorated in the backyard, then at Dave, “How come we just metbut then we know so much about each other?” Mimi finally wondered. “Okay, I’m gonna tell you something,” breathing heavily, “Promise me you won’t laughor anything. It’s a secret that I and your father have been keeping for some time now.” Davesaid.
  13. 13. Page 12 of 15 200-47475 “A secret? Okay, what is it?” Mimi asked eagerly.So David told Mimi the reason why he knew so much about her was that he was her childhoodfriend back in Davao. He told her that the reason why she couldn’t remember him was that shehad a post-traumatic amnesia after her mother died in a car accident. It was a car accident thatMimi caused because when she was 18, it was her first test drive on the highway, and her mothercame to support her. But then, her brakes went off, and they hit a truck. So all she can rememberwas her father. That’s also why she vaguely remembers her mother. “What the hell are you saying?” Mimi cried, as she stood up from the bench. “It’s true, Mimi. I’m sorry if it had to come from me, this way,” Dave said, standing up. “No, that can’t be true. No. No. No!” Mimi said, crying and a bit frantic. “It’s true, Mimi. That’s the reason why I knew that you liked mangga’t bagoong. Andthis bracelet,” holding out his wrist with the bracelet Mimi gave him, “the reason why you thinkthis bracelet was familiar was because you’re the one who gave it to me, on my birthday. And,and the reason why you chose to cook puchero was because you already knew that was myfavorite. And now, I prepared tulips because I knew that you loved tulips, because it reminds youso much of your mom. And I sang No Ordinary Love because I knew it was your favorite. Whatother reason could there be to explain all those things?” Dave explained. “I’m sorry Dave. I just can’t take this,” Mimi cried, as she turned and ran back inside thehouse, leaving Dave crying on the ground.As Mimi was running back inside the house, she saw her father in the hallway. “Mimi! What happened to you dear? Why are you crying?” her father asked, seeing herface.
  14. 14. Page 13 of 15 200-47475 “Is it true, Papa? Is it true that I was the reason why Mama died? Is it true that Dave wasmy childhood friend before? And the reason why I couldn’t remember those things was becauseI had an amnesia? Is it true? Papa! Tell me. Answer me please!” Mimi begged clutching at herfather’s arms, sobbing. “Yes, darling. It is indeed true. I’m sorry I haven’t told you about it. I guess the timingwasn’t just right,” her father explained. “So when are you gonna plan to tell me? So if Dave didn’t tell me, you still wouldn’t? Ican’t believe you’ve kept this from me for such a long time, Papa! I hate you!” Mimi cried, asshe stormed out running out of the house.It was already dark and raining outside. But Mimi didn’t care. She went inside the nearest carand drove out of the house. She felt like she needed to be out of there as fast as she could. Shewas sobbing and out of breath, but she couldn’t stop crying. She couldn’t believe all of the thingsthat she learned that night. It hurt that Dave was the one who told her. But it hurt more that herfather haven’t told her about it, and probably haven’t planned to if it weren’t for Dave, all thistime. Mimi was so absorbed with her thoughts, crying and sobbing, when she haven’t noticedthat a dog was crossing the street up ahead. When she finally did, it came as a shock to her, thatshe stepped on her brakes hard in order to avoid the dog, then turned the car to the right. Butsince she was driving at full speed, her car didn’t stop immediately. It went a little down the hill,and hit the tree, which made Mimi hit her head hard. The next thing she knew, she was already inbed.VIIThe door of Mimi’s room opened, and out came her doctor.
  15. 15. Page 14 of 15 200-47475 “Mimi’s awake. You may go see her now,” she informed.Dave and Mimi’s father have been worried sick about Mimi when she got into another caraccident. She’s been in the hospital for two weeks now. And this was the first time that she haswoken up. “Come on. Let’s see her,” Mr. dela Torre said to Dave. “Why don’t you come in first, sir. I will just follow you in a while. I don’t wanna shockher or something,” Dave said anxiously. “Okay,” Mr. dela Torre replied as he opened Mimi’s door and went inside.After a few minutes, Dave finally decided to come inside. As he was closing the door behindhim, he could hear Mimi’s voice. “Where is Dave, Dad? I wanna see him,” Mimi said. “Actually,” her father began, “Oh! There he is! Come on in, son,” Her father gestured forDave to come closer as he saw him approaching. “Well, I guess, I’ll have to leave you two alone first,” Mr. dela Torre said, standing up,kissing Mimi’s forehead and patting Dave’s back, and headed for the door. “Hi, how are you?” were the first words that Dave blurted out, sitting down besideMimi’s bed. “Dave, I’m fine. Look, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I acted that way to you,” Mimi apogized. “It’s okay, Mimi. I understand,” Dave said, looking at her eyes. “I remember you, Dave. I can now remember you,” Mimi said, as tears rolled down hereyes. “Really? You can finally remember me now?” Dave asked, in disbelief, but happily.
  16. 16. Page 15 of 15 200-47475 “Yes, and I’m really sorry. I really am. I wish I could make it up to you,” Mimi said inbetween sobs. “It’s okay, Mimi. What matters now is that we’re together again, and you alreadyremember me,” Dave smiled, pulling her close to hug her, “Nothing makes me happier thanhaving you near me, Mimi.” THE END