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AT&T Barriers to Conversion


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AT&T Barriers to Conversion

  1. 1. AT&T: Barriers to Conversion Agile Research Report May 6, 2014
  2. 2. Table of Contents Participant Overview Executive Insights Navigation Inhibitors Background & Methodology p. 1 Aesthetics and Comprehension Implications and Recommendations p. 2 p. 3 p. 4 p. 5 p. 6 p. 7 p. 8 i Thoughts from the Crowd Usability Notes Barriers to Conversion Funnel p. 9 Study Tasks and Survey Questions p. 10
  3. 3. 1 Background & Methodology Methodology Ten participants were recorded interacting with the AT&T mobile website. For a qualitative understanding of behavior, participants were asked to speak aloud during the entire study. The study included directional tasks and post-study survey questions designed to collect a strong quantitative set of data. Respondents met the following criteria for inclusion in this research: ● Age 18+ and owns a smartphone Background Operating globally under the AT&T brand, AT&T is one of the world’s largest communication companies offering solutions for both business and personal use. AT&T’s mobile website allows users to shop, pay bills, and contact support (among other solutions) via their cell phones. Objectives Areas of confusion, usability issues, and barriers to conversion were the main objectives in conducting this research. Research Management Sarah Tannehill Research Manager
  4. 4. 2 Participant Overview AVERAGE INCOME: LOCATIONS: Ohio Illinois Virginia Georgia California Massachusetts Oregon $65,999 PARTICIPANTS: 10 MEN: 10% (1) WOMEN: 90% (9) AVERAGE AGE: 33 OPERATING SYSTEM: EDUCATION: PHONE MAKE AND MODEL:MAC: 60% (6) WINDOWS: 40% (4)
  5. 5. 3 Executive Summary Flow between pages is INEFFICIENT and deters continuation Online activity selected as enticing by users, such as shopping for mobile phones, requires more than three clicks when accessing from the homepage. Non-functional legend results in GUESSING around coverage Lack of clear labeling leaves the user feeling unsure about the map’s meaning. Many users were left to make assumptions regarding their coverage by AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Important information IGNORED when placed lower in visual hierarchy Users read information in the order that it is presented. Also, visually striking links were read above all other content, while other content was ignored. Page labels are not conventional and CONFUSE site visitors Confusion arose when users were unsure about where on the site to find a mobile phone or smartphone. Labeling pages differently than they are generally known creates blockers. Page loading delay causes attentional FAILURE and significantly lowers conversion potential Pages are slow to load with little assurance that anything is happening.
  6. 6. “Seems like you have to click through a lot of things just to shop for a phone." 4 SLOW LOADING PAGES Participants exhibited a positive correlation between verbalized frustration and page loading time. TOO MANY CLICKS Smart phone shopping choices are embedded deep within the selection flow. ATTENTIONAL FATIGUE Two participants (20%) felt fatigued by the amount of effort required to complete the task. PRIMACY AND RECALL Participants felt most enticed by AT&T’s mobile to mobile and upgrade advantage. Information was parsed top to bottom, devaluing offers at the end of the hierarchy.NO REASON TO STAY Six participants (60%) mentioned wanting to leave the site due to lag in loading. Many engaged in alternative behaviors while waiting. Drank water | 3/10 (30%) Smoked | 1/10 (10%) Closed Eyes | 2/10 (20%) ‘WHY CHOOSE AT&T?’ IGNORED Information at bottom ignored in comparison to information at top. Mobile to Mobile | 5/10 (50%) Rollover Minutes | 4/10 (40%) AT&T Upgrade Advantage | 5/10 (50%) Customer Care | 3/10 (30%) World Class Phones | 2/10 (20%) Web Offers | 0/10 (0%) Failed Task | 1/10 (1%) WATCH HIGHLIGHT WATCH HIGHLIGHT Navigation inhibitors Inefficiencies in page loading and high click rate are major deterrents to customer retention “For me I have like a three click rule."
  7. 7. 5 CLARIFY COLOR CODING Almost all participants viewing the AT&T 4G LTE network coverage map were uncertain about color meaning. ‘MOBILE’ VS. ‘WIRELESS’ ‘Participants hesitated when asked to make a selection under “What are you looking for?” Wireless is not an intuitive category for smartphones. NAVIGATIONAL TABS IGNORED White navigational bars below fold were given significantly more attention when asked to discuss site capabilities.ASSUMPTIONS Due to lack of clarity regarding the map coloring, participants were forced to make assumptions as to whether or not they were covered. Covered because close to major metropolitan areas | 2/10 (20%) Dark orange means covered | 8/10 (80%) VAGUE TITLES ‘Wireless’ intuitive|6/10 (60%) ‘Wireless’ not intuitive|4/10 (40%) Aesthetics and Comprehension Value lost when participants are forced to make unsupported assumptions ATTENTIONAL EMPHASIS Navigational bars | 9/10 (90%) Navigational tabs | 3/10 (30%) Dynamic Banner | 2/10 (20%) I'm assuming that wherever I see orange, I'm covered and I really hope that's what that means...Looks like I'm pretty covered. WATCH HIGHLIGHT 1 7 5 How easy was it for you to navigate AT&T’s mobile website? WATCH HIGHLIGHT FAILED ACTIONS Used legend unsuccessfully | 2/10 (20%) Navigational patterns showed a tendency to read white navigational bars first. Participants either did not read, or appeared to struggle with navigational tab meanings/value.
  8. 8. 6 Thoughts from the Crowd COMPLAINTS ABOUT LOAD TIME OFFERS NOT UNIQUEAT&T 4G LTE MAP CONFUSION "I'm guessing this orange means that I'm good? It doesn't actually explain what these different colors represent...but I'm assuming that it means, orange means good." "Everybody has upgrades." “Mobile to mobile and free unlimited calls. I think that's pretty standard though for most people now. And rollover minutes, I hardly even use my minutes anymore.” "Okay so now the legend came up, but it's not showing me the actual colors of anything. So I don' I supposed to click on this?...It's all white, does not tell me anything." And I am on a wifi connection and it's generally a very good connection, I guess it's just a little bit slower…” "If it takes this long in actuality I think that that's a huge detractor. Um if I'm on my mobile phone I want my information fast, so I would definitely make sure that it's fast in real life, like in a real use case.” “I guess the fact that they have top of the line phones, but then again, which carrier doesn't." “By the time it loads you forget what you were looking for." "I think I'm well covered but it's hard to tell from the visual. I feel like the visual is confusing. It could be clearer." "So again, I mean, that is where I am, and it's showing me a bunch of blue, which I'm gonna assume is, means covered? But I don't know and wish it was easier to tell. I keep trying to hit legend here but I'm not getting any real information. It doesn't say, 'blue equals covered.'"
  9. 9. Barriers to Conversion Funnel Delay in Page Load Occurred 17 times to ten people (58%) Coverage Confusion Occured 8 times to ten people (80%) Navigation unclear in item search Occured 4 times to ten people (40%) Attentional Fatigue Occurred 2 times to ten people (20%) 7 Areas inhibiting customer conversion
  10. 10. 8 Appealing experiences and a few cases of confusion and errors Usability Notes AMBIGUOUS COLOR Map color coding is difficult to interpret. Easy fix is to superimpose legend on top of map or add copy such as “you’re covered 90%!” LOADING DELAY Pages were slow to load and many participants expressed a desire to leave the site altogether. POOR TITLE CHOICE Participants gave little value to the top navigation bar, and some commented on the vague name choices. Re-label navigational tabs to fit their subpage categories. UNCONVENTIONAL LABELS Delay in activity occurred when participants were asked to find smartphones. Rename “wireless” to mobile. BOTTOM ‘WHYS’ IGNORED Features at the bottom of the page were either completely disregarded or noted as non-valuable. Interweave valuable with non-valuable to increase popularity. NAVIGATIONAL ATTENTION White navigational bars were noticed significantly more than other navigational tools.
  11. 11. 9 Implications & Recommendations Salvage conversion rate by adding colored legend to coverage map Re-design the legend to reflect map’s color coding. Legend should be simply structured with colors adjacent to meaning. Rename navigational categories to fit conventional terms Use tab titles and navigational link titles like “mobile” or “smartphone” to make navigation more intuitive. Update names as societal terms evolve. Interweave valued ‘Why choose AT&T?’ points with non-valued points Bring attention to overlooked ‘Why choose AT&T’ paragraphs by placing them between valued paragraphs. As users scroll down, they will be required to look at previously missed information. Eliminate too much clicking and unnecessary page loading time Re-label homepage navigational tabs to lead directly to smartphone shopping or other highly popular pages, to reduce clicking. Remove unnecessary text or high resolution images to reduce loading time.
  12. 12. 10 Appendix # Survey Questions Type Values 1 Is this what you would expect to find when visiting AT&T’s mobile website? (please explain yes or no answers) Write-in N/A 2 If you have a wireless carrier currently, who is it? Write-in N/A 3 How easy was it for you to navigate AT&T’s mobile website? Write-in N/A 4 Have you ever visited your current wireless carrier’s mobile website? Write-in N/A 5 Overall, how was your experience with AT&T’s mobile website? Write-in N/A # Study Tasks 1 Without leaving the initial landing page, what do you think you will be able to accomplish on AT&T’s mobile website? [Speak Aloud] 2 Navigate to the “Why choose AT&T” section. Is there anything here that entices you to choose AT&T as a wireless carrier? [Speak Aloud] 3 Now find AT&T’s 4G LTE network coverage for voice service in your area. Are you covered well? [Speak Aloud] 4 You want to see what smartphones are available; where would you go to find these? Do they carry the phones you would expect? [Speak Aloud] 5 Now that you’ve researched AT&T you want to visit the closest AT&T store. Where is the closest one to your current location? [Speak Aloud] All video results Task Statistics Survey Data Online Results Access