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Y12 hmk


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Homework task due 28.09.15

Published in: Education
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Y12 hmk

  1. 1. Pair it: Casino Royale Write the answers to these questions in your book: • What settings were used in the opening sequence? • Why were they chosen? • Were they appropriate to the film, if so how? • Describe the settings, list the settings used and their key features • How do they link to the character of Bond and what we have come to expect of the long-established series?
  2. 2. Lighting: Including use of areas of darkness or shadow Lighting is a key part of the film’s mise-en scene, as its effects can be seen ‘within the frame’. This aspect is closely linked with cinematography (or use of the camera). How do you feel the use of lighting and colour, in this case, helps to determine audience response?
  3. 3. Performance and Movement This is a key aspect of Mise-en-scene. Performance and movement enable us to understand the relationship between given characters. It refers to the acting that is taking place; there is a performance going on and essentially it revolves around movement (miniscule movements to the expansive), everything is included, from slow movements of the eye to sudden running and jumping, and each may be read in several ways. They can give us understanding of relationships and of emotions.
  4. 4. Performance: Body Language COPY THIS! • Remember that in the main everything has been agreed, planned, scripted and set out. Everything you see has been constructed. • Everything will have been choreographed with particular attention to body language. We need to be asking why have choices been made
  5. 5. Costume and Props Costume refers to items of clothing being worn by the character or objects seen within any given setting. At its simplest, costume acts as a type of uniform, linking a character to a particular group and often to a rank or position within the group. Costume can ‘announce’ a character, giving insight into what the person is supposed to be like; for instance shy or flamboyant. Props give an authentic sense of place, but can be used in more complex ways to suggest important characteristics of individuals or themes of the whole film. Props can also act as symbols. Make notes from the information on this slide.
  6. 6. Mise-en-scéne: costume and props As well as the performance and movement of actors in a film, filmmakers must take into consideration costumes to be worn and props to be placed within a setting or used by a particular character. Analyse the following images of Detectives Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and Mills (Brad Pitt) in the film Seven. Annotate them with your ideas. In detail, describe what the differences in costume tell us about these two men?