Weekly Newsletter_March 11, 2010


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Weekly Newsletter_March 11, 2010

  1. 1. Technology Tools Easier Helping Make Teaching e3 March 11, 2010. Volum What is a Word Cl oud? A word cloud is a visual depiction of words, often impo rtant words. Here are a few tools for creating word clouds. Wordle ABCya ordle.net/ http://www.w ve a wide va riety http://www.abcy a.c ord clouds ha om/word_cloud With Wordle ,w r schemes. Th is site ABCya is a site th at allows you to s.htm , layo uts, and colo not the fanciest of make word clou dif ferent fonts ouds. sites but very us ds. It is utiful word cl younger students er friendly, espe produces bea . I would highly recommend usin cially for ges: for K-3 teachers g this site . nd Disadvanta Advantages a es for fonts, layouts, and ic • There are more cho Advantages an . (A) d Disadvantages color schemes ple. (A) •You have the ab ility to save the w : Editing is somewhat sim or blog. ord cloud anywhe • into a website your computer. (A ) re on n be embedded •Wordles ca •The word cloud is automatically r saved as a jpeg (A) ited at a late •You can print w . saved and ed ithout saving. (A •Wordle s can not be •You can choose ) the “randomize” cloud will autom button and the w time. (D) jpeg. (D) atically be chan ord t saved as a e Wordle ged. You can co •W ordles are no viewing on th this until you find a design that yo ntinue to do o pen to public u like. (A) •Wordles are /D) •You can change the font, color, an site once completed. (A to exit the page d layout without having and are able to (A) see the changes instantly. •There is no em bedding code so website using HTM you can’t upload Word It L. However, you can add as a pict to your Out •There are only •There are only nine font choice s. (D) ure. (D) http://w eight color schem es. (D) orditout. Word it Out is an com/ it has ON other gr E big fla eat site b choose “ w...when ut SAVE” a you must be n email entered address receive a and then n email you creation with a lin . This site k to you persona is better r l word c used for louds. Advanta ges a nd Disad • Limite vantage d font ch s: •Must r oices. (D eceive e ) to your c mail to h uds in the ave acce reation. ss of ways to use word clo • “Rand om settin (D) For your convenience there is a list allows th g” butto n that classroom on my blog. e compu ources.blogspot.com layout, c olor and ter to ch oose a http://www.kjtechres font. (A) -Kristie Johnson