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Here are just a few of my favorite apps...ranging from education, photography to just for fun!

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My Favorite Apps

  1. 1. Instructional Technology Specialist<br />Kristie Johnson<br />Apps for your smart device<br />
  2. 2. Educational Apps<br />Merriam-Webster Dictionary (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Voice search
  3. 3. Synonyms and Antonyms
  4. 4. Example Sentences
  5. 5. Audio Pronunciations
  6. 6. Word of the Day
  7. 7. Recent History – tracks the words you’ve looked up</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />KhanAcademy (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Tutorial videos from basic arithmetic and algebra to physics and chemistry.
  8. 8. Videos are anywhere from 3-6 minutes long.
  9. 9. Categories covered: Math, History, Science, SAT prep, BrainTeasers</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Stack the States Lite (FREE)<br /><ul><li>This game promotes learning of the 50 states:
  10. 10. Capitals
  11. 11. State Shapes
  12. 12. Abbreviations
  13. 13. Bordering States
  14. 14. Location
  15. 15. Ages: 4-7, 8-10</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Graphic Organizers<br />Popplet ($4.99) Popplet lite (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Popplet lite only lets you create one Popplet (must delete Popplet before creating another)
  16. 16. Export via PDFor JPEG
  17. 17. Import photos, add text, connect with outlines tools</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Digital Storytelling<br />Story Kit (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Write some text and illustrate by drawing or bring in a picture
  18. 18. Sounds can be recorded
  19. 19. Layout the element (text, pics, sound) by dragging them
  20. 20. Add, reorder or delete pages
  21. 21. Story send to StoryKit webserver and you will receive a link to email</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Digital Storytelling<br />Storyrobe ($.99)<br /><ul><li>Three steps to use this application:
  22. 22. Choose images or videos
  23. 23. Record story
  24. 24. Upload to YouTube or Email to friends
  25. 25. Save the story in camera roll</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Digital Storytelling<br />Flipbook Lite (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Animation app for iPhone or iPod.
  26. 26. Make doodles come to life by using layering tool.
  27. 27. Load images from photo library or draw them.
  28. 28. If you make a mistake touch undo. Touch play when you’re ready to see your movie</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Digital Storytelling<br />Comic Touch Lite (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Make your photo come alive by giving them the Comic Touch.
  29. 29. Add balloon to give your subjects thoughts and words.
  30. 30. Add captions to describe the scene or give the photo a title
  31. 31. Share you creations via email or save them to your Photo library</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Digital Storytelling<br />Audio Memos (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Works with iPhone, iPad or iPod (if you have an Apple headset with microphone)
  32. 32. Use wav format to story recordings
  33. 33. Send the audio file via email</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Digital Storytelling<br />Juxio (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Use Juxio to create texts and images
  34. 34. Change caption color: 45 options
  35. 35. Change templates
  36. 36. Sign up account and share Juxes via Twitter, Facebook, and email</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Google Apps<br />Calendars – Google Calendar ($6.99)<br /><ul><li>Drag and drop events
  37. 37. Add events in a single tap
  38. 38. Navigate between days
  39. 39. Manage calendars online and offline
  40. 40. Invite people
  41. 41. Get SMS reminders
  42. 42. Day, Week, Month, List view
  43. 43. Repeating tasks</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Google Apps<br />Google Voice (FREE) iPad ($2.99)<br /><ul><li>Access your Google Voice account from iPhone
  44. 44. Receive push notification for new text or voicemail messages.
  45. 45. Send free text messages to US numbers
  46. 46. Display your Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls
  47. 47. Google voice account is required (</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Google Apps<br />Google Translator (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Speak your phrases and hear the translations
  48. 48. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  49. 49. Translate text between 57 languages
  50. 50. Listen to translations spoken aloud
  51. 51. Display translations in full screen
  52. 52. Access your translation history when you’re offline</li></li></ul><li>Reference Apps<br />WolframAlpha ($1.99) <br /><ul><li>Computing engine that provides expert knowledge.
  53. 53. Computes solutions to difficult trig or calculus problems.
  54. 54. Balance complex chemical equations.
  55. 55. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />AppShopper (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Keeps you up to date on the newest App Store Apps, sales and freebies.
  56. 56. Organize apps in customized “wish list” and get notified when there’s a sale or update.
  57. 57. Be notified on price drops, updates and new apps with push notifications.
  58. 58. Sync with so you can manage your lists in a web browser.</li></li></ul><li>Educational Apps<br />Moms with Apps (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Over 600 apps
  59. 59. Organized by subjects
  60. 60. Recommended ages for every app
  61. 61. Create a wishlist within app
  62. 62. Turn on “Push Notification” and a reminder will be sent when new apps are available</li></li></ul><li>Reference Apps<br />Push My Reminders ($1.99) or lite (Free) – with ads<br /><ul><li>Need a reminder without wanting to put something on your calendar?
  63. 63. No account or set up needed
  64. 64. Reminders pushed to phone at time you want
  65. 65. Repeat reminders at selected intervals
  66. 66. View by date or group</li></li></ul><li>Reference Apps<br />Wikihood (FREE) or PLUS ($6.99)<br /><ul><li>Search locations closest to you
  67. 67. Search important sites around you
  68. 68. How to get to location using the map
  69. 69. Two categories: people and culture/buildings
  70. 70. Plus version: add economy and geography categories and more articles; plus built-in search functionality for Wikipedia</li></li></ul><li>Reference Apps<br />Weather+ Free (FREE) or Weather+ ($1.99)<br /><ul><li>Full screen display of weather conditions, 5 day forecast and flip click
  71. 71. 3 hour weather forecast for total of 5 days
  72. 72. Wind direction and speed details
  73. 73. Change the widget arrangements
  74. 74. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad</li></li></ul><li>Browser Apps<br />Atomic Web Browser ($.99) or Lite (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Customize web browser, unlimited tabs
  75. 75. Hold down a link or image to download
  76. 76. File transfer
  77. 77. iPad version can adjust screen brightness
  78. 78. Save pages for offline viewing
  79. 79. Add, import, export bookmarks
  80. 80. Set up browser to launch all previously opened tabs</li></li></ul><li>Browser Apps<br />Side by Side (w/Dropbox) (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Multiple-screen reader/browser with offline reading and note taking capabilities.
  81. 81. Browse webpages, download files, read documents, or take notes on each split screen.
  82. 82. File viewing: HTML, PDF, images, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Excel, PP
  83. 83. Sync files and notes through Dropbox</li></li></ul><li>Social Networking Apps<br />Twitter/TweetDeck (FREE) TwitBirdPro ($2.99)<br /><ul><li>Echofon and TweetDeck have desktop application and syncs with mobile device
  84. 84. TweetDeck and Echofon shows lists created in your Twitter account
  85. 85. TwitBird Pro has a better visual and also allows for lists. No desktop application is available. (Recommend)</li></li></ul><li>Social Networking Apps<br />HeyTell (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk to friends/family. No account needed.
  86. 86. Send and receive voice messages.
  87. 87. Works on 3G, EDGE, or WiFi
  88. 88. Push notifications alert you whenever a new voice message is received.
  89. 89. Conversations can be saved and played offline.</li></li></ul><li>Social Networking Apps<br />Ustream (FREE)<br /><ul><li>For devices running iOS 4.1 or newer
  90. 90. Stream live moments from your device and share with family and friends.
  91. 91. Broadcast and interact with audience through chat and poll
  92. 92. Share with friends on Twitter or Facebook</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />Instagram (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Over a dozen filters for your photos
  93. 93. Post unlimited photos for free
  94. 94. Find and follow friends who are use the app
  95. 95. Attach location to your photos
  96. 96. Share photos on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
  97. 97. Like or Comment on others photos
  98. 98. View popular photos of Instagram users
  99. 99. Supports 3G, 3Gs, iPhone 4</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />Best Camera ($2.99)<br /><ul><li>Shoot – take a picture with the app or chose image from library
  100. 100. Edit – choose amount 14 custom filters and effects to enhance your images
  101. 101. Share – share photos with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email and</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />QuadCamera-Multishot ($1.99)<br /><ul><li>Shoots 4 or 8 serial shots
  102. 102. Set 0.1-3 seconds shoot duration
  103. 103. Effects: bright, vivid, dull, hi-con, B&W
  104. 104. Layouts: 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 8x1
  105. 105. Resolution 800x600
  106. 106. Email, Twitter Export</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />Pano ($1.99)<br /><ul><li>Take 360 panoramas with up to 16 photos
  107. 107. Semi-transparent guide help you line up each shot
  108. 108. Finished panoramas save to camera roll
  109. 109. Advanced alignment, blending, and color corrections provide seamless images</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />Labelbox (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Simple and easy to use with a variety of stylish labels for your photos
  110. 110. Nine different styles free
  111. 111. Four cloth labels as an in-app purchase
  112. 112. Type in different directions
  113. 113. Select, swipe, and type</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />Crop Suey ($1.99)<br /><ul><li>Straighten any crooked image
  114. 114. Rotates images left/right by 90
  115. 115. Flips images horizontal or vertical
  116. 116. Crop images
  117. 117. Display images with the original size
  118. 118. Supports up to 9 megapixel images
  119. 119. Saves to photos</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />ShakeItPhoto ($.99)<br /><ul><li>Works just like an instant camera
  120. 120. Watch the photo develop
  121. 121. Looks and feels like instant photo
  122. 122. Shake it to speed up development
  123. 123. Process existing photo from photo roll into ShakeItPhotos
  124. 124. Automatically saves to your library</li></li></ul><li>Photography Apps<br />Pocketbooth ($.99)<br /><ul><li>Similar to a vintage photobooth
  125. 125. Choose front or rear-facing camera
  126. 126. Saves strip to camera roll
  127. 127. Share your photostrip via email, Facebook, or Twitter
  128. 128. Effects: b&w, color, sepia, antique
  129. 129. Poses: 3-pose or 4-pose</li></li></ul><li>Utility Apps<br />Remote Mouse ($1.99)/($2.99 iPad)<br /><ul><li>Turn your iPhone or iPod into a wireless touchpad and keyboard
  130. 130. Two-finger tapping for double click
  131. 131. Two-finger dragging for scroll
  132. 132. Function keyboard with arrow keys
  133. 133. Works or WiFi network or 3G
  134. 134. Works with Mac OS or WindowsXP, Vista, 7
  135. 135. Remote Mouse website</li></li></ul><li>Utility Apps<br />Dropbox (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Upload photo, videos, documents and presentations to your Dropbox folder and access them on the go
  136. 136. Share and send files via email
  137. 137. Export Dropbox files to iPhone or iPad apps
  138. 138. Click here to download Dropbox
  139. 139. 2GB free
  140. 140. Other options: 4shared,</li></li></ul><li>Utility Apps<br />DBD Delicious Bookmarking ($1.99)<br /><ul><li>Online bookmarking site lets you access your favorite websites from anywhere
  141. 141. Access, Add, or Edit bookmarks
  142. 142. Access your tags in list or tag-cloud view
  143. 143. Addd Delicious members
  144. 144. Add bookmarks from within the app
  145. 145. Share via Facebook, Twitter, more</li></li></ul><li>Utility Apps<br />Diigo (FREE) Diigo Android ($.99)<br /><ul><li>Collect bookmarks, webpages, notes, to-do lists, pictures
  146. 146. Organize digital items by types/tags
  147. 147. Share through email
  148. 148. Access digital library from any computer or within the iPhone or Android app</li></li></ul><li>Utility Apps<br />Dragon Dictation (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Voice to text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, Email, or pasted into any application
  149. 149. Submit text to Twitter or Facebook
  150. 150. Convenient editing
  151. 151. Voice driven correction interface
  152. 152. Requires network connectivity (3G/EDGE or WiFi)</li></li></ul><li>Utility Apps<br />Audiotorium Notes ($4.99)<br /><ul><li>Record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes through this app.
  153. 153. Can record or browse web when app is closed.
  154. 154. Record hours of audio in each note.
  155. 155. Customize note textures and fonts
  156. 156. Customize subjects with over 40 icons
  157. 157. Sync notes to your desktop with using Dropbox’s desktop app</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />ABC Player (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Now watch your favorite ABC shows on your iPad.
  158. 158. Download app and begin watching
  159. 159. Wifi or 3G is needed
  160. 160. Pause an episode and come back later. App saves your place in the episode.</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />ZYRTEC AllergyCast (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Get the allergy forecast for today and tomorrow along with the day’s top allergens.
  161. 161. Save your favorite locations so you know the forecast.
  162. 162. See the daily weather forecast for selected area.
  163. 163. Get hourly or 10-day weather forecast</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />Movies by Flixster (FREE)<br /><ul><li>View top box leaders, upcoming movies, and DVD releases
  164. 164. Watch trailers and video clips
  165. 165. Search for movies by title, actor, directors
  166. 166. Tag favorite theaters and see showtimes
  167. 167. View maps of theaters in your area
  168. 168. View and manage Netflix queue</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />Redbox (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Find the nearest Redbox kiosk
  169. 169. Reserve and find movies
  170. 170. Sign up for an account here
  171. 171. Reserve movie and pay through app, swipe payment card at kiosk and movie is waiting on you
  172. 172. Available for iPhone or Android</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />Starbucks Card Mobile (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Check your Starbucks card balance
  173. 173. Reload Starbucks card with major credit card or PayPal
  174. 174. Pay directly through iPhone or iPod Touch
  175. 175. Locate Starbucks nearest you
  176. 176. Track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program
  177. 177. Cards may only be loaded onto one device at a time</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />Groupon (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Over 160 cities participating
  178. 178. Push notifications let you know when there are new deals in your selected city
  179. 179. Switch cities when needed
  180. 180. All Groupon’s locations are available from the deal page
  181. 181. Can purchase Groupon within app</li></li></ul><li>Just for FUN Apps<br />WHERE (FREE)<br /><ul><li>Get personalized recommendations for places to eat, drink, and play
  182. 182. Find exclusive deals from local businesses
  183. 183. Stay connected with your favorite places
  184. 184. Use “Bump” to share your perfect find with friends
  185. 185. Save places to “WHERE” lists to get better recommendations</li>