Freshman Orientation 2010


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  • Because anyone can come into the library at any time during the lunches, it can get very crowded. If we are at capacity, we will have to turn students away.This restriction does NOT apply to the TLC. You may drop in at the TLC at anytime.
  • Make friends with Mr. Casey! He is very knowledgeable about all things computer related and is very willing to help you with any problems you encounter.
  • Academic work means work for school-related purposes: research for an assignment, working on a power point or paper, or other presentation, researching colleges or careers—anything that isn’t recreational. See our Metallica example—if you’re doing a research project for music or a biography assignment on Lars Ulrich, looking at Metallica websites is fine in any lab. If you’re looking for information on their tour dates, that’s for the drop-in lab.
  • Limited recreational purposes….what does that mean? Fantasy baseball, sports scores, election updates, shopping, that sort of thing.
  • Freshman Orientation 2010

    1. 1. Welcome to the GBS Library Freshman Orientation 2007 Freshman Orientation Fall 2010
    2. 2. When is the Library Open?
    3. 3. So can I come at any time? Passes are needed from Study Halls The Library may close during busy lunch periods
    4. 4. Circulation Desk Staff Ms. Ferleger Mrs. Ibarra Circulation Clerk
    5. 5. The Labs – MultiMedia, Drop-in and Laptop Labs Lab Manager & Tech Guru: Mr. Casey
    6. 6. Reference Desks The place to go for information of all kinds. Mrs. Shaner Ms. Jacobson Mrs. May
    7. 7. Places to study: CollaborativeArea A place to work quietly in small groups or alone
    8. 8. Silent/Independent Study Area For those needing a quieter place to work
    9. 9. Group Study Rooms Spaces to work collaboratively on projects
    10. 10. Good things to do in the Library— espect Others
    11. 11. Not so Good—Loudness, Rudeness & Thoughtlessness in General.
    12. 12. Good thing to do in the Library— Drink Water Carefully….
    13. 13. Not So Good—Eating Actual Food and Drinking Other Beverages Um, ew! We don’t want this… …or these guys
    14. 14. When can I come to the labs? Drop-in computers are Open from 7:00-4:30 available most of the time. If there aren’t any classes, feel free to use the computers… Please give the first priority to students doing work for school.
    15. 15. Educational work is the priority in the labs • What does that mean? • Working on assignments, research, anything related to school. Okay to research Metallica at any time for an assignment Checking out Metallica website for tour dates: Fine if no one needs computer
    16. 16. Am I allowed to do anything fun in the labs if they’re available? Yes! In the drop-in lab, if no one needs your computer for Kind of ;) school work, you can… Use the internet for limited Email friends & recreational purposes family
    17. 17. What about our fabulous Online Resources?!? We have an easy to use web site that provides access to 1000s of high quality resources. You can get all of these online resources at home, 24/7 – just ask a librarian for at-home passwords
    18. 18. We do have netbooks available to use in the library during school hours.
    19. 19. Finding a book… You can search for a book through our online catalog stations
    20. 20. Your ID: Use your ID to check out books & magazines
    21. 21. What else should I know about the Library? GBS Online Catalog