Welcome to the Library: Now What?


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A Cephalonian Method presentation for Edu 1115: Study Skills

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  • Welcome to the Library: Now What?

    1. 1. Welcome to the Library! now what?
    2. 2. Blue: Reference Desk Green: Wild Card! Yellow: Lower Level Pink: Upper Level Orange: Circulation Desk
    3. 3. check out A: You can check out a book from the General collection for THREE weeks! How long can I keep this awesome book that I checked out?
    4. 4. Group study room Get a group study room! All you need is a library card two or more people & a visit to the Circulation desk! Where in the Library can I practice my stand up routine for my friends?
    5. 5. computers You can borrow a laptop at the Circulation Desk! My paper is due in two hours and all the computers are full! AAAARRRGGGHHH!
    6. 6. What’s CCIC? It is the College & Career Center! Home of books & videos to help you get info on education jobs and careers Um, what the heck is CCIC?
    7. 7. Natural Science Center That is the Natural Science Center! A great place to study your sciences What is up with all those body parts upstairs?
    8. 8. microscopes We have microscopes so you don't need to be in the lab to see slides What are all those microscopes for anyway?
    9. 9. Printing costs Color copies are $1 Black & white are 10 cents My sister emailed me a picture of her kitten Mr Boodles How much will it cost to print it?
    10. 10. Can’t find anything Magazines and journals are arranged alphabetically by title I can't find a thing in here! How are the magazines organized anyway?
    11. 11. DVDs We have an A/V area where you can watch VHS movies And you can watch a DVD in any of the Library computers We can even loan you some headphones! I have to watch a movie for my class! What do I do? Where do I go?
    12. 12. Why library sessions? Librarians work with your instructor to create a Library session that is geared toward the assignments you have in that class You get some hands on research time plus: Free Printing! Why do all of my instructors bring me to Library? I feel like I have been in this room a billion times!
    13. 13. Nap Feel free to relax in the Library But please do not snore! Whew! All this thinking is making me sleepy Can I take a nap?
    14. 14. Citation Help Head to the Reference Desk for all your citing sources needs! A Librarian can help with both APA and MLA (or any others you might have) Help! I need to write a bibliography! Now!!!
    15. 15. Reference books We do have some pretty cool reference books but they all have to stay here in the Library This Encyclopedia of Beer is awesome! Can I take it home?
    16. 16. Maps There is a whole section of maps & atlases in the reference section We also have campus and building maps at the desk I think I might be lost Where can I get a map?