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BrandSlip Pitch Deck

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Brand slip deck

  1. 1. Welcome The marketplace for speakers and presenters to give brands exposure BrandSlip
  2. 2. William Lee HTML/CSS/Javascript Co-Founder and Former COO at Project Manager at Kofi Frimpong Princeton Alum HTML/CSS/Javascript/Ruby/Rails Co-Founder and Former CEO at Co-Founder and CEO at Former Business Analyst at Hailo Our Team BrandSlip
  3. 3. Businesses still recognize the power of face to face marketing Problem Brands are looking for cost effective ways to market organically Sponsorships are becoming more common making them less effective BrandSlip
  4. 4. Title 1 / Title 2 / Title 3 / Title 4 / Title 5 / Title 6 / Title 7 Solution: Brandslip BrandSlip Demographic, Crowd Size, Location, Sector BrandSlip listed Brands search for BrandSlip opportunities example- Uber App Find Brandslips within target market Place bid, bid accepted, Speaker sends video proof     Speakers/Companies post BrandSlip opportunities example-DJ “Hey Everyone, Make it home safe tonight. If you need a ride after the concert, make sure to download the Uber app ” Solution - BrandSlip
  5. 5. Comedian “Can you believe this shit? My daughter has to use this app Tinder to find decent men.” College Tour Tech speaker in India Bus arriving in Philly Tinder TUITION.IO Launchpad La Geno’s Steaks Vision BrandSlip   
  6. 6. User Acquisition Launch Growth Maturity Targeted Opt-in Lists Google Adwords SEO Referrals Social Media Advertising Internet Advertising PR Word of mouth BrandSlip
  7. 7. Make life time connections with brands of your choice Enhance brand with speakers of YOUR choice Target Your Market Effectively ValueBrands Presenters Low Risk, High Reward Privately promote products you enjoy Generate extra revenue without working extra hours BrandSlip
  8. 8. Market BrandSlip Company Sponsorship Market Size has grown 5% since 2009 Companies spend $46.8 billion annually on Sponsorships Companies spend $519 billion annually on Marketing/Advertising 5% $46.8 Billion $519 Billion
  9. 9. Competitors Inefficient 1 2 Promoted posts on Social Media 3 Brand Placement Agencies 4 Google Adwords 5 Youtube Promotion 6 Cost Effective BrandSlip
  10. 10. Competitive Advantage Cheaper bids and allows brands of all sizes and types to participate. Easy to facilitate brandslips, don’t have to go through lengthy partnership establishing. Easy to facilitate brandslips, don’t have to go through lengthy partnership establishing. Can target demographic by age, interest and location. Uploaded video proof of brandslip being completed. Face-to-face event marketing outperforms PR, internet and broadcast advertising. BrandSlip
  11. 11. Revenue 10% commission on each transaction 10% commission on each transaction 10% commission on each transaction Monthly fee limited access to exclusive brands Monthly fee unlimited access to exclusive brands BrandSlip Speakers pay for promoted posts
  12. 12. Timeline Mid-September 2013 beta launch with targeted 50 brands and 30 speakers Early November open beta to 250 brands and over 200 speakers January 2014 introduce premium accounts and upgrades Summer of 2014 introduce BrandSlip on Android, IOS and tablets Fall of 2014 introduce new categories, increase user base Mid 2014 introduce international speakers and brands BrandSlip
  13. 13. Brandslip Brands are signing up! Early on brands have been intrigued and agreeing to be a part of the beta. Great response ( agreed, Swing By Swing interested) Speakers are very interested! Speakers realize it’s a new way to generate revenue while speaking and connect with brands that they want to connect with New Opportunities! Brands may include bloggers, up and coming artists looking to get more exposure for music. Presenters may eventually include Youtube, Vine and Instagram personalities Launchpad LA! Experienced mentors who have worked with brands of all types before. Great environment and great city to launch and build BrandSlip. BrandSlip