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TapInfluence - The ROI of Influencer Marketing


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TapInfluence - The ROI of Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. The ROI of Influencer Marketing Identify Activate Distribute Measure
  2. 2. Housekeeping Length 60 Minutes w/ Q&A Recording + Slides Will Be Available After Presentation Questions? Use chat feature Tweet Much? Use #influencermarketing @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  3. 3. TapInfluence is a rapidly-growing software company full of talented people focused on one thing — making it easy for marketers to connect with their consumers in a meaningful, authentic way. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  4. 4. Helping Marketers: Identify Activate who are trusted by your target peer-trusted content that audience. attracts and engages your target consumers. Distribute Measure Amplify social content at scale Track the performance, engagement, and ROI of a program. across the web on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  5. 5. Raviv Turner, VP of Product Raviv is the unifying force behind TapInfluence product strategy and execution, combining feedback from influencers, brands, channel partners, developers, and the market to set the strategic vision and lead the execution on new features and products. @ravivturner #influencermarketing
  6. 6. Chris Nixon VP of Marketing Having ramped and ignited powerful marketing strategies for several successful tech and SaaS startups, Chris knows a thing or two about reaching and engaging with customers in the software world. He now conducts the symphony of lead generation at TapInfluence as VP of Demand Marketing. To temporarily escape his own mindpowers, Chris loves being with his family and reading. He funnels his rapidfire thoughts into his blog (, and spends roughly 4 hours mowing the lawn every week. It's really quite large. @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  7. 7. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing WHY ARE WE HERE?
  8. 8. TODAY’S AGENDA Setting the Table Influencer Marketing What about Content Marketing? How Influencers Fit into Content The Buyer Funnel @ravivturner @chrispnixon The Meat The ROI Problem The Underlying Causes The Effect A Solution Real World Results What’s Next? Q&A Recap Questions #influencermarketing
  9. 9. Influencer Marketing Content that reaches the eyes, minds, and hearts of a select audience by harnessing the creative talents of content publishers who influence the decisions of your buyers. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  10. 10. Content Marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing valuable and compelling content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Joe Pulizzi -- Content Marketing Institute
  11. 11. The State of Content Marketing CONTENT DISTRIBUTION CONTENT PRODUCTION 12% 12% 12% 30% creating content 30% 30% reaching people
  12. 12. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  13. 13. Influencers & The Buyer Journey Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  14. 14. The Problem. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  15. 15. I can’t quantify my influencer marketing results. The Problem @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  16. 16. Why? (the underlying @ravivturner @chrispnixon causes) #influencermarketing
  17. 17. No clear business goals. #1 @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  18. 18. I don’t know how to measure. #2 @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  19. 19. Managing influencers seems hard. #3 @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  20. 20. The Effect. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  21. 21. #1 We’re not maximizing our marketing efforts in the right channels. #2 We’re not effectively reaching our audience. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  22. 22. A Solution @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  23. 23. What should we measure? Reach Views Engagement @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  24. 24. What to Measure #1 Reach What is my potential total reach? Unique Visitors + Twitter Followers + Page Likes + YouTube Subscribers + Pinterest Followers @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  25. 25. What to Measure #2 Views How many people are viewing my content? @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  26. 26. What to Measure #3 Engagement How many actions were taken by our audience? Clicks to Brand URLs, Clicks to Posts, Comments, Tweets, Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Pins @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  27. 27. Total Media Value @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  28. 28. Return On Influence (ROI) Total Media Value - Investment Investment @ravivturner @chrispnixon = % #influencermarketing
  29. 29. What We’re Seeing @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  30. 30. Content Pieces 133 Unique Visitors 2.8M Total Reach 3.3M ---------------------------------------------------------------Total Views 77K @ravivturner @chrispnixon Total Media Value $103k ROI 306% #influencermarketing
  31. 31. @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  32. 32. 50 Bloggers 60 Days Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  33. 33. Results. Reach 2.3M Engagement 73K $246,361 TMV @ravivturner @chrispnixon Views 5K+ 348% ROI #influencermarketing
  34. 34. Results. Part Two. Overall time on site increased by 56% over the same period one year before. 31% Overall pages viewed per visit increased 31% over the same period last year. (Google Analytics) @ravivturner @chrispnixon ---------------------- 56% 44% Increase in "share of voice" in June (this is due to the number of entions of BBX in blog posts, etc) 223% Increase in positive mentions of Black Box Wines. (Radian 6) #influencermarketing
  35. 35. We have executed word of mouth programs in the past, but what stood out for me was the quality of content created that could be re-purposed in so many ways. The bloggergenerated posts and photography were of superior quality and also very fun and entertaining. Their topics ranged from food pairing, to wine cocktail recipes, to entertaining tips and blind wine taste tests. All were well received from our consumers. Jane Lee Black Box Marketing Manager @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  36. 36. Total Media Value: An Interactive Calculator @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing
  37. 37. QUESTIONS? @ravivturner @chrispnixon #influencermarketing