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BrandSlip PitchDeck


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BrandSlip PitchDeck

  1. 1. Contact:
  2. 2. Problem There are mid-level influencers with large followings (50k +) across various platforms struggling to monetize their audiences. Brands of all types recognize the importance of engaging with fans through creative and innovative ways including video-based social media.
  3. 3. Product- Brandslip Marketplace where brands and mid-level influencers on Vine, Instagram, Youtube and even public speaking figures can bid for opportunities to collaborate. Brands get exposure and influencers monetize their following. Brand/Influencer Dashboard Profile Pages Search for Brand/Influencer ProfilesSearch for BrandSlips/BrandSlip Suggestions
  4. 4. Product- Features Newsfeed for brands and influencers to follow each other, inbox messaging Save your favorite brandslips to look at later Reviews and Ratings Brands can post what they are looking for AND bid on influencer brandslips. We also have public speaking brandslip, for example DJ’s can shout out brands! Influencers can post their opportunities and bid on the opportunities posted by brands Search for opportunities and brands/influencers profiles based on demographics
  5. 5. Value Proposition Affordable for brands of all sizes, target market effectively Helps generate buzz, potentially viral, builds audience Can manage analytics of each of our campaigns on our own Monetize your following and audience Work with brands that interest you, get to be creative Build life long partnerships with huge brands Brands Influencers
  6. 6. Market Size Company Sponsorship/Influencer! Market Size has grown! 5% since 2009 every year 5% $46.8 Billion Companies spend $46.8 billion annually on Sponsorships/Influencer marketing and story telling “Video has been the fastest and most consistently growing medium for content marketing—in this survey 62% of respondents now report using video in their content marketing. Branded video is closing in on web and print as one of content marketing’s most common form.” Lori Rosen, Executive Director, Custom Content Council
  7. 7. Competitors Sponsify Brand Agencies Raised 550k 11/2013. Connects creators onVine and Instagram with brands. Raised 175k 11/2012. Sponsify connects content creators with brands looking for product placement, endorsement or viral video BrandSlip is not a marketplace.They connect brands with creators by facilitating the matching themselves. Furthermore, they are heavily involved in the creative process. BrandSlip is a free flowing marketplace that allows the creatives to collaborate with brands they like and vice versa. BrandSlip is focused onVine, Instagram,Youtube and even public speaking brandslips. Sponsify is only focused on Youtube.We also aren’t just focused on product placement. BrandSlip is not running campaigns.We are a one off marketplace place between creators/influencers across various platforms and brands. BrandSlip can be used for brands of all types includes musicians trying to promote music, startups, big brands, smaller promotions and more. We are affordable for brands of all sizes.
  8. 8. Customer Acquisition Launch Growth Maturity Referrals Word of Mouth Network/Reaching Out SEO Social Media Marketing Content Marketing PR Ambassador Program Opt-in Email Marketing Offline Brand Outreach
  9. 9. Revenue Model Private Beta Growth Maturity
  10. 10. Team Advisors Founder of Ivy Sports! Symposium! CEO of Chaney! Sports Group! Forbes 30 under 30! Entertainment! Princeton Alum Investor in the! Collaborative Fund,! Co-founder of Kiva! and Profounder.! Invested in Kofi! Frimpong on Upstart. Princeton! Raised 100k for previous venture ! Former CEO at MyGZpoints! Co-Founder and CEO at! Former Business Analyst at Hailo University of Arizona! Raised 100k for previous venture! Project Manager at! Co-Founder and Former COO at MyGZpoints! Marketing/Web Design Chris Chaney Jessica Jackley Kofi Frimpong! Co-Founder/CEO Joe Lipper! CTO William Lee! Co-Founder/COO UCLA! Ruby on Rails/MySQL/HTML/CSS! Freelance Developer! Former Co-Founder of Lapel!
  11. 11. Timeline Looking to raise $750k by June 2014 Launch March/April 2014 75 influencers, 50 brands already signed up By April 2014, over 100 brandslips complete June 2014,Add analytics component. International. June 2014, over 500 brandslip transactions June 2014, over $100k in revenue Summer of 2014, International brands; increase public speakers Assumptions 1) Average brandslip $200 2) Influencers do no more than 3 brandslips a week 3) Over 30 public speakers by Summer 2014 4) Won’t charge monthly fee