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Argonault power wheel chair


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Argonault power wheelchair is a versatile mode of mobility with multi-functional ability. The wheelchair can lift up, down and can ascend/descend the stairs without any jerk.

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Argonault power wheel chair

  1. 1. Argonault Power Wheel Chair; Multipurpose Mobility Device Argonault power wheelchair is a versatile mode of mobility with multi-functional ability. The wheelchair can lift up, down and can ascend/descend the stairs without any jerk. Argonault is an emerging corporation committed to devise high technology automated assistive devices. Power wheelchair is one of the solutions to the complex mobility problems by Argonault Corporation. Other devices based on the same innovative concept include their fully automatic stretcher and high performance scooter. A full scale functioning prototype of the power wheelchair is available for show ARGONAULT POWER WHEELCHAIR UNIQUE FEATURES Argonault Wheelchair provides its user the following range of facilities;  The wheelchair can ascend and descend different type of heights ranging from ground surface to a particular mini-van/car.  It enables the user to aboard and disembarks from the van independently.  Seat height of the wheelchair is adjustable and can be varied from ground level to highest shelves in the room.  The adjustable seat’s orientation and seating position enhances the convenience and comfort for the user.  Wheelchair can be modified to a stretcher for easy transfer from or to another surface like bed etc.  Can overstep hurdles like parking blocks and curbs.  It is able to overcome the surfaces covered with sand, snow and other rough land  Wheelchair’s classic seat prevents from ulceration and helps the blood circulation  User can adjust the height of the chair according to his desire  By changing height user can reach floor or see eye to eye to a standing man  It allows user to reach surfaces with a gap beneath  User can exchange his position from bed to power wheel chair (PWC) without any physical support. Read More
  2. 2. Tapp Lock – Innovative finger-print security- technology INTRODUCTION: Whenever you need to secure your stuff, you are to have a lock which is convenient to use being light weight and, certainly, secure. TAPP is the only padlock which possesses the property of being used without key, combination code or a smart phone. TAPP padlock is encrypted with fingerprint sensor which makes your success possible in just 0.8 seconds, making it the quickest padlock in the world. QUALITY FEATURES: As bio-metrics is becoming a leading technology in the field of security and identification to ensure the authenticity of the user, some lock maker companies have taken the benefit of this technology to design such locks which operate on the basis of finger print. TappLock is available in two models 1. TappLock 2. TappLock Lite Read More
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS THROUGH FINGERTIP: Sgnl is Bluetooth enabled. When your mobile phone rings Sgnl gets a signal from your phone and produces vibration which is transmitted to your year via your fingertip. As you place your fingertip inside your year, the vibration changes into magnified sound within yours year. FUNCTIONALITY MEETS VERSATILITY: Watch Compatibility: Sgnl strap is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all type of classic and smart watches. Upgrade your classic watch: Change the strap of your classic watch and upgrade it with Sgnl strap and make your communications easy. Sgnl strap can be fitted with almost all type of classic watches. Giving your smart watch a new look: Exchange the strap of your smart watch with Sgnl strap and be updated along with ease of phone communication through your fingertip. Wear as a versatile band: If you don’t use a watch, u may also wear the Sgnl strap as a stylish band bearing all functionality. Read More