All Time Low Ambulance Episode


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I had a really bad experience one day after taking a lot of cocaine.

I became very sure that the paramedics were actually going to kill me as I'm known working as an escort.

Having nearly been killed and disfigured by the police I had VERY GOOD reason that they were acatually going to KILL ME.

The woman was very stern and she said

"what gives you that idea?"

as they got all the resuscitation equipment out the van.

One of the many very SERIOUS SCARY stories of my life and how I am treated.

I see how corrupt the emergency services are.

I believe the police do KILL.


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All Time Low Ambulance Episode

  1. 1. ALL TIME LOW & HUMAN RIGHTS. ALL TIME LOW & HUMAN RIGHTS. Although its not been all that sexy of recent times, and still isn’t all that SEXY. I’ve had another VERY BAD NIGHT! I’d stopped all drugs and was getting on with my life happy and peaceful. Benn workin on my projects, slowly…but still working, as I’m busy with the other project…..the LONDON ESCORT service. Of which half the girls in LONDON are also doing. WHY? Girls don’t get so good jobs as boys. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. SEXUAL INEQUALITY is still here and probably will always be. MEN WANT THEIR COCKS SUCKING… AND GIR S WANT MONEY. I’ve mentioned before about the fact that I’m always getting sacked……and have NEVER BEEN ABLE TO HOLD A JOB DOWN. Perhaps because I am intelligent and will not take the role of a slave of man. I’M KNOWN BY THE EMERGENCY SERVICES for what I work as. To be perfectly honest - I don’t know what all the fuss and HATRED is about. And know after yesterdays REAL SCARE…THAT BELIVE MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOURS WITNESSED I AM CONSIDEING SOME SORT OF LEGAL ADVIE AS TO HOW I AM BEING TEATED…ACTUALLY NEARLY KILLED….AS NOT EVEB A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN…NO. MORE LIKE A CRIMINAL, SAY LIKE A PAEDOPHILE….OR A RAT. The ambulance came yesterday. I scored drugs for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME. I’ve been under an enormous amount of STRESS., desperately trying to find solutions to my life, coping with extreme loneliness and lovelessness. Feeling the struggle of life. Benefits have been taken away until they “sort the paperwork” so I’ve been struggling to pay my enormous rent and bills…they’re still unpaid! Aswell
  2. 2. as trying to reduce the amount of men I am seeing to just decent ones that want to get pissed!! As well as seriously thinking about my art, of which I am in a low position as I got a very crap degree and a very low class one, as I was late with my essays as I fell into drink / drugs / family kicked me out….. I was a very high academic achieving, but my university days really let me down. I want to study for an MA, but do not think I will get accepted and its been agony. I wish to be educated into a position that I can be a professional artist and hopefully get some sort of job and stop (as much as poss) seeing men for money….rich men? They’re ok, but its not always glitz and glamour…its seedy and shitty in crappy cheap establishments. YUK. In the end a boyfriend would be nice…BUT AT THE MO. I CANNOT SEE ME EVER HAVING A RELATIONSHIP EVER AGAIN. NOT KNOW I SEE HOW MEN CHEAT AND USE. PLEASE TELL ME THEY ALL DON’T DO THAT..FROM WHAT I CAN SEE ….THEY DO! So my faith in relationships has gone. In this total disappointment in HUMANITY.. Yearh so the ambulance came yesterday, a woman arrived at the door. She looked at me and her eyes were sharp and full of hatred. My heart was spasming and I was finding breathing difficult. I was having a major panic attack it seemed the coke was making it spasm in the panic attack. This is why I’ve stopped..I’m sick of it. I’m so sensitive and sick of panic attacks. The ambulance woman looked at me with hate and then she called up three men. I closed the door as I was afraid as they didn’t look at me with care. I think they recognised me as being “ a prostitute” and they all were wearing gloves. The three men looked equally as evil. I’m not joking, they seemed very hard faced. Then I looked from my window, surprised to see so many of them. They were getting lots of equipment out of the van and the car. She was wearing a back pack, it looked like adrenalin. They seemed to be getting all the heart equipment out! They hadn’t even spoken to me or assessed me! It didn’t look right! So I shouted “Your’e going to KILL ME aren’t you!” She looked back at the men and they looked at each other (ALL TRUE) And she said “what gives you that idea?”
  3. 3. She said it in a VERY SARCASTIC TONE. Then one of the men leaned over to the other man and said something like “classic suicide”. I think they were going to kill me. The times of been caught by the police I’ve felt myself close to death, especially the first time when I had the heart attack that I remember was when they handcuffed me so tight and were suffocating me. I felt my chest like a thud and as if it was being sat on and then I couldn’t breathe…that was the hear attack. If it had been any longer I would have died. I wasn’t so far from death, probably a few minutes. A body cannot go long without oxygen. The second tie I was locked in the toilet for a very long time and was bleeding quit a lot. I wasn’t so close to death, but it was a totally unprofessional and inhumane way to see a person suffer bleeding quite a large amount and I was also banged into a cage in a police a van like an animal. The ambulance people looked very HARD, VERY INCARING. I asked them twice if they were going to kill me. The second time they looked at each other and said: “What do you think?’ “Why do YOU think that?” In a sarcastic - yearh we are gonna kill you, YOU SLUT kind of way, THIS IS TRUE. I think one of my neighbours was in next door and I think he / she would have heard it. I told the ambulance crew to GO AWAY. I said sorry I called them PLEASE GO. I was shaking and scared and felt in shock and my heart was still racing and missing beats. I thought that I’d rather die at home naturally that been killed my the ambulance people and then taken into the morgue as a victim of dugs overdose / suicide. At least if I tried to calm down I might not die, if I let the ambulance people in I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here now. The three men were there to HOLD me down, I know this as I’ve had it before. One of them would have put his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream. AT NO POINT IN THAT TIME DID THEY SAY THAT THEY WERE NOT
  4. 4. GOING TO KILL ME. Once the ambulance had gone, I managed to calm down. Then I decided it was time for legal advice. I AM NOT PROTECTED BYTHE EMERGENCY SERVICES BECAUSE I AM CONSIDERED TO BE A DIRTY CRIMINAL, A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN: FILTH. I am not a criminal. I don’t deserve to die. So I am going to try to see if I can get some legal aid over what I have been experiencing with the police and ambulance. There was a clear communication between me and the ambulance that they were gonna kill me. ITS SO FUCKIN SERIOUS. …….. I’m not doing anything illegal and I am a very safe person. London is full of single lonely rich men. They hire girls coz they’re lonely. SEX don’t take long…so what the FUCK do you think goes on? A good chat over a class of wine usually...or a bottle of Chapmas. Yearh sex!…but sex don’t take long honestly does it? So yesterday I called so many helplines and had to talk to the Samaritans to let another person know what I’ve been going through. I’ve managed to find a few important organisations that I’m going to call and try to see what my rights are and I may have to pursuer legal action. The big problem is with the emergency services, its always gonna be my word against theirs. And me being the drugged up loser is not going to be believed. The only bonus that will come is that it will all be recorded and that may mean that they will leave off me rather than get exposed for the disgusting discrimination and hated and possible murder threats. I have been getting disturbing thoughts and visions. I’m not gonna go into it right now. Jesus has been playing on my mind. I honestly think this is because no-one loves me or cares about me. My loneliness is so painful that I am seeking love from an unearthly source!!
  5. 5. Its so painful. Also the crucifixion is hanging in my mind. Aswell as a disturbing vision that I had, that I must do some paintings about. So that the story so far…not a good one. KEZ X I only wish people would realise that not only am I doing this for money – its also a kind of social experiment, that I am finding out horrific things about life and human rights.