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Bargain breaks

  1. 1. Welcome to my Presentation
  2. 2. ABOUT Bargain Short Breaks Overview of Bargain Short Breaks BargainShortBreaks is a unique website offering customers the chance to find a range of short break holidays for the very best price. Specialising in various types of packages which are likely to be searched by customers, including – • City Breaks • Stag & Hen Do Breaks • Spa Breaks • Sport Breaks • Lapland Weekend Breaks • Theatre Breaks The website has no real fixed market as it is very diverse and could target any potential customers looking for a short break holiday anywhere in the world.
  3. 3. Keyword Analysis Keyword Search Volume No. Results Position (UK)The current market for the website is very broad and in fact has huge competition withmany companies all fighting for number one spot for various holiday related terms. Cheap Short 60,500 4,840,000 6 BreaksThe below is a small outline of traffic which both the main keywords currently get it also Bargain Short 1,900 33,100 1highlights BargainShortBreaks position. BreaksKeyword Competition Global Traffic Local Traffic Position *Estimate Time New keyword focusGeneric Keywords I would look at developing a more long tailShort Breaks in High 91 91 NA 3 Months keyword focus, although this might not bringEurope as much traffic to the site they are more likelyBargain Weekend High 22 21 NA 3 ½ Months to convert more salesbreaks abroadThemed Keywords I’d also look at adding the most popular locations to keywords again these are moreStag Weekends High 1,300 1,300 NA 3 Month likely to convert as people are further downAbroad the buying process.Weekend Theatre High 2,900 2,400 NA 3 MonthsBreaks *Estimated time for improvement
  4. 4. On Page Review Good FeaturesThe website currently has a range of features which make it good for users, this includes allof the below. The website also has all of the other below which will help Great Call to Action Good Trust Signals users and search engines around the website. • Easy to Navigate • Fast Loading • Social Metrics • Great Imagery
  5. 5. On Page Review Issues250 Lack of Content200150100 50 The whole site lacks content, no blog could be found either. 0 Poor Internal Linking As a result of having little or no content the site cannot benefit from having a good internal linking structure.
  6. 6. Off page Analysis www.bargainshortbr bargainshortbreaks., 12 com, 16 bragian short breaks - cheap short Cheap City Backlinks = 3,063 Breaks, 176 breaks, 18 The overall total of backlinks Bargain Short h-bargain short Breaks has at the moment. breaks, 322 bargain short breaks, cheap city breaks, 20 Referring Domains = 268 The total amount of domains which hold all of http://www.bargain the above backlinks , 6 No Anchor Text, 644 2 Average Links Per Domain = 11 Bargain Short This is an average based on backlinks/Referring Breaks, 1520 domains. The lower average the better Anchor Text City breaks, 64 Some of the Anchor text for the link profile have blanks these should be looked at. They might be changed for Anchor Text Brand/Keyword termsLinks which have no anchor text could be images on other sites, more investigation should go intoexploring these.
  7. 7. Content OverviewLooking at the site it is clear the site currently lacks a lot of content, although they are ranking well in the SERPS for some keywords. Adding new content willensure they can effectively target more long tail keywords as well as build up a good strong internal linking profile.Since Google as released various updates trying to combat low quality content it would be a good idea to ensure the content is of a high quality and is of value forthe user.The below display some simple ideas which could be developed to help create a much better content strategy. Content Suggestions• VideosThese could be small clips showing the best places to visit in certain breaks. They could also be videos highlighting the hotels which could give customers a betterinsight into the accommodation they will be staying in.• Interactive GuidesLook to make some simple guides which can be image and content based which people can easily download depending on the area and type of break they arebooking. These guides could be displayed as the user checks out and prints a receipt they could also be hosted on a blog.• AppBeing a holiday company you should have the best insights into the best places to eat, drink and party make a small app which again people can download andshare free of charge and allow them to find the best places nearby. You could also look at doing exclusive discounts for these places should someone book throughyou.
  8. 8. Link Review Types of Links Panda Google panda is one update from Google whichFrom doing a quick check of the link profile of the website, a lot of links are coming from the sister aims to target low quality and thin sites, whilecompanies which can be fine although this might conflict as a link network. Bargain Short Breaks site might be ok it does lack a lot of genuine content.As well as this a lot of other links have been built to low quality directories including those aboutSEO. BargainShortBreaks should look at creating a much more diverse link profile with better link The sites linking to the root domain howevertactics. are of low quality and will if not already have been hit.The links within these mainly all go to the homepage to, you should look at builder deeper linkswithin the site by more natural methods to ensure you are not going to be penalised by Google. PenguinLook to build high quality links and don’t focus on quantity look to focus more on quality, tryand find sites which have a good authority and try and acquire links from these sites this will pay Penguin is another update which looks at targetingoff much more than creating articles for low quality sites. all domains which are seen to be breaking Google Web Master Tools. This could be done in a range of ways but again it is something Bargain Short Breaks should make sure they are not violating.
  9. 9. Improving Authority Social Author Rank Link BuildingSocial Media has become a key part in This is a new update which is going to be Link Building has always being a key metriconline marketing, for any website which has rolled out by Google very soon, this will tie to see your website rank higher for certainlittle or no authority social media can be the content to an actual user giving people a keywords. No matter what your industry isideal place to quickly grow an audience and face to the name. This will combine everyone looks at websites which rankshow how knowledgeable you are within Google+ and Google SERPS to create Google higher in Google for various keywords to bethat industry. Authorship. more authoritative than any other website.Engage with industry experts to show you You will only get these rankings by creatinghave authority and then help answer great content which in turn will attract links.questions which people less experiencedthan you might not know the answer to. This will all be about creating killer content which will get shared socially.Create compelling content for social mediasites
  10. 10. CONTACT ME MY DETAILS 16 Hathaway Green Lane Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire CV37 9HX 07824 6979 65