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This Presentation compares between different available hosting for a wordpress site. It also compares Some managed WordPress hosts in particular.

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Best wordpress hosting

  1. 1. Best WordPress Hosting Comparing the available types of web hosting for your WordPress Site. 1
  2. 2. Types of Web Hosting • Shared • Dedicated • VPS • Managed WordPress Hosting 2
  3. 3. Shared Web Hosting • In Shared web hosting, hosting company hosts your website on its on web server for a fee. • In this type of arrangement, hosting company would be providing services to other customers. • It’s a relatively low cost web hosting. • There are more chances of getting bad neighborhoods i.e. your site could be sharing IP address with the spam sites or malware sites etc. • It happens in this type of scheme because one physical server machine hosts websites from different customers. • This could be like compromising on the security of your website. • This has adverse effect on the page load time which in turn directly affects Search rankings . • It affects your cost to manage website. • Your site could have user experience issues etc. 3
  4. 4. Dedicated Web Hosting • In Dedicated Web hosting, your web server has a dedicated physical server machine. • Multiple sites on the same server using different platforms • Optimize the software and Server System • Suitable for High Performance Websites only • Specific Hardware requirements • Require your own network and security infrastructure • Experienced Staff required with expertise. • It is an expensive solution 4
  5. 5. VPS • VPS or Virtual Private Server allows to run your web server in a virtual machine operating on the same physical server. • Web server runs on its separate copy of operating system. • It is cheaper than dedicated web hosting • gives customer greater control and access to the website. • Multiple sites on the Server using different platforms. • It is highly scalable. • it requires experienced staff to manage. 5
  6. 6. Comparison Table I Feature Shared Dedicated VPS Physical Resources Shared RAM, Disk space and CPU Dedicated RAM, Disk space and CPU Dedicated RAM , Disk space and Shared CPU Server level Customization No Server Level Customization Server Level Customization Allowed Server Level Customization Allowed Software Installations All Server Level Software Preinstalled Server Level Software (OS, cPanel, LAMP) pre- installation varies by provider Server Level Software (OS, cPanel, LAMP) pre- installation varies by provider Pricing $ $$$ $$ 6
  7. 7. Managed WordPress Hosting • All the earlier mentioned hosting solutions like Shared, Dedicated, VPS are unmanaged. i.e. the customer has to setup, manage website by himself. • The need arises for a managed solution. Where the web host specializes in giving platform level support for WordPress. • Managed hosting for WordPress caters to only WordPress powered Websites. • This could be a definite choice for customers who want to go for WordPress Sites as customers would not have to worry about upgrades and compatibility issues as they are cared by the host . • Also host provides all the maintenance. • Some of the WordPress Managed Hosting are WPEngine,, Zippykid, Synthesis and WPOven. 7
  8. 8. More about Managed WordPress Hosting • Host manages the Optimization of the platform (including the Operating System, Server Software and WordPress customization). • Flexibility for quickly scaling up the resources up and down. • No need of in-house experts on server-administration. • There is platform level support. • Single Platform (WordPress) Centric hosting. 8 Level of Support Un-managed Semi Managed Fully Managed Hardware and Network Support Hosting Company handles hardware and network support Hosting Company handles hardware, network, and standard software Host handles all hardware, network, and software issues. Software Support User responsible for ALL software, performance issues User handles all custom software Host handles installation of custom software.
  9. 9. Comparison Table II Feature WPEngine Synthesis ZippyKid WPOven Number of Sites 1 Site 1 Site 1 Site 1 Site Unlimited Number of Visitors ~25K/Mo ~25K/Mo 2500/Daily (Maximum 75K/Mo) Limited by 100K Page Views/Mo Unlimited (Bandwidth 2TB) Migration Varying Fee Not Available for its Personal plan Fixed Fee Not Available Free Premium Plug-ins and themes Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Available with site builder Dedicated IP Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Available Dedicated VPS No No No No Yes Price $29/Mo $24/Mo $27/Mo $25/Mo $39.95/Mo 9 Above only Basic Plans compared.
  10. 10. Conclusion • All these Sites have basic plans which are good for putting up a WordPress powered site with a fully managed hosting. • WPEngine is currently the most popular. • WPOven and can be extended more easily. • WPEngine and are good if you want to have 1 Site. • WPOven is better choice if you have more than 30,000/Mo Visitors. • WPOven is obvious choice, if you want to have multiple sites. 10