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It gives the knowledge of various types web hosting.

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Best web hosting

  2. 2. THREE TYPES OF HOSTINGPLANS AVAILABLE Shared hosting VPS server hosting Dedicated hosting
  3. 3. SHARED HOSTING Shared web hosting means that there isone server (hardware and software) andmany sites are hosted on it. You do not have total control on theserver. Web hosts provide control panels to accessthe site and to maximize the revenue perserver. 
  4. 4. VPS SERVER HOSTING This kind of hosting refers to one physicalserver being partitioned off into separate,multiple virtual servers. Each of the virtual servers has the sameappearance and features as having adedicated server It can run on its own operating systemand also be independently rebooted.
  5. 5. DEDICATED HOSTING Dedicated servers offer a completely dedicatedsolution solely for your website. You will have all the servers resources,processing power, web space, memory at yourwebsites disposal. 
  6. 6. VPS hosting
  7. 7.  A VPS connects the gap between sharedweb hosting services and dedicatedhosting services. Its cost is far less than a dedicated server. It can install any software running on theoperating system.
  8. 8.  Both VPS and dedicated hosting gives youfull control of the server. As the admin, you can customize thehosting environment. You cant do that ina shared environment.
  9. 9.  VPS also allows customers to hostmultiple websites on their partition andadd domains themselves. You can host clients sites or offer privatelabel reseller accounts, too with VPSservers. This makes VPS an excellent option forwebmasters, website design firms andfreelance website designers.
  10. 10.  Obviously a virtual private server is agreat option if you require totalmanagement over your virtual server. This will require the knowledge to setup,maintain, secure and optimize yourserver. Any licenses like cPanel, Direct Admin,etc will come at an extra price. Server management may come at an extraprice, etc.
  11. 11. VPS SERVER TYPESWindows VPS, Linux VPSLinux VPS is cheaper than windows VPS.
  12. 12. RAM If your VPS has 384 MB of guaranteed ordedicated RAM, and 1024 MB ofburstable RAM. This means after youhave used up your guaranteed RAM, thereis still 640MB backup RAM available forburst usage. This is the only reason wealways keep few extra memory with eachserver at all times as the burstable RAM. If your VPS constantly requires moreresources than your package guarantees,they can quickly arrange an upgradefor you to a VPS hosting plan with muchmore guaranteed resources.
  13. 13.  A VPS reside on the same server, but itsreally a virtual server. That means nophysical server exist. The VPS ispartitioned using sophisticated serversoftware. The VPS operates and work like astandalone server but in reality, its stillon a shared server. However, the software is able to isolatethe server into different "compartments"so that one "compartment" wont affect theother.
  14. 14.  VPS offers many of the benefits ofdedicated server hosting at a lower price,but there are some potentialdisadvantages to consider. VPS servers must be maintained by thecustomer, and that includes updates aswell as security. Managing you own VPS server can take asignificant amount of time and demands agood deal of technical expertise
  15. 15. VPS/DEDICATED Both types of hosting gives you a fixedamount of server resources. Theseresources (i.e. RAM and hard disk space)are allocated to your account, and they arefor your use only. In a shared environment, the resourcesare shared. That is why some websitestend to load slower on a shared server,even though its just a static website. On a VPS or dedicated server, you will notexperience this issue.
  16. 16.  Obviously, having a dedicated serverensures that your site is more scalable.More resources - Hosting it on a dedicatedserver would be a waste of resources. Themajority of the websites require only ashared server or a VPS server. For community sites that are immenselypopular, a dedicated server is a must. Ifyou a starting a new site, you dont haveto sign up for a dedicated machineimmediately. You can sign up for a VPSaccount, and migrate to a dedicatedenvironment if your website becomespopular enough.
  18. 18.  A very important benefit of using adedicated server is that as the sole useryou have absolute control over whathappens on the server, such as whichscripts are run, and which types ofonline activities are allowed. As one user on a server comprising manybusinesses, however, you may be affectedby the activities of others, which aresomething outside of your control, causingdowntime at very inconvenient moments.Another user can slow down the entirenetwork or, in the worst case scenario,cause it to crash entirely.
  19. 19.  With a dedicated server, performance andreliability are not affected by otherusers. You are pretty much guaranteedpermanent uptime unless it is your ownactivities causing problems.
  20. 20.  You can therefore plan ahead and try outnew software or to carry out requiredmaintenance activities during off-peaktimes or overnight, and do not have toworry about the possibility of your serverand your website becoming inaccessibleduring peak times. A dedicated server therefore leads toenhanced security and stability for yourbusiness.
  21. 21.  There are two subcategories of dedicatedserver hosting
  22. 22. MANAGED AND UNMANAGEDDEDICATED SERVER HOSTING Most of the people are unable to decidewhether to select managed or unmanagedserver. With unmanaged hosting you will getbasic services like hardware maintenanceand basic operating system installationrest you have to manage by yourselfincluding all application softwareinstallations and security tools.
  23. 23.  Whereas in managed hosting yourhosting company will take care ofeverything. It manages your hardware,operating system, install applicationsoftware, security software, firewallinstallations, perform the backup andtake all possible measures to keep youserver secure. As compared to unmanagedhosting it is costly; you have to pay forthese services.
  24. 24. THERE ARE SEVERAL IMPORTANTADVANTAGES TO HAVING ADEDICATED SERVER. You will need this service if you have avery large website with plenty of traffic. It will support large database applicationsand streaming media. Businesses thatuse webcast radio or TV need to have thistechnology.
  25. 25.  If you are looking for super high speedbandwidth this will provide the poweryou require. Using a dedicated service means thatyou have all the bandwidth to yourselfwhich automatically raises the level ofreliability significantly.
  26. 26.  Security is another issue that canfrustrate users on a shared service, butwith a dedicated host you have controlover the security measures that areinstalled, so you can insist they meet yourdemand. You will also have complete control overall the websites on your server. You will also experience the cost perwebsite decreasing when you can hostthem all on the same server.
  27. 27.  Something else you may need to consider isyour need to add POP3 accounts and FTPaccounts. A shared host will typically charge moremoney for these additions, but with adedicated server you can make these add-onsat no extra charge. And last, but not least, if your website isachieving a very high volume of trafficthroughout the day, you will notice adramatic improvement in your websitesperformance once