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Sql Server Data Tools - Codenamed JUNEAU


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My presentation as part of SQL Saturday #116 held on Jan 7 @ Signature Building, Microsoft India, Bangalore

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Sql Server Data Tools - Codenamed JUNEAU

  1. 1. SQL Server Developer Tools Codename “Juneau”Database Development with SQL ServerData Tools (SSDT) codename “JUNEAU” Lohith G. N. MVP
  2. 2. Agenda Developing Better Way Databases DEMO JUNEAU
  3. 3. Look at present day development of databasesDEVELOPING DATABASES
  4. 4. Developing Databases is Hard Preserve Data, Focus on ALTER scripts Dependencies make simple task complex Errors detected late Need to accommodate Drifts Sync App & Database Versions – Hard
  5. 5. Better way of developing databaseBETTER WAY
  6. 6. There is a Better Way … Declarative not scripted Model-Based design & Validation Same tool – Connected / Offline Schema Differencing  Incremental import & deployment  Drift detection Source Code Control Test Locally, then deploy
  7. 7. SQL Server Developer Tools Code Named - JUNEAU
  8. 8. SSDT Database Services
  9. 9. Demos… Connected Development Offline Development Drift Detection and Snapshots
  10. 10. Demo – Connected SSDT and Live Connection to a Database11 |
  11. 11. Connected Development SSMS-like explorer, query window Buffered declarative approach Model-based with error detection Code-backed designer Modern TSQL coding experience
  12. 12. Demo – Offline Development Working with Visual Studio Database Projects13 |
  13. 13. Offline Development Database definition managed in Visual Studio Advanced language services (Go To Definition, Find All References, Refactoring…) F5 debugging with new Local Database Runtime Visualize and migrate schema changes
  14. 14. Demo – Drift Detection15 |
  15. 15. Drift Detection and Snapshots Synchronize project to database drift Using snapshots for lifecycle management
  17. 17. SSDT Availability With SQL Server “Denali” On the web With Visual Studio vNext
  18. 18. Resources MSDN: Forum: Team Blog: SQL Server Developer Tools Codename “Juneau”
  19. 19. My Coordinates
  20. 20. Thank You !!!