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How to drive on hilly areas


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If you are willing to go some hilly areas by your car, then go through the presentation for tips to be followed.

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How to drive on hilly areas

  1. 1. How To Drive On Hilly Area Website :-
  2. 2. T ravelling in a H illy Area does not seem to be very dangerous but you need to make sure it is done with safety in mind. H can provide ills a fun driving experience and test of your driving skills. If you are planning to go on hills by car, then you can make sure that you do all you can to remain safe. Website :- Please Don't Drink & Drive
  3. 3. Safety Tips for Driving in Hilly Areas check W eather  Make sure to check up on what kind of weather you will be facing on your journey F ill-up on fuel  Most petrol pumps closed down at 7 pm in the hills and along highways, so keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Website :- Please Don't Drink & Drive
  4. 4. Contd... Safe Overtaking and P hilly roads have sharper turns and assing The  are in spiral form. As a result the view of the coming vehicle is not clear. In such a case, it’s better to slow down at curves and honk to alert the other drivers.  Use F L og ight One of the major hazards of hilly areas is fog. If your car is equipped with fog lights, make sure you use them. Website :- Please Don't Drink & Drive
  5. 5. Contd... F ollow Speed L imit On hilly area there  are sign posts displaying about the appropriate speed of the vehicle. It is better to drive the vehicle with the speed recommended.  No Use M uddy patches Muddy patches also present a danger to hilly commuters. You will find quite a few of these on hilly terrain, especially during the rainy season. Try to avoid these patches. Website :-
  6. 6. Don't Forget to Carry.... V-B elts F fan and alternator or  H eadlamp B ulb  T ools like Screwdriver set, wrench, keyset , jack and jack rod, wheel spanner, knife, torch  T ubes You may not find new tubes in smallerWebsitesettlements :- 
  7. 7. Contact Us Britannia House, 285 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London SW20 8LB Website :-