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Capabilities brochure for an identity theft brochure

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Id secure capabilities brochure

  1. 1. WELCOME ▲ ID Secure is a comprehensive protection service that can help predict, protect, and prevent identity theft. We help you take steps possible to avoid becoming a victim of this despicable crime. Please take a minute to read through all these benefits. Then simply visit to activate your protection service. You’ve got the ID Secure Seal of Security We take important measures to protect your information: 1. ID Secure customer information is stored on a secure server that is firewall-protected and encrypted to block unauthorized third party access. 2. We restrict downloading of any data on our secure servers to unsecured locations, like laptops. 3. ID Secure is encrypted and protected with industry-standard SSL encryption software. 4. is certified and regularly scanned by ControlScan ( to protect against hacker attacks for over 11,500 known website security vulnerabilities. All sensitive information is encrypted prior to storing it in our databases. 02 | | 1-888-344-9406
  2. 2. CONTENTS ▲ Monitor — We’ll monitor your name, Social Security number, credit and debit card numbers, address, phone numbers, and email to alert 06 you to potentially suspicious activity. Control — We’ll deliver your Personal Information Profile (PIP) so you can read what is being said about you in public documents 10 everyone can view. Resolve — We’re giving you $10,000.00 of Identity Theft insurance plus a personal caseworker to help you every step of the way to 12 clear your name. Educate — We’ll provide you with the necessary resources to help prevent you becoming a victim of identity theft. 14 1-888-344-9406 | | 03
  3. 3. GETTING STARTED ▲ Activating your Fraud Protection is simple and takes just a few minutes. Start by visiting Then, follow the steps below. 1. Click on “Need Username” in the upper rightSTEP ONE corner of the screen. - Have your membership number handy to log in. - Select a unique username and password. You may edit or delete your information by clicking the “Change Monitoring Data Button.” 2. Next, set up your Fraud Protection to monitor personal data. - Click Fraud Protection Dashboard to enter dataSTEP TWO to be monitored: name, SSN, credit card numbers, current or past addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. - Click Set Up Fraud Protection to begin monitoring.04 | | 1-888-344-9406
  4. 4. 3. Your data findings will be clearly summarized forSTEP THREE you online, any time you view the information. - “Next Check Dates” are outlined to let you know when your information is monitored. - You’ll also be sent e-mail alerts if your information has been discovered as compromised in any way. 4. Click on the Control tab to order your Public Information Profile.STEP FOUR - This document is a detailed summary of your personal information that appears in available Public Records. 5. Visit 24/7 to view any changes that have occurred to your Social Security number and personal data monitoring. Your personal “dashboard” will show you a summary of allSTEP FIVE your monitored information. 1-888-344-9406 | | 05
  5. 5. CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD MONITORING Did you know your identity is in the possession of virtually every online merchant you have ever purchased from? Our sophisticated, real-time, early-warning technology monitors various chat rooms across cyberspace where thieves are selling Identity Thieves care about one thing— and trading stolen credit and debit cards—over stealing your personal information and over again. You could be ruined in a matter and selling it to make money. of minutes. BOTTOM LINE: When you register your credit and debit cards ID Secure will notify you by email if any suspicious activity has been detected.06 | | 1-888-344-9406 Monitor
  6. 6. YOUR DASHBOARDYOUR PERSONAL MONITOR DASHBOARDYour “dashboard” displays all your personalinformation: your name, Social Security Number,credit and debit card numbers, mailing address, emailaddresses, and phone numbers. The dashboard alsoassesses your ID Theft Risk level to your SocialSecurity Number and assigns a color: Red indicateshigh risk and green means low risk. Just click on“Details” to learn your risk color for identity theft.Be sure to check your Monitoring Dashboard everytwo weeks, since DataSweep and Social SecurityMonitoring will have been updated.BOTTOM LINE: ID Secure will monitor all yourpersonal information online and alert you via emailto any changes are detected. 1-888-344-9406 | | 07
  7. 7. DATA SWEEP Data Sweep is a service that monitors your personal information as it appears in Internet directories for you. Just enter your: • Name • Current or past addresses • Email addresses SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER MONITORING • Telephone numbers Your Social Security Number (SSN) is invaluable to Then sit back and relax while Data Sweep monitors thieves. Once they get their hands on it, they can use Internet directories, re-checking them every two weeks. it to steal your identity easily. They don’t even need If personal information is detected for public viewing, to have every number correct. They can create a you’ll be alerted via email to check the ID Secure “synthetic” identity, changing as little as one digit online dashboard that reveals which sites are and/or making a slight change in your name to create displaying the information. In some cases, you may be a “shadow” account that can go undetected for years. able to request that your information be deleted. Your BOTTOM LINE: ID Secure’s fraud-detection technology information can be revised, and you can add or delete scans billions of public records to monitor your SSN new information for Data Sweep to monitor. and assesses your risk for SSN manipulation.08 | | 1-888-344-9406 Monitor
  8. 8. CHAT ROOM OF IDENTITY THIEVESTO CATCH IDENTITY THIEVESThe ID theft victim population hits about 19 million ayear. That means every minute, about 19 peoplebecome new victims. As shown at the right, yourinformation can be traded to other thieves in chatrooms—and, just like that, you’re wiped out. ID Securehas taken steps to help prevent this from occurring byusing leading-edge proprietary technology that hasbeen profiled by national news organizations includingNBC’s “Dateline.” Our technology monitors theInternet for fraudulent activity involving consumers’personal credit or debit card accounts.BOTTOM LINE: ID Secure allows you to take proactivesteps to prevent identity theft and fraud from takingover and controlling your life. 1-888-344-9406 | | 09
  9. 9. PUBLIC INFORMATION PROFILE The detail may surprise you, but don’t you want to This comprehensive background report, also known as know what is being said about you? a PIP, allows you to see what consumer information on BOTTOM LINE: ID Secure’s early detection of you is available so you may correct any inaccuracies. misinformation is key to helping stop identity theft View your Report by clicking on the “Control” tab. before it spirals out of control. Typically 25 pages long, it searches over 10 billion records and collects data from over 5,000 sources, such as real estate records, courts, legal records and criminal YOUR PIP FILE records, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments. It reveals people who have similar names, addresses, or SSNs — information that traditionally only employers, government agencies (and now identity thieves) have been able to access. The depth and breadth of this report will reveal your Control prior addresses and who you were living with. It can reveal information about people with similar names to help you identify possible cases of mistaken identity.10 | | 1-888-344-9406
  10. 10. DID YOU KNOW:The most damaging type of identity fraud is the creationof new accounts under your name. Some of the worstidentity theft offenders are people you might actuallyknow, like relatives and friends who have access to yourinformation.*ID Secure technology monitors your Social Security SMnumber and can alert you when your risk level for thistype of fraud increases, to help keep you one step aheadof the thieves.**Javelin Strategy & Research, 2006 1-888-344-9406 | | 11
  11. 11. PERSONAL CASEWORKER BOTTOM LINE: ID Secure can save you serious time In the event that identity theft does occur, help will and money in resolving your case. be waiting. With our Identity Fraud Support Service, youll be assigned a trained, dedicated caseworker to take you through the resolution process. Personal and professional assistance is on hand to help you On average, consumers spend 132 restore your good name, file paperwork, and most days to resolve identity fraud cases. importantly, provide guidance and answers to your important questions. Youll even receive a credit report and personalized If you have questions about how the Identity Fraud Fraud Resolution Kit at no additional cost, sent via Support Service works, or if you may need to speak overnight mail, that contains all the documentation with a caseworker, please call 1-800-344-9406, you’ll need. Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.12 | | 1-888-344-9406 Resolve
  12. 12. $10,000 IDENTITY THEFT INSURANCE:With ID Secure, you’ll receive up to $10,000.00 and oneclaim per 12-month period if you suffer a coveredfinancial loss from having your identity stolen online oroffline. And this is without a deductible.Insurance is critical to have. It helps with...-- Costs associated for re-filing for loans-- Payments of lost wages as a result of time off work to investigate/re-establish your identity-- Legal costs for certain identity theft-related litigation-- Any professional assistance needed to file paperwork, notify credit bureaus, etc.Your complete Evidence of Coverage document can befound on page 14. 1-888-344-9406 | | 13
  13. 13. S.A.F.E. RISK QUESTIONNAIRE BOTTOM LINE: ID Secure is providing all the tools Have you ever made an online purchase? Do you necessary so you won’t become a victim. receive mail in an unlocked mailbox? These are just a few of the 30 questions asked in Your Self Assessed Fraud Evaluation (S.A.F.E.) online questionnaire that ranks your risk of becoming an identity theft victim based on behavior, name frequency, and other factors. Identity Thieves don’t even need your S.A.F.E. SCORE SSN anymore...just pieces of your personal information to assume your identity. You’ll be assigned a numerical ranking from 200-850 (please note: this number is different from a credit score), plus suggestions to improve your score and lower your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.14 | | 1-888-344-9406 Educate
  14. 14. ASK FRANK ABIGNALEAuthor of best-selling novel & film “Catch Me If You Can”Q: Does the Internet age make identity theft easier?A: The Internet age makes identity theft much easier. Technology breeds crime; it always has and it always will. There will always be people who are willing to use Frank W. Abagnale is a retired technology in a self-serving way. master forger whose early life was the basis for the motionQ: What can happen if someone gets a hold of your personal picture, “Catch Me If You Can.” information? He now assists companies and consumers in preventing fraud.A: You know, it started out as a crime in the early 1990s as a To have your questions way to get a credit card in your name and run up that credit considered for this column, card and throw it away – and leave you with the debt. Then please e-mail them to: it moved into, ‘Can I get a mortgage in your name?’ ‘Can I buy a car in your name?’ ‘Can I get a job in your name?’ And today even more common: ‘Can I commit a crime in your name and leave you responsible for the crime?’ It’s never-ending as to what one does with it – it’s strictly up to FRANK TIP: “Buy what we call ‘micro-cut the imagination of the criminal and what they can use once shredders’ that basically turn paper into little they have someone’s identity. And when we say your pieces of confetti or chips that make [piecing identity, we simply mean three things: your name, social information together] literally impossible. security number and date of birth; that’s all they need to get Youll never totally protect yourself but you 22 other pieces of information about anybody out of public certainly can make it more difficult for records. They just need those three and they are everywhere. people to victimize you.” 1-888-344-9406 | | 15
  15. 15. IDENTITY THEFT EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT • “Identity Theft” means the use of Your name, address, • “Legal Costs” mean: EVIDENCE OF COVERAGE Social Security number (SSN), bank, or credit card o Costs You incur for reasonable and necessary fees for account information or other identifying information VIRGINIA SURETY COMPANY, INC., 1000 N. an attorney from a source that We designate, and related without Your knowledge to assume Your identity to commit MILWAUKEE AVE. court costs You incur with Our consent; for fraud or deception. GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS 60025 o Any suit brought against You by a creditor or collection • “Administrator” means Aon Innovative Solutions. agency or other entity acting on behalf of a creditor for Insuring Agreement: • “Loss” means the Expenses, Lost Wages, and Legal Costs non-payment We will reimburse You for Losses You incur as a result of related to Your Identity Theft. of goods or services or default on a loan as the result of Identity Theft. The Loss must occur while You are a Member Identity Theft; • “Expenses” means: to be eligible for coverage, as described in this Evidence of o Removal of any civil judgment wrongfully entered Coverage. o Costs You incur for re-filing loan applications for loans, against You as a result of Identity Theft. grants, other credit or debit instruments that are rejected This Evidence of Coverage is not transferable to another solely as a result of the lender receiving incorrect Exclusions: person or entity. information as the result of Identity Theft; The Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Plan coverage Coverage Limits: o Costs You incur for notarizing affidavits, or other does not apply to: Coverage is subject to: similar documents, long distance telephone calls, and • Any act of fraud, deceit, collusion, dishonesty or criminal postage which is incurred by You in Your efforts to act by You or any person acting in concert with You, or by • An overall aggregate benefit limit of $10,000 USD per report an Identity Theft, or amend or rectify records in any authorized representative of You, whether acting alone Membership, per twelve (12) month period, for Losses regard to Your true name or identity as the result of an or in collusion with You or others; incurred as the result of Identity Theft. Identity Theft; • Damages or Losses arising out of any business pursuits, loss o The Lost Wages benefit is further limited to an amount o Costs You incur to purchase directly a maximum of four of profits, business interruption, loss of business up to $500 USD per week, payable for up to four (4) (4) credit reports from any of the three major Credit information, or other pecuniary loss; Damages or Losses weeks. Bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion). The arising from the theft or unauthorized or illegal use of Your credit reports must be purchased while You are a business name, d/b/a/ or any other method of identifying • A limit of one (1) Identity Theft claim per twelve (12) Member; and may be purchased only after the Identity month period. Your business activity; Theft has occurred and for the purpose Coverage Period: of correcting inaccuracies that occur as a result of the • Damages or Losses of any type for which the credit card Identity Theft. company, bank, creditor, etc. is legally liable; The Identity Theft coverage begins concurrently with the term of Your Membership commencing on Your • “Lost Wages” means: • Losses that were incurred or commenced prior to the Membership’s effective date, and continues monthly unless effective date of Your Membership; non-renewed or cancelled by the Group Policyholder, Us or o Actual United States wages lost for time taken from Your work, and away from Your work premises, solely • Potential ID Theft issues You were aware of prior to the You and ends on Your Membership expiration date or as a result of Your efforts to amend or rectify records effective date of Your Membership; cancellation date, whichever occurs first. regarding Your true name or identity as the result of an • Fees or costs associated with the use of any investigative Definitions: Identity Theft; agencies or private investigators; • “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Company” means Virginia Surety Company, Inc., 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave., Glenview, Illinois o Actual United States wages lost, including • Any Loss that is not a direct result of Identity Theft; 60025. reimbursement for vacation days, discretionary days, floating holidays, and paid personal days, but not for • Damages or Losses of any type resulting from fraudulent • “You” or “Your” means the individual person who has sick days. Also, any reasonable cost arising from time charges or withdraw of cash from a debit or credit card; enrolled in a membership that this coverage is part of. taken from self-employment; • Damages or Losses of any type resulting from fraudulent16 | | 1-888-344-9406
  16. 16. withdraws from financial/bank/investment accounts; an identity fraud case no later than six (6) months from the coverage must transfer to Us his or her right to recover date You are first aware of ID Theft issues and submit all against any other party or person and must do everything• Indirect or direct damages or losses of any nature; required documents within thirty (30) days after close of Your necessary to secure these rights and must do nothing that• Authorized charges that You have disputed based on the Identify Theft case with a Credit Bureau or the claim may not would jeopardize them, or these rights will be recovered from quality of goods or services; be honored. You.• Authorized account transactions or trades that You have Submit the following: Concealment or Misrepresentation: disputed, or are disputing, based on the execution (or non- Your coverage shall be void if, whether before or after a • Provide proof that a fraud alert was placed with each major execution) of electronic transfers, trades or other verbal or Loss, You have concealed or misrepresented any material fact Credit Bureau (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, etc.) written instructions or directions. or circumstances concerning this coverage or the subject immediately after discovery of Identity Theft;What to do if You’re a victim of Identity Theft: thereof, or if You commit fraud or swear falsely in connection • Copy of a police report from Your local jurisdiction; with any of the foregoing.• Contact the Resolution Service at Affinion Benefits Group, 400 Duke Drive, Nashville, TN 37067 at 866-622-5205. • Copy of results of any settlement or denial from credit card Legal Actions: You must report the incident upon discovery. companies, banks, creditors, etc. concerning Your Identity No action at law or in equity shall be brought to recover Theft claim.• Contact all major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, under the Evidence of Coverage prior to expiration of sixty TransUnion, etc.) immediately after discovery of Identity • Copy of the complaint filed with the Federal Trade (60) days after proof of Loss has been submitted in Theft to place a fraud alert on Your credit report; Commission government agency. The Administrator may accordance with the requirements of the Evidence of reasonably request you to file a report with other agencies, Coverage.• Contact Your creditors (i.e. banks, credit card issuers, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation; utilities companies, etc.); • Copy of all receipts, bills or other records that support Your• File a police report in Your local jurisdiction; claim for an Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Plan• File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission payment. These records shall be kept in such manner that government agency. The Administrator may reasonably We can accurately determine the amount of any Loss. request you to file a report with other agencies, such as the • Any other documentation that We may reasonably request to Federal Bureau of Investigation; validate a claim.• Follow all procedures for recovery and reasonable requests Benefits payable under this Evidence of Coverage for any for information and assistance at all institutions affected; Loss will be paid upon receipt of acceptable proof of such and Loss and all required information necessary to support Your• Maintain a copy of all receipts, bills or other records that claim. All benefits will be paid to You directly or, in case of support Your claim for an Identity Theft Expense Your death, to Your estate. Reimbursement Plan payment. These records shall be kept Secondary Coverage: in such manner that We can accurately determine the This coverage is secondary to any applicable insurance or amount of any Loss. benefit available to You by a provider other than Virginia• Take all other reasonable steps available to protect Your Surety Company, Inc. Coverage is limited to only those identity from any further use without your knowledge. eligible amounts not paid by any other provider.How to File a Claim: Subrogation:Contact the Administrator at Aon Innovative Solutions, 13922 If payment is made under this Evidence of Coverage, We areDenver West Parkway, Golden, CO 80401 at 800-453-5027 entitled to recover such amounts from other parties orfor filing instructions. You must inform the Administrator of persons. Any person whom receives payment under this 1-888-344-9406 | | 17
  17. 17. PRIVACY POLICY NOTIFICATION number), transaction information (such as yourFOR YOUR CREDIT MONITORING SERVICE ▲ service usage and products purchased through us) and financial information (such as credit history, income, etc.). OUR OBJECTIVE COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION The Personal Information you provide us is We may obtain Personal Information from you or a important to our business and vital in serving your third party. We may collect such information from needs. We are committed to the responsible applications or other forms submitted by you, from collection, management and use of such information. transactions with us, our affiliates or other parties, This Privacy Policy guides us in achieving that from consumer reports or from other sources. commitment and applies to all of our members and OUR USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION other customers in the United States. In order to We limit our use of Personal Information to remind you of our commitment, we will send you a information we believe helps us serve our members copy of our Privacy Policy at least annually and other customers and to conduct our business. following our initial notice. We share such information with certain of our PERSONAL INFORMATION COVERED BY POLICY employees in order to enable them to perform By “Personal Information,” we mean information business functions, such as servicing our members we possess that identifies you personally and is not and other customers, paying claims and benefit otherwise available to the public. This information amounts, advising our members and other customers includes general information (such as name, address, of our existing products and services and developing phone number, birth date and Social Security new products and services. 18 | | 1-888-344-9406
  18. 18. SHARING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION disclosed to them. We may also share PersonalWITH AFFILIATES Information with certain other third parties, includingWe may share Personal Information relating to your financial service providers (such as mortgage bankerstransactions or experience with us, with our affiliates, and insurance agents) and non-financial servicesuch as the other membership services operated by providers (such as retailers, airlines and publishers),Trilegiant Corporation and its affiliates, as well as so that they may offer you products or services thatwith affiliated financial institutions and other affiliates we believe may be of value to you – note that you(including those existing currently or in the future). have the opportunity to direct that your Personal Information not be disclosed to such third parties.SHARING OF PERSONAL INFORMATIONWITH NON-AFFILIATESWe may also share Personal Information with (X)unaffiliated third parties, including marketing partners,printers, billing agents, insurance companies,administrators and service providers, that assist us inperforming our business functions and marketing ourproducts, and as otherwise permitted or requiredby law, and (Y) unaffiliated third parties providingservices under a joint marketing agreement betweenus and one or more other financial institutions; inany such case, we will require such third parties tomaintain the confidentiality of Personal Information 1-888-344-9406 | | 19
  19. 19. METHODS FOR OPTING OUT OF SHARING for that data and grant access to protected data only PERSONAL INFORMATION to those individuals who need to use it in performing If you do not want us to share your Personal their job-related duties. Employees who violate our Information with unaffiliated third parties (other security procedures will be subject to disciplinary than those disclosures required or permitted by law), action, which may include termination. please check the box at right, print your name and TREATMENT OF INFORMATION OF FORMER address in the boxes and send the form to us at MEMBERS AND CUSTOMERS Trilegiant Corporation, P.O. Box 111100, Trumbull, We will continue to follow our Privacy Policy even CT 06611-8100. We ask that you mail your request when you are no longer a member or other customer in a stamped envelope that does not include any other of our business. correspondence. Once your request has been received and processed, it will remain in effect until you PERIODIC CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY request a change. This Privacy Policy supersedes all privacy policies and other similar standards previously issued by us or MAINTAINING THE SECURITY our affiliates. Since the privacy standards set forth OF YOUR INFORMATION herein are subject to updates and other changes from We have implemented security procedures which time to time, please note that this Privacy Policy is use reasonable measures to ensure the security, subject to change at any time. In the event of any confidentiality and integrity of Personal Information such changes, we will notify all of our members and in our possession and guard against unauthorized other customers of such changes in the manner and to access or use. We also identify data that is to be the extent required by law. protected, provide a reasonable level of protection20 | | 1-888-344-9406
  20. 20. Please don’t share my Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties (other than those disclosures required or permitted by law). SPECIAL NOTICE FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS. If you have a California mailing address, we will not share your Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties that are not financial institutions (other than as required or permitted by California and federal law). In addition, you may request that we not share your Personal Information with unaffiliated financial institutions with which we have joint marketing agreements or with our affiliates, except as required or permitted by California and federal law. If you do not want us to share your Personal Information with such parties, please check the box below and enter your name, address, and member number in the space provided. Alternatively, you may make this request by e-mail by sending this information to complete all the information Please don’t share my Personal Information with unaffiliated financial institutions with which you have joint marketing agreements or with yourbelow and return the form in a affiliates (other than those disclosures required or permitted by California and federal law).stamped envelope. Please printclearly and use blue or black ink. First Name Last NameMAIL TO: Trilegiant Corporation,P.O. Box 111100, Trumbull, CT Address [If Rural Route (RR), must include P.O. Box.] Apt. No. Rural Route P.O. Box06611-8100 – City State Zip Code GRS 1210