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Emerge solar products


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Emerge solar products

  1. 1. Emerge Solar Products & Systems Innovative Alternative Energy Service Provider Secure Your Future by moving towards eternally abundant Renewable and Clean Energy Alternatives EMERGE WAGNER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was founded in 2011 to serve the increasing demand for well-designed and quality solar energy systems in India. EMERGE WAGNER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is dedicated to delivering innovative, efficient and reliable solar power systems through our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) process. Our mission, as a solar power company, is to be a part of the environmental solution by making solar energy possible for businesses and homes. We provide complete end-to-end solutions in the areas of: Energy efficiency consulting. Site analysis. Design and implementation. Maintenance and support. EMERGE WAGNER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED works directly with business, commercial and government customers to provide effective and efficient turn-key solutions by utilizing clean and renewable energy alternatives. Once we have completed the installation of your solar electricity system, we will continue to offer operation, management, system monitoring and repair services that are guaranteed to add long-term value to your business. EMERGE WAGNER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED's products include: 1. Solar Home Power Generators 2. Solar Powered UPS 3. Solar Charging Kits for Existing UPS & Inverters 4. Solar Roof Top Systems 5. Solar Pumping Systems
  2. 2. 6. Solar Thermal & Heating Systems We at EMERGE WAGNER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED provide high performance solar systems with consistently high quality for our commercial, agricultural, industrial, government, utility and residential customers