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The career lattice pp


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Lattices are the new path to career advancement. Learn what lattices can do for individuals, teams, employers and economies in this overview of this revolutionary mode of lateral carer growth. Over really is the new up!

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The career lattice pp

  1. 1. The Career Lattice Over is the New Up
  2. 2. Coming May 2012 from McGraw Professional
  3. 3. Career ladders only work for a few And the view from below isn’t inspiring
  4. 4. Sideways isn’t progress, either
  5. 5. Diagonal career paths let workers go over and up
  6. 6. Career lattices support growth
  7. 7. Career lattices cultivate collaboration, networking and creativity
  8. 8. Career lattices support organizational growth
  9. 9. What can a lattice do for you? • Help you invest in the right training and education so your career doesn’t dead-end • Show how to make the most of lateral assignments and jobs • Help you network strategically – and help others likewise • Help you see new possibilities – and pursue them
  10. 10. What can a lattice do for your team? • Offer professional development even with few resources • Provide context for relationships • Add value and opportunity when collaborating with other teams
  11. 11. What can a lattice do for your organization? • Close your skills gap by growing your own • Career pathing shows employees their future, so they stay • Provide context for training • Increase ROI for training and education
  12. 12. What can a lattice do for economic development? • Train people to manage their own careers, not just in technical skills, which become obsolete • Provide context for collaboration among employers, workplace training, and schools • Synchronize workforce readiness with job availability
  13. 13. Deliberately diagonal career paths support journeys and destinations
  14. 14. Lattices are popping up all over • About 40% of employers are expanding lateral career paths • About 33% of employers used lateral paths to retain high-potentials during the 2007-2009 recession Sources: Wilson-Taylor Associates Inc.; Catalyst
  15. 15. Learn more about lattices • The Career Lattice will be published in spring 2012 by McGraw Business • Contact author Joanne Cleaver, who speaks about lattices based on research conducted through her company, Wilson-Taylor Associates Inc. • Connect with workplace training consultancy CAEL, a major source for The Career Lattice
  16. 16. Can’t wait? • Contact Joanne Cleaver: jycleaver@wilson-