Complete Solar Water Heater Installation


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Complete Pressure Of Solar Water Heater with heat pipe Installation

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Complete Solar Water Heater Installation

  1. 1. Integrative Pressurized Solar Water System MANUAL Please read the user manual carefully before installation! Heat your water with the sun, for a green future! ForewordDear users:Thank you for choosing “ Solar Water Heater”, insisting on “superior quality, superiorservice, and keeping promise”, providing high quality solar water heater and perfect afterservice。In order to use “Solar Water Heater” more efficiently, please read the manualcarefully first and use the solar water heater according to it. This manual has been writtenjust for you to have the general idea about the “Solar Water Heater”, such as majortechnical parameter and routine maintenance, and ensure you feel easy and comfortablewhile using your “Solar Water Heater”. The scheme structure of the “Solar Water Heater” is 1
  2. 2. correct when published, since the technical and performance features were in improving,the structure may not be in accordance with the manual. Soltek reserves the right tomodify the manual.Working principleIntegrative pressurized solar water heater is an all-glass evacuated tubular solar domestic watersystems combined with heat pipes inside the evacuated tube. The solar collector provides heat througha high efficiency heat pipe-copper. Its different from thermosiphon solar water heater.The high temperature operation of heat pipe evacuated collector tube and their very low radiant heatlosses make them ideal for solar water heater. The selective coating on the inner tube converts solarenergy into heat energy and transfers to the heat pipe by an aluminum fin. The liquid in the heat pipechanges into vapour which rises to the condenser. The heat was conducted to the water inside the tankand the vapour becomes liquid, returning to the base of the heat pipe. This continuous circulation 2
  3. 3. transfers heat from the heat pipe to the cold water in the tank as long as the collector is heated by thesun. Hot water can be obtained by injecting cold water from the bottom of the tank. Run principleMajor performance features1. All-year-round in service. Whatever the weather is like cloudy or rainy, daytime or night time, the light-electric style can still provide the hot water for showers;2. High absorption efficiency, the core parts of the solar water heater—heat pipe evacuated collector tube, adopting the advanced selective absorbing layer and preeminent heat conducting material - red copper, the tube has a unique effect of absorption;3 Perfectly insulation performance is achieved by polyurethane foam, lower heat-loss. It could keep temperature constant for a long time;4. The inner tank is made of stainless steel SUS304-2B (food grade)—which is the best solution to the function of pressure bear, anti-corrosion, and anti-leakage which has no harm to the health; 3
  4. 4. 5. Can operate with water pressure up to 0.6MPa, can be directly connected with city tap water, optimum pressure, more comfortable;6. The whole system has humanistic design, optional function depending on actual needs. It can reach to completely automatic operation. The system can still operate in the case of tube broken.Installation Instruction1. The frame assembly diagram 4
  5. 5. 2. Installation of water tank and heat-pipe evacuated tube 1) Put the water tank symmetrically onto the support, the four screws at the bottom of the water tank shall be placed accordingly into the holes on the support, there is no need to fasten them with M8 nut temporarily. 2) Installing the nylon cap on the bottom track, put the anti-dust silica gel ring on the tube (mild washing liquid & water will be useful) 3) Insert the tube inside the nylon tail stock, hold the tube tightly, then rotate inside pipe clockwise into hole slowly, then tight the tailstock. ◙ Attention: a. Don’t touch the tube on the ground, or it will be broken; b. Before installation, make sure that heat pipe evacuated tube is not exposed in sunlight for a long time, in case the condenser end gets scorched and expands, becoming impossible to be inserted in the hole. 4) After the insertion of all the evacuated tubes, adjust the angle of the water tank before finally fastening the foot screw located at the bottom of the tank;Scheme of piping installationPlease pay attention to the following points during installation 5
  6. 6. 1. In case a dual heating mode of sunlight/electrical power be sure to have a power leakage protection when installing the electrical element and refrain from using your electrical element in a thunder storm. 2. If your solar heater is installed at a level higher than the buildings around the user will have to have lightening arrester, which shall be higher than the heater for min 50 cm; In case the lightening arrester has the heater for supporting it shall be separated from the heater with insulator and the clearance between the two shall not be less than 30 mm. 3. At the completion of installation the support frame of the solar heater shall have wind protection where the support is in contact of the ground so that strong wind cannot topple the heater and damage it 4. Arrangement of pipelines shall be as per relevant norm of plumbing. Plumbing outdoors shall have support and it is not allowed to have the piping directly hanging from the water tank. Plumbing shall start higher up and going downward, free of horizontal sector and reverse bends in order to prevent water accumulating in the pipeline when draining. 5. All pipelines need insulation; for areas with freezing temperature at winter times plumbing outdoors shall have insulation layer not less than 50 mm in thickness. 6. Using the intelligent controller in a correct way. Please read the controller user’s manual carefully before using it.Guideline for Users 1. When you didn’t want to use the solar water heater, the hot water outlet, valve and up-flow valve must all in closed position. When fill the water, open the up-flow valve. 6
  7. 7. 2. To prevent scalding caused by overheated water, it is advised to feel the water temperature with a hand before showering. When adjusting the temperature, the hot water valve shall be adjusted to a suitable showering temperature according to the season, sun radiation and water pressure. 3. In cold winter, when the room temperature is low, bathroom master can be used to increase the room temperature. In extremely cold districts, when didn’t want to use the solar water heater, the water in the pipeline shall be completely drained out during winter to prevent the freezing crack damage to the pipeline. 4. Prior to using the electric heating device, make sure the electricity leakage protector and the fuse are in good order. Fill the tank up with water before switch on the power. Heating without presence of water is strongly prohibited and after the heating, be sure to switch off the power. It is strongly prohibited to bathe with power switch on!!! 5. Please don’t shower when there is a thunderstorm and fill up the tank when there is a hurricane. 6. In summer, if the hot water requirement is little or the temperature is too high, you can use mask to cover some surface of the solar collector to reduce the heat absorption.Solar Water Heater Common SenseA simple approach to identify the evacuated collector tube in good quality 1. Homogenous color; 2. The ventilation opening at the end of the evacuated collector tube shall be perfect; 3. The air-absorbing chemical at the bottom of the evacuated collector tube shall be like a mirror. The darker evacuated collector tube surface looks, the vacuum degree it’s lower; if the bottom is whitish, the vacuum degree is zero; 4. After the radiation in sunshine for several hours, touch the tube with a hand, the tube with normally vacuum degree feel “cold” and the ones with poor vacuum degree feel hot;What’s the feature of the solar water heater?Compared with the conventional energy sources such as electricity and gas, solar water heatersprominent advantages lie in their safety, energy saving, cleanness and environmental friendlinessetc. .As a result, they’ve rapidly taken the place of electric and gas heaters’ market.How much does a solar water heater cost?The cost of the system strongly depended on the climate. In warm climates with high yearly irradiancesimple systems can be used (e.g. the south of Europe). The total cost (installation) is lower than colder 7
  8. 8. climates with a chance of freezing (e.g. North Europe).How to select a solar water heater?A good product shall have a complete instruction book, symbol and package. The appearance of theproduct shall be decent with reasonable structure and refined workmanship,In addition, there shall beperfect after-sales service.What size do I need?Usually each person consumes 35L to 50 L of hot water (approximately 45℃) for one shower. Since thesolar energy isn’t a conventional energy, hot water cannot be produced by solar energy in cloudy or rainydays, so it is advisable to select a solar water heater with double daily consumption to store the hot waterproduced on sunny days for rainy days use. If there are 2 days continuously rainy, it is recommend thatlight-electric types are used to ensure the hot water supply under all weathers throughout the year.How can I select the piping?Since the solar water heater is usually installed on the roof and there can be generate some pressure tothe interior of the room. In addition, the hot water temperature is high (maybe up to more than 90℃), yetthe outdoor temperature is low (may fall below -10℃). Therefore, the cross-linking pipes or enhancedsoft pipe are recommended. These pipes are featured in pressure resistance, high temperatureresistance, coldness resistance, toxic-freeness, odor-freeness, small thermal capacity, little heat lossand not easily frozen in winter.What should I do during holidays?If you are going to be away for a period of a week or more during the summer months it is advisable toturn off the electricity supply to the booster and if practical cover the solar collectors. If the hot watersystem is not used for two weeks or more, a quantity of hydrogen gas, which is highly flammable, mayaccumulate in the water heater. To dissipate this gas safely, it is recommended that a hot tap be turnedon for several minutes at a sink, basin or bath but not a dishwasher, clothes washer, or other appliance.During this procedure there must be no smoking, open flame or any other electrical appliance operatingnearby. If hydrogen is discharged throughthe tap, it will probably make an unusual noise as with air escaping. Do not place hands or any part ofyour body beneath the tap during this procedure.Are you using more hot water than you think?Often the hot water usage of showers, washing machines and dishwashers is under estimated. Reviewthese appliances to determine if your daily usage is greater than the storage volume of your water heater.If the system contains 150L of hot water and your usage is greater than 150L there may be periodswhere the water temperature is slightly lower than normal. It is also advisable to inspect tap washers etc.for leakage and replace if necessary. 8
  9. 9. How to check installed solar water heater before accepting it?The installed solar water heater shall face the south with nothing shading in front of it. The water tank,pipe, valve and joint shall have no leakage. The insulated pipes shall present no disconnection orleakage. The connecting position between the vacuum tubes and the water tank shall be appropriate.The vacuum tubes shall present no damage, leakage or whiteness.How to raise the water temperature? 1. Ensure both the up-flow pipe and the down-flow pipe are insulated. 2. Select pipes with low thermal conductivity. 3. Immediately fill the water after showering at night, be sure to leave a full tank at night to avoid too hot water’s accelerated heat loss into the air at cold nights. 4. If the water temperature is low when showering, bathroom master can be used to raise the room temperature. If bathing, add more boiled water to the tub to increase the temperature. 5. Use electric heating device and switch on the power after filling the tank up. Switch off thepower to take a shower Cleaning the evacuated tube. In the dusty district, the dust can adhere to the tubes, which can affect the absorption. Therefore, according to the amount of dust, the evacuated tube shall be cleaned once every half a year to every year. When cleaning, use soap water or detergent to rub the tubes. 9