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Co-Mapping Our Transition Towards Abundance For All & The Social Network We Truly Need


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Slideshow on Open Design Proposal ( Module 1, )
(It is more revolutionary than it seems.)

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Co-Mapping Our Transition Towards Abundance For All & The Social Network We Truly Need

  1. 1. “A network to unite them for co-creating a world where all can thrive” Open Design Proposal published on
  2. 2. “seems like a really sensitive and integrated approach...” Shared to key people for discussion and networks by Michel Bauwens (P2PFoundation) Open Street Maps 2014 Zoom on suggested changes
  3. 3. Not “...yet another social network” Not “...yet another mapping project” Instead a powerful strategy and design for truly empowering what has already started. Simple, comprehensive and peaceful. To clarify this is the most important challenge to solve as inherent prejudice towards this project to make it heard.
  4. 4. Open Design Proposal proposal & “design gift” to the Commons / Open Movement published on
  5. 5. Open Design Proposal: An elaborated design for how the open source network that people choose instead for-proft ones, that unites and enables them to co-create the change we need ( far better ) can emerge project-based as foundation/enabler for the Open Movement
  6. 6. Open Design Proposal: Complete foundational design. The uniting project, to co-map “Transitioning” directly on Open Street Map, generates a powerful resource. Using and contributing to it Is efective education for understanding in detail “What Transitioning Is.”
  7. 7. Open Design Proposal: Complete foundational design. And holistic civic architecture: Join in and co-improve best 4 you and All..
  8. 8. Presentation Structure: A short description of the “Uniting Project” that generates a powerful co-operation infra-structure, Then a short outlook on topics the book covers. Finally a short outlook to Social Network “features” (more in the book)
  9. 9. The layers make a complex puzzle – the diverse aspects of transitioning - easily understandable. Contributors join a social network that is better than all existing ones as to all regular features and more. It unites to enable, by design, to co-operate from local to global: on realizing a higher mission in swarm action.
  10. 10. The Open Social Network with a mission is is a (r)evolution key. How harmless it seems and in some ways is is like silent “humour”- how easy to realize, how small the challenge; How huge the possible efects. If we build it. It is constructive. It is powerful. And though foundation, This is only the start.
  11. 11. Most powerful and “true” Strategy: Directly from and on Open Street Maps Led by the OSM community and their ideal global local co-education community.
  12. 12. 5 Main Layers Suggestion: displayed by default on OSM; one click to close
  13. 13. Visual display as colored areas – transparency displays efecticveness
  14. 14. Circles dissolve into shapes & pins on zoom-in
  15. 15. A short Transition Layer Overview Sublayers and sub-sublayers allow to “understand” single “categories” (layers) 1. Land Regeneration & Sustainable Agriculture 2. Shared Spaces 3. Transitioning Households 4. Green Energy & Transport 5. Ethical Economy
  16. 16. Layer 1 Land Regeneration & Sustainable Agriculture
  17. 17. Layer 1 Land Regeneration & Sustainable Agriculture Sublayers: Land Regeneration Sustainable Agriculture Water (Extremely Exploitive (Food) Production) Sub-sublayers clarify topic areas.
  18. 18. Layer 2 Shared Spaces
  19. 19. Layer 2 Shared Spaces : sublayers
  20. 20. Layer 3 Transitioning Households
  21. 21. Layer 3 Transitioning Households
  22. 22. Layer 4 (Clean) Energy & Transport
  23. 23. Layer 4 (Clean) Energy & Transport
  24. 24. Layer 4 Sublayer 1: Clean Energy Providers Features p2pEnergy solutions in strategic combination with open designs for green energy devices. (Clean) Energy & Transport
  25. 25. Layer 5 Ethical Economy
  26. 26. Book goes deeper on participation design aspects
  27. 27. Book goes deeper on participation design aspects
  28. 28. Book goes deeper on participation design aspects
  29. 29. Depending on elaboration level, data can allow detailed “co-evaluation” - comparism of efectiveness, fairness & sustainability levels.
  30. 30. Strong co-educative efects + pro-active
  31. 31. Unites for co-operation and civic news & co-education + most attractive regular social network
  32. 32. Book goes deeper on: Who could initiate ?
  33. 33. Who could pay Open Development ?
  34. 34. Longer introduction for those new to transitioning ( access philosophy & enables interdisciplinary co-operation)
  35. 35. Strategic efect: co-correct the “fallacies” of “undermined improvements” via co-evaluation & transparency
  36. 36. Social Network can fuently evolve into Open source civic co-governance tool This will be described module by module in further publications. Co-Mapping & Social Network = Module 1
  37. 37. Outlook: Open Transition Value Co-Evaluation (possible Layer 7)
  38. 38. Detailed understanding of single categories “on the go”
  39. 39. Detailed understanding of single categories “on the go”
  40. 40. Social Network – book gives short description of additional features & efects Simple individual participation fow – groups & projects (flter)
  41. 41. Architecture leads to wholistic Local-to-global civic transition perspective “news” contact And possible direct involvement For everyone ranked by relevance for diferent aspects
  42. 42. default version w. wholistic access infographic → ranking of groups/projects
  43. 43. Default holistic access “check out the rankings”
  44. 44. Profle is ideal “cockpit” for On-ground and online participation - and reputation building ( And it's the best social network. )
  45. 45. Thank You for your attention ! Feel welcome to download book & or slideshow or visit: @hrealities