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A research article.

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  1. 1. Bornales, Juffer Denn C. Math 3 Intro to Statistics: MW (3-4:30pm) BA-Communication III - A July 8, 2013 Article Source: 1. Identify the Variables in the Study and indicate the type of data and level of measurement. a. 32 members of the family with central precocious puberty - Numeric; Discrete b. 8 members of the family with normal pubertal timing - Numeric; Discrete c. Gender - Categorical; Nominal i. 27 females and 5 males (with central precocious puberty) - Numeric; Discrete ii. 5 females and 3 males (with normal pubertal timing) - Numeric; Discrete 2. What is the population in the study? 15 families with central precocious puberty and their affected and unaffected family members 3. What do you think should be the appropriate sampling technique to be used? Simple Random Sampling