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Dealing with situations actions


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Dealing with situations actions

  1. 1. Dealing with situations – model actions to be taken Situation Actions to be takenDuring the march you notice a small Get them to stay with you until theirchild around five or six years old parent or guardian arrives, whichclearly very distressed within the group usually happens quite soon. Ask theof marchers. child if they have the mobile number of their parent or guardian – phone it. Get the childs name, age and a description, in case details are needed later. If the parent does not arrive, ask a Senior Steward to contact Event Control which is in touch with the entire event team. If necessary, follow instructions from Event Control in order to handover the child to the Lost Child team.A camera crew are positioned at the Keep the March moving. Ask theside of the road. The people at the senior staff who want to behead of your group want to stop and interviewed to step outside the March.see if they can get one of their seniorstaff interviewed with the unioncolours in the background.You notice a group of people coming Let the group into the March, inform aout of a side street and joining the Senior Steward, and monitor themarch and suspect they may be situationlooking to cause troubleThe March comes to a complete Ask a Senior Steward for information.standstill for some time. People are Relay the information to people on thebecoming concerned March.A rumour is spreading along the Seek clarification from a Seniormarchers that a right wing extremist Steward and establish with them thegroup have assembled further along message to pass back to people onthe route and are looking to clash with the March. Reassure, be clam andthe marchers avoid causing alarm.On part of the march route the lane of Ask them to rejoin the main March.oncoming traffic has not been closed. Contact a Senior Steward and/or aPeople are walking along the road police officer.overtaking the main body of marchers
  2. 2. Some people start spraying graffiti on Tell a Senior Steward, who will contacta shop window the police.A senior Steward informs you that a Relay the information calmly and firmlymajor incident has occurred and the to people on the March.police have said the march must endand people leave the area