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CompatibleOne OSCi workshop March 2012

This presentation shows the latest status of CompatibleOne, the Open Source Broker

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CompatibleOne OSCi workshop March 2012

  1. 1. When Interoperability Matters For the engagement of workload over heterogeneous cloud service providers
  2. 2. IN A NUTSHELL Support for interoperability, portability and reversibility  Open Source and Open Standards  OpenStack, OpenNebula, ...  OCCI, Internet technologies, … Blue Print for DevOps  Models and documents to be shared by developers and operators, customers and vendors The 1st Open Source Cloud Broker  As defined by Gartner  Cloud Service Intermediation  Aggregation  Cloud Service Arbitrage  Compliant with NIST Reference Architecture 4 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  3. 3. ECOSYSTEM5 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  4. 4. Is HTTP the only existingopen standard for cloud computing ? 6 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  5. 5. STATE OF THE ARTInteroperability between cloud services: to be constructedPortability between cloud services: much more difficult  SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BPaaS, etc. have very different APIsSignificant gaps on SLA and Security“De facto” standards vs. open standards  No incentive for cloud service providers to let their customers go away: why should they participate to open standards?  Consumers pressure may influence their decisionNo mature standards for cloud computing (except HTTP)  DMTF OVF / CIMI, OGF OCCI, SNIA CDMI, ... have not (yet) been adopted by cloud providers  Some standards are OK for IaaS but not for other layers (cf. OASIS TOSCA)Meanwhile interoperability and portability can beconstructed and maintained by Cloud Service Brokers  Gartner: “Cloud Interoperability Can be Brokered” by Daryl C. Plummer 7 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  6. 6. RISKSActually todays cloud computing model is notcompliant with the original « utility » model  Electricity system or telephone system  “Public and private clouds offer their end consumers a "pay as you go" model - a powerful shift for computing, towards a utility model like the electricity system, the telephone system, or more recently the Internet. However, unlike those utilities, clouds cannot yet federate and interoperate.”  IEEE 2011 Annual SRII Global ConferenceInteroperability in « silos »  Specific ecosystems of Cloud Service Providers and Vendors to address targeted markets, aggregated by specific contracts, patents, IPR, etc.  Limited possibilities to interoperate with other silos (except for B2B)  Extension of the « vendor lock in » concept 8 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  7. 7. OPEN CLOUDOCCI is a trademark of the Open Grid Forum 9 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  8. 8. KEY COMPONENTS CompatibleOne provides an open source cloudware* allowing creation, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms CORDS CompatibleOne Resource Description Schema ACCORDS Advanced Capabilities for CompatibleOne Resources Distribution Services EZVM Virtual Machine Interoperability PaaS4DEV Runtime OSGI UNIDATA Data Interoperability* cloud computing middleware 10 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  9. 9. ACCORDS &CORDS 11 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  10. 10. ACCORDS V2.10 2 3 COES COEES Arbitrage PLAN PARSER CONETS COOBAS BROKER SLAP Value Added EZVM Uni Data PaaS 4Dev PublisherHTTP/REST/OCCI MANIFEST COSS CORDS CONTRACT HTTP/REST/OCCI 1 Comons XaaS Procci PaaS Procci 4 Integrators SERVICE ProActive Procci Azure PROCCI Procci SLAM Providers OpenStack OpenNebula Procci Procci Amazon Procci 12 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  11. 11. DESCRIPTION MODEL Logical ViewOCCIOpen Cloud ComputingInterface EntityCore Resource Link MixinInfrastructure Network Compute Storage StorageLink NetworkLinkCORDS NetworkCompatibleOneRessource Description ConfigurationSchema Package Infrastructure Image System Provider Monitoring NODE ProviderType Action Configuration Constraint Manifest Requirement User Account Plan 13 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  12. 12. DESCRIPTION MODEL Virtual Instance ViewOCCIOpen Cloud ComputingInterface EntityCore Resource Link MixinCORDSCompatibleOneRessource DescriptionSchema NODE Manifest Profile 0 to N 1 to N Plan Service Contract Provider Tarification Instruction 14 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  13. 13. ACCORDS OpenStack Nova Provisioning User Accords Accords Instance Action Publisher REST OCCI Cloud Provider REST OCCI Announcement 1 2 4 0 Accords Broker Cloud Provider OpenStack Enquiries Procci REST OCCI HTTP SNMP REST OCCI REST OCCIService Contracts 3 5 Cloud Provider Accords Provisioning Procci 15 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  14. 14. ACCORDS OpenNebula Provisioning User Accords Accords Instance Action Publisher REST OCCI Cloud Provider REST OCCI Announcement 1 2 4 0 Accords Broker Cloud Provider OpenNebula Enquiries Procci REST OCCI HTTP SNMP REST OCCI REST OCCIService Contracts 3 5 Cloud Provider Accords Provisioning Procci 16 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  15. 15. ezVM PARSER BROKERImage Preparation Interface Image Production PROCCI ServiceImage Production Interface PROVIDER ezVM PROCCIImage Delivery Interface Ressource Provisioning Interface Provider Platform 17 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  18. 18. POC XWiki 20 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  19. 19. POC XWiki Provide a proof of concept for automatic provisioning Leverage CompatibleOne Platform and use of its current features.  Interoperability between different Providers  Image production  System configuration XWiki as a use case  Deployment of a web application  Separated Application Server and Storage  Application Configuration 21 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  20. 20. V1 (what we did) Declarative definition of service deployments via monolithic manifests Usage of pre-built images Workaround for metadata management 22 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  21. 21. V2 Declarative definition of reusable (high-level) services Automated image production  System components installation and configuration Provider-independent metadata management Service configuration at deployment Composable manifests  Building complex system deployments by assembling available service descriptions 23 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  22. 22. V2: XWiki Use Case Definition of high level services for relational storage Definition composite manifest for the application  Image production automation  Application configuration and deployment  Support for multiple providers Goal: automate the previous POC version and remove dependencies on functionalities available on specific providers. 24 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  23. 23. DEMO 25 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  24. 24. Next Steps Integration of Subsequent Components / Modules  Monitoring  Security  Accountancy  Intelligent Provisioning Integration of PaaS Services 26 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  25. 25. ezVM 27 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  26. 26. ezVM Goal: Virtual machine interoperability Provides:  Virtual machine description using OCCI  Package  System  Image  Vm  Virtual machine registry  Virtual machine storage  Virtual machine provider 28 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  27. 27. ezVM29 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  28. 28. PaaS4Dev 30 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  29. 29. PaaS4dev functional architecture31 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  30. 30. PaaS4dev technical architecture ACCORDS Procci PaaS4Dev Console JPaaS REST API Tenant Application Environment Logger Statistics Metering manager manager manager manager manager manager Tenants Usage Scaling FailOver records ProvisioningScaleUp ScaleDown Rules Engine DataApplications Access Statistics Layer Placement Process Engine solverEnvironments Logs Constraints Engine IaaS Catalog manager IaaS VM Router Container Probe Monitoring Enabler manager [EZVM/ managerconfigurator manager Manager service APIs Manifest [Sirocco] [Chef] [jk API] [JOnAS API] [JASMINe [XaaS] API] C1] 32 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  31. 31. PaaS4dev deployment JDBC User App Env Data. REST mgr mgr Mgr AccessConsole REST API IaaS VM Router Cont. REST REST Data Mgr Conf Mgr Mgr JPaaS Manager JPaaS Controller VM JPaaS Data Chef Chef VM JPaaS Engine mgr server REST Chef client JPaaS Agent Chef client JPaaS Agent VM Router VM Container 33 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  32. 32. Useful Resources CompatibleOne web  For the latest components version  For packages ready to install  package=accords&project=Virtualization%3ACloud%3ACompatibleOne Developers Mailing list In Progress  CompatibleOne platform to test your manifests  Openstack and Opennebula to connect to your CompatibleOne platform 34 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP
  33. 33. Lets Work Promoting freedom in the cloudTogether! ➢Contribute ➢Share ➢Spread the word 35 3rd CompatibleOne OSCi WORKSHOP