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Shu shan on line

  1. 1. 《Shu Shan OnLine》 Game Introductions Soco 2011 New PresentsGame Type:Chinese Fantasy Turn-based MMORPGArt Style:Q style 2.5DSupport platforms: J2ME, Android.
  2. 2. Game StoryAfter the first war between gods and devils, leader of Emei “White-browGrandmaster” led his disciples defeated monster “DeepSpring”, but fell intoDeepSpring’s trap. DeepSpring got into the ancient emperor Chi You’s tomband absorbed the tremendous power. White-brow Grandmaster knew thatwould be the doom of the world, to save the world, he released his soul frombody, went to the gods’ district to find the way to kill DeepSpring. He left fivemagic-scrolls to his clans, he said only the chosen one would read the magic-scrolls and resist DeepSpring.After white-brow gone, no one of Emei would read the scrolls, but DeepSpringhad come back. To fight against DeepSpring, Emei proclaimed the whole worldto search for the chosen one. So, many different warriors from worldwide cameto Shu Shan, started training to see if anyone is the chosen one. They did notknow the destiny of the world and what was waiting for them…
  3. 3. Clans IntroductionNorthmost-sea ClanThe clan has special resistance against petrifaction skills. They are good at meleeattack against single enemy, they have very powerful melee attack power andvarious strong skills. But they are not good at area attack.Giant-Wood ClanThe clan has special resistance against hypnotism skills. They can use invisibilityskills, also they can detect invisibility enemies. And they can increase the meleeattack power of teammates, they would even sacrifice themselves to reviveteammates. They are not good at area melee attacks.Illusory-wave ClanThe clan lives in mountains, they are good at control skills, they can reduceenemies’ attack powers. They have not bad melee attack power, but their areamelee attack power is low.Emei ClanThe clan is good at swords, they would use various area attack spells, they have more skills than any other 5 clans. Theycan also reduce enemies’ speed and spell defense, remove debuff of teammates.Spirit-peak ClanThe clan has special resistance against poison. They are excellent at area spell attack, their spell attack power is bestamong the six clans, their skills quantities are only less than Emei, but more than any other four clans. They can use skillto make several teammates invisible for a short time. They are good at fire power, would summon fire-dragon.Jade-pool ClanThe clan would use various healing skills, some talent members would even revive teammates during battle. They wouldalso increase teammates’ spell resistance and remove seal. They can use area attack spells.
  4. 4. Game Features(1) Popular SNS FactorThe game has many players-interactive systems, Unique Turn-basedplayers would enjoy the time communicating PK systemwith other players. Making friends, organizing Comparing with other turn-basedteams, trade pets, arena battles, dungeon games, Shu Shan’s special designedraiders, building farm and stealing foods…all combat system gives players morethat SNS factors would get players engaged. free space to use own strategies.
  5. 5. Game Feature(2)Burning Money – Dungeon system “Food Stealing” (farmville) Fun inIn dungeons players do not need to kill monsters orfinish missions, they can just spend virtual game Fairy Orchardgold to get experience and upgraded. There is a Players would plant fairy fruits in their ownVIP system, the more gold spent, the higher VIP orchard, also they would steal fruits from otherlevels players would get. The VIP level would bring players’ orchard. You should steal more, but lessmuch benefits to players and their pets. stolen.
  6. 6. Game Feature(3) God Level SystemBesides clan’s skills, players would getadditional skills if they reach certain godlevel. That would make the players morepowerful in PK. Talisman System Players would get magic weapons – talismans in the game, talismans also have special skills, and players should upgrade the talismans to discover it’s potential powers. Pet System Players would domesticate monsters to be their own pets, pets would make battles easier. Pets are necessary assistants for high level players.
  7. 7. Charge StrategyThis is a free to download and play game with in-game billing system.Players would purchase items and services, most of the billing pointsare flexible (not mandatory) charge through persuasive guidance.There are more than 20 billing points in total, all of them are significantand closely bound up to players’ interests, that would be very attractiveto players.1. VIP SystemPlayers spend enough money would make them VIPs, VIP has levels,higher level VIP would enjoy more services. For example, VIP wouldstay longer in dungeon so that would get quicker upgrade, VIP wouldbuy special field in Fairy Orchard, VIP would save much time inupgrading god level, also solo bosses…etc.VIP level is accumulated, players would feel every cent they spent onVIP is worthy.2. Forging SystemPlayers would forging items to enhance them, there are four types offorging: star-chase, soul-exchange, reveal and engrave, they forging canimprove characters’ spirit attribute and soul attribute. Forging is also abilling point which players would spend much time and money on.3. Pets systemIn order to get ultimate pets, players need to train their pets indungeons and buy their pets special skills. That need a lot of virtualitems spent. Of course, the ultimate pets would make players morecompetitive in the game.
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