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Basic elements of serious game design
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Game Design techniques

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The game design techniques can be used to attract and engage users in non-game environment.

Game Design techniques

  1. 1. Games Techniques & Logics Wriiten by Victor Manrique Compiled by Vijaya Sawant
  3. 3. An epic world is one of the best things to create a great experience. It takes player to magic circle due to its depth and richness and beautiful scenery. It supports the storyline and makes player want to play more and more. World (The Lord of the Rings Online)
  4. 4. Area enhances social contact and strengthen family relationships by creating public and private zones. It fulfills the needs of player’s curiosity and autonomy. Area (Second Life)
  5. 5. Avatars allow people to express themselves as they want such as heroes, villains, wise men, emotions, happy, angry, sad…. People can recognize pattern and able to motivate themselves based on the themes. Avatar (World of Warcraft)
  6. 6. Customization enhances avatars. The players feel that the character is real and they get emotionally connected. Customization (The Sims 3)
  7. 7. Skills or traits give the player a sense of control and mastery in the long term while making a game far more tactical and complex. They create emergence and enhance the endgame. Skills / Traits (Final Fantasy)
  8. 8. The players look for the virtual goods, fight for them, team up to get them, explore the platform, have new goals all the time, showing their skills and generating great experiences. It is always a great complement for quests. Equipment (Dungeons & Dragons)
  9. 9. Similar to equipment but they differ in a very small and critical detail. The player spends more time just to collect them for prestige. Vanity Item (Team Fortress 2)G
  10. 10. Players do things or visit places they are not allowed in the beginning. Players explore the world, add some misery and gain knowledge about the game progressively. Elite Item (MU Online)
  11. 11. Power ups are a great way of adding some power to the system and most of the times they are used for competitions against other players. They create the habit of taking some actions in the players in order to get the boosters. Power-up (Super Mario Bros)
  12. 12. Currency serve many purpose such as items, quests, trading systems, punishments etc and fulfill many human motivators like saving, power, status, social contact because people love collecting and trading. Currency (Farmville)
  13. 13. Trading systems enhance all the effects that currencies had. People love trading and acting as if they were stock market’s brokers, predicting the future, farming items to get better ones later, discussing prices with others, writing guides about it or discovering the secret mechanics underlying. Players get two important feelings that there is always people playing and something new and exciting to do. Trading systems (Team Fortress 2)
  14. 14. It fulfill people’s need of being the greatest hero, or the biggest villain on earth as there is always feeling of control, autonomy, and idealism. It keeps people engaged through rewards, time events, special challenges and new things all the time. They tell story where user can be the main character. Quest (Grand Theft Auto 3)
  15. 15. Tutorial teach players how to play and give feeling of tranquility that everyone need to learn. They show people how feedback loops whether positive or negative form habits that are great to play in a good way. Tutorial (Travian)
  16. 16. Special challenges are events that only take place once in a while and a great way to deliver an awesome experience from time to time. They fulfill curiosity for knowing and give powerful status feeling when others see how cool player look with that unique item. Special Challenge (Team Fortress 2)
  17. 17. They are great for short engagement and increase powerful feeling of loss avoidance. They are quite effective in getting real life challenges done. Time Events (The Legend of Zeida: Majora’s Mask)
  18. 18. XP Points are great source of mastery, progression, status, power, acceptance and fun. Fun factors like collecting, feeling complete, experiencing achievement are linked to skills, traits, magic, dexterity, life points. Many mechanics in game depend on specific points what they allow players to do. XP Points (Diablo II)
  19. 19. Economy points can be traded for stuff and directly connected to the trading and currency system. Players has to keep on playing to unlock more levels for rewards. Economy Points (Plants vs Zombies)
  20. 20. They are great source of motivation, status and power. Levels are shown to give instant feedback, engage players and create feelings of status and power. They are invisible and letting players have a great experience while using system. Levels (Baldur’s Gate)
  21. 21. Progress HUDs (head-up displays) show your progress creating a feeling of order and tranquility, or showing mastery to other players. They make player try harder all the time, trying to achieve completion. They make people do stuff that they won’t usually do. Progress HUD (Pokemon)
  22. 22. Achievements are one of the most powerful ways to fulfill status and acceptance. Players will only accept players in their guilds or parties if they have got a certain achievement. Rewards for achievement can be tangible or intangible. Achievements (Day of Defeat: Source)
  23. 23. It is fun to be the center of attention and gaining recognition if you are on top of the list but the best leaderboards add influence as a key ingredient of leaderboards to be more powerful. Local and social standing encourage players to do better all the time. Total Rankings (Celtic Tribes, Ogame, Candy Crush)
  24. 24. Players get variable rewards with a fixed interval of around 15- 20 minutes play. The system has a weekly limit, so it takes the best from fixed rewards (order, habit) and combine it with the best of variable rewards ( which is getting different things all the times). Fixed / Variable Rewards (Team Fortress 2)
  25. 25. Surprise and misery added into fixed or variable rewards can create lots of excitement in players. Random Rewards (Plants vs Zombies)
  26. 26. Easter eggs are one of the best drivers for curiosity and saving because of they are surrounded by secrecy. People love secrets and mysterious content that can be unlocked through puzzles. Easter Eggs (Angry Birds)
  27. 27. Getting something free with the effort of someone else bothers players. It encourages social contact and trust. Free Lunch (Guild Wars)
  28. 28. Lifejackets help players in difficult situations or when they are stuck or lost track of their main goals. Nice fairy tells you what to do and guides player through the game. Levels require specific weapons or items, and there are plenty of lifejackets along the game that supply players to avoid deadlocks. Lifejacket (The Legend of Zeida: Ocarina of Time)
  29. 29. Players love losing in games so they will learn and improve, but at the same time they hate losing things they already had or being punished. Mission is not to win badges but to avoid losing them. Punishment (Counter-Strike)
  30. 30. The players in Guilds keep on playing game because of social contact, acceptance, honor, family and status of game. They play just for the people they meet or fun to play with their small family. Guilds (Clash of Clans)
  31. 31. Players speak to each other, interact, choose a side and fight against each other. Competition and the feeling of being part of a family are powerful human drivers. Party / Team, Chats (League of Legends)
  32. 32. It is advanced social mechanic. It involves pro or active players that level up community and help improving and maintaining it. Players contribute and help developer to improve game. Ambassadors (The Steam Community)
  33. 33. Players enjoy social interactions with surrounding environment. It connects players with friends and other players. It requires social network support. Social Graph (Farmville)
  34. 34. Player vs Player (PvP) is massive multiplayer online game. They are effective in creating social contact, status, power and human motivators such as motivation, recognition, achievement, progress, exciteme nt. PvP (Heroes of Might and Magic III)
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The game design techniques can be used to attract and engage users in non-game environment.


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