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Dead lazy and the last call comparison


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Dead lazy and the last call comparison

  1. 1. Evaluation: Comparison of ‘Dead Lazy’ and ‘The Last Call’ By Joshua James
  2. 2. The first shot in The Last Call is the title text shown on a black background. After this shot, the narrative begins and there is no prologue to the film to give a sort of back-story to help support the narrative. This back-story comes later on in the narrative, about half way through.In Dead Lazy, there is a short andmysterious scene before themain narrative begins. This givesa back-story to the film and alsointrigues the audience to watchmore to understand what’sgoing on. This is different to theLast Call because the Last Callhas no prologue.
  3. 3. This is the title sequence of the Last Call. The text is all white and plain to show the seriousness of the genre. There are no institutions either, this shows that the production is not as good in terms of quality compared to Dead Lazy.Here is the title sequence ofDead Lazy. The text is muchmore colorful to show thecomical side of the genre. Thered text shows the horror side ofthe genre. There are alsoinstitutions before this titlecomes up, this represents abetter production valuecompared to the Last Call.
  4. 4. This shot in the Last Call focuses on the characters. This scene comes straight after the title sequence. We can clearly see both of the main characters as there is a medium shot of them both and the lighting is good.This is one of the scenes near the start ofDead Lazy. This is how the audience isintroduced to the main character. The shotis a close-up which creates a sense ofmystery. This is very different from thecharacter introduction in the Last Callbecause this scene has a lot more mysteryaround it, appealing to the horror side ofthe product
  5. 5. In this shot of dead Lazy there is a close up of the radio.There is diegetic sound of a radio broadcast coming from theradio. This radio broadcast is about the infection outbreakand it also gives more of a back-story to the narrative of theproduct. This shows intertextuality within Dead Lazy. TheLast Call does not have any intertextuality so this is quite abig difference between the products.
  6. 6. EvaluationOverall, we have learnt how to use many different techniques. These include: prologues, title sequence texts, intertextuality and how to introduce characters. The use of these techniques differs between the two pieces of media because of how we wanted the products to be conveyed.