Cities: WordCamp Montreal 2013


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Cities presentation for WordCamp Montreal, June 30, 2013. There is a spectacular lack of accessible WordPress themes. Accessibility practitioners from around the world are creating free accessible WordPress themes. The themes will be available in the Themes Directory.

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Cities: WordCamp Montreal 2013

  1. 1. Cities Making Free Accessible WordPress Themes
  2. 2. Cities There are 1,784 themes in the WordPress Theme Directory Four of them are accessible
  3. 3. What is Cities? Site owners are looking for accessible WordPress themes There is a spectacular lack of accessible WordPress themes A world-wide group of accessibility practitioners are creating free accessible WordPress themes
  4. 4. Joseph Karr O’Connor Invited expert W3C HTML5 Accessibility Taskforce 13 years accessibility experience WordPress Accessibility Group Cities: Making Free Accessible WordPress Themes
  5. 5. Montreal Theme project managed by Rocio Alvarado @AccessibiliteWb - bilingual small business theme.
  6. 6. Montreal Will include the Quebec government standard SGQRI 008-01. Issues that need specific attention for the back-end: ✓ Proper headings ✓ Form field associations ✓ Fieldsets and legends ✓ Logical order of content
  7. 7. Montreal Front-end: ✓ Sufficient colour contrast ✓ Proper headings ✓ Logical order of content ✓ WAI-ARIA for dynamic content ✓ Using elements semantically ✓ Making non-textual content textual ✓ Navigating with TAB key with a visible outline
  8. 8. Montreal Front-end: ✓ Making links understandable out of context ✓ Making sure that blog widgets like archives, categories and recent posts are accessible when implemented ✓ Educate (commenting code to inform the developer of specific accessibility element)
  9. 9. Mumbai Shilpi Kapoor @Shilpi_Kapoor of BarrierBreak is developing the Mumbai theme.
  10. 10. Accessibility “Accessibility is the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible.” Cynthia Waddell
  11. 11. Accessibility Cities themes standards: Section 508 Compliant WCAG 2.0 Level AA Compliant HTML5 W3C Validation Commented code
  12. 12. Canberra Government theme By Simon Pascal Klein @klepas a freelance web designer with a passion for good typography.
  13. 13. Accessibility Moving Beyond Technical Accessibility Constructing a POUR website: ✓ Perceivable in multiple ways ✓ Operable using various input methods ✓ Understandable by your readers ✓ Robust across operating systems and platforms
  14. 14. Cities: Copenhagen by Karen Mardhal @kmdk driven by the idea of inclusion and universal design - we're all in this together!
  15. 15. Accessibility ✓ Enable skip links ✓ Alternate text for pictures ✓ Captioning for video/audio ✓ Don’t use color for navigation ✓ Reading order is correct ✓ Avoid timeouts in forms ✓ Data tables and forms properly coded
  16. 16. Accessibility ✓ No-script elements for scripts ✓ Keyboard navigable ✓ Applications don’t override AT ✓ Visual focus indicator ✓ Don’t override user agent controls ✓ Sufficient color contrast ✓ No quick motion
  17. 17. Sydney Theme by Lisa Herrod @scenariogirl building a business theme.
  18. 18. WP Accessibility WordPress accessibility group – dedicated to improving accessibility in core Join at Make WordPress Accessible Tweeting at @WPAccessibility
  19. 19. D.C. Team managed by David Kennedy @DavidAKennedy - theme for non- profits and government.
  20. 20. WP Accessibility ✓ Mel Pedley ✓ Graham Armfield ✓ Cyndy Otty ✓ Joe Dolson ✓ Amanda Rush @cswordpress ✓ Amy Newcombe @_Redd ✓ Amy Hendrix @sabreuse ✓ Joseph Karr O'Connor
  21. 21. WP Accessibility WordPress theme review guidelines for accessibility are in draft mode. Internet relay chat, Wednesdays, 19:00 UTC, #wordpress-ui, server or via freenode web chat.
  22. 22. Toronto Theme project managed by Jennison Asuncion @Jennison.
  23. 23. Accessibility Plugins WP Accessibility by Joe Dolson ✓ Remove redundant title attributes from page lists, category lists, and archive menus. ✓ Enable skip links with WebKit support by enqueuing JavaScript support for moving keyboard focus. ✓ Add skip links with user-defined targets. (Customizable targets and appearance.)
  24. 24. Accessibility Plugins WP Accessibility by Joe Dolson ✓ Add language and text direction to your HTML attribute ✓ Remove the target attribute from links. ✓ Force a search page error when a search is made with an empty text string. (If your theme has a search.php template.) ✓ Remove tabindex from elements that are focusable.
  25. 25. Nashville Theme by Anna Belle Leiserson for congregations (churches, temples, mosques etc.)
  26. 26. Accessibility Plugins WP Accessibility by Joe Dolson ✓ Strip title attributes from images inserted into content. ✓ Add an outline to the keyboard focus state for focusable elements. ✓ Add post titles to standard "read more" links. #uxdrinkinggame If someone says all the links should just say, "read more..." drink
  27. 27. Accessibility Plugins WP Accessibility by Joe Dolson ✓ Add a toolbar toggling between high contrast, large print, and desaturated (grayscale) views of your theme. ✓ Fix certain accessibility issues in the WordPress admin styles ✓ Show the color contrast between two provided hexadecimal color values.
  28. 28. Accessibility Plugins Accessibility plugins by Joe Dolson: My Calendar WP to Twitter WP Accessibility
  29. 29. Boston Theme project managed by Char James-Tanny @CharJTF - a restaurant theme.
  30. 30. Cities: Ottawa Theme project by Simply Accessible managed by Elle McPherson @nethermind - education theme.
  31. 31. Accessibility wpacc-accessible-twitter-feed by Rian Rietveld "Plugin and theme developers should be required to show their work to their mother or grandmother, maybe then they'd discover, for example, that a grey site with grey characters is pretty hard to read when you're older."
  32. 32. Accessibility wpacc-accessible-twitter-feed by Rian Rietveld ✓ Stand alone widget ✓ Included function genesis_tweet_linkify, renamed it wp_accessible_tweet_linkify ✓ Removed target is _blank for links, so they don't open in a new window
  33. 33. New York Theme project managed by Pratik Patel @ppatel of EZFire will be a business theme.
  34. 34. Accessibility wpacc-accessible-twitter-feed by Rian Rietveld ✓ Removed title attribute in links (messes up screen reader output) ✓ Removed links on hashtags to prevent an overload of links for a tweet ✓ Removed the timestamp/link to prevent an overload of links for a tweet
  35. 35. Accessibility wpacc-accessible-twitter-feed by Rian Rietveld ✓ Removed inline style for font-size ✓ Included .pot file and dutch .po/.mo files
  36. 36. Twin Cities Theme project managed by Joe Dolson @joedolson - Joe is a driving force for WordPress accessibility.
  37. 37. Accessible Content ✓ Use "Alternate Text" field when uploading images, describe the intent of the image. ✓ Don't use "Read More" links, describe destination: Read More about Cities. ✓ Links: don't use "Open link in new window/tab" check box.
  38. 38. Accessible Content ✓ Use headings to sum up paragraphs and give structure. ✓ Use lists if content is a list. ✓ Adding video/sound? Don't autostart! ✓ Make sure video is Closed Captioned and provide a transcript for audio.
  39. 39. Rio De Janeiro Theme project managed by Ana Isabel Paraguay @projetoinclusiv
  40. 40. São Paulo Theme project managed by Ana Isabel Paraguay @projetoinclusiv
  41. 41. Augusta Georgia Theme by Amanda Rush @cswordpress
  42. 42. Manchester UK Theme by Helen Wallworth @AccessibleGeeks
  43. 43. Los Angeles Theme project managed by Natalie MacLees
  44. 44. Credits Free Blurred Backgrounds by Timothy Whalin @TimothyWhalin Images from Flickr via HaikuDeck for iPad Slides composed in Keynote and posted to Slideshare to make the information available in a transcript.