Extended oil drain intervals becoming more prevalent


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Automakers’ recommended oil drain intervals
have been steadily increasing, with a 7,500-
mile interval gradually becoming the industry
standard. According to a recent article in
Automotive News, vehicle manufacturers
credit the extended
drain capabilities to
improved vehicle quality
and longer-lasting
synthetic motor oil.

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Extended oil drain intervals becoming more prevalent

  1. 1. R/Q/C 2/08 SERVICE LINE NEWS AND IDEAS FROM AMSOIL AMSOIL INC. • AMSOIL BUILDING • SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN 54880 • 715-392-7101 • FAX 715-392-5225Extended Oil Drain Intervals Becoming More Prevalent Automakers’ recommended oil drain intervals months, months or longer where indicated by electronic have been steadily increasing, with a 7,500- oil life monitoring systems, making them mile interval gradually becoming the industry perfect for contemporary drain intervals. Top 10 Top-10 Smartest Auto Buys standard. According to a recent article in They are fuel-efficient oils formulated with A recent article by US News Automotive News, vehicle manufacturers friction modifiers to reduce energy loss from & World Report revealed 10 credit the extended ed friction. AM AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor cars that are appealing buys drain capabilities to Oils maintain low emis- in a good economy, and some improved vehicle qual- al- sions and provide all- smarter purchases for times ity and longer-lasting g temperatur performance. temperature of economic uncertainty. US synthetic motor oil. They are heavily forti- News has an extensive data- The trend to- fied with detergent/ w base of automotive informa- ward extended rec- dispersant additives dispe tion and took into account ommended engine and are significantly a several factors such as above- oil drain intervals more resistant to average affordability, reliability further validates sludge and carbon sludg and fuel economy. The results the position of depos deposits than conven- provided smart automotive AMSOIL. AMSOIL tiona tional oils. AMSOIL purchases in 2008. has been formulat- XL S Synthetic Mo- Mid-Size SUV Ford Escape ing extended-drain tor Oils promote Large Sedan Chrysler 300 motor oils for over clean operation for 35 years, longer than any an longer-lasting, bet- longe Mid-Size SUV Hyundai other company. All that experience has erience ter-running ter-ru ng engines. Santa Fe allowed AMSOIL to formulate the most e For motorists who are lookin for the best otorists looking Sports Car Mazda MX-5- technically-advanced line of synthetic motor protection possible for even longer drain in- Miata oils available. tervals, AMSOIL offers several motor oils Upscale Sedan Audi A4 AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils provide with recommended drain intervals of 25,000 Hatchback Kia Rio5 superior protection for 7,500 miles or six miles or one year. Mid-Size Sedan Nissan Altima Sedan/Hatchback Toyota Yaris Minivan Honda Odyssey Oil Drain Interval Recommendations by Brand Upscale Hatchback Volkswagen While the 3,000-mile drain interval has long Hummer: Employs an electronic oil life monitor GTI been the standard, the evolution of motor oils Hyundai: 7,500 miles New AMSOIL Price List and vehicle systems makes that recommen- Infiniti: 7,500 A new AMSOIL price list has dation obsolete. G d i b l General M l Motors i installs an oil ll il Isuzu: Employs an electronic oil life monitor been included with this issue of life monitoring system in most of its vehicles Service Line. AMSOIL makes ev- that typically prescribes oil changes at about Jaguar: 10,000 miles ery effort to maintain the lowest 8,500 miles, and many other companies are Kia: 5,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on model prices possible and has delayed following suit. The European automotive and Land Rover: 7,500 miles raising prices for as long as pos- lubricant industries have been recommend- sible. Due to the increased costs Lincoln: 7,500 miles; 5,000 miles in special ing extended oil drain intervals for many conditions of base stocks, additives and years, with the minimum being about 10,000 packaging, however, AMSOIL Mazda: 7,500 miles miles, and much longer intervals becoming is now forced to implement a the norm for European vehicles. Mercedes: 13,000 miles or every year minimal price adjustment effec- Mercury: 7,500 miles; 5,000 miles in special tive March 1. Even with a mini- Acura: Employs an electronic oil life monitor conditions mal price adjustment, AMSOIL Aston Martin: 10,000 miles/1 year Mini: Employs an electronic oil life monitor synthetic lubricants remain the Audi: 5,000 miles in first year, 10,000 miles best and most cost-effective thereafter Mitsubishi: 7,500 miles choice on the market, saving BMW: Employs an electronic oil life monitor Nissan: 7,500 miles customers money through ex- Pontiac: Employs an electronic oil life monitor tended drain intervals, reduced Buick: Employs an electronic oil life monitor wear and maintenance and in- Cadillac: Employs an electronic oil life monitor Porsche: 12,000 miles or every year creased fuel efficiency. Chevrolet: Employs an electronic oil life monitor Saab: Employs an electronic oil life monitor Ford: 7,500 miles; 5,000 miles in special Saturn: Employs an electronic oil life monitor If the Service Line has not reached conditions Suburu: 7,500 miles the appropriate person at your place GMC: Employs an electronic oil life monitor Suzuki: 7,500 miles of business, please go to the com- mercial/retail account zone at www. Honda: Employs an electronic oil life monitor Volvo: 7,500 miles amsoil.com and enter the name and address for the person who should receive it. U.S., CANADA & PUERTO RICO TOLL FREE ORDERING: 1-800-777-7094 Hours: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Central Time, Monday through Friday.
  2. 2. Benefits Beyond Extended Drain Intervals Extended drain intervals are a major selling wear. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils contain no point for AMSOIL synthetic motor oils. Key paraffins and flow readily in extremely cold to the ability of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils conditions, reducing drag on moving engine to provide extended drain intervals are top- parts, allowing engines to start in the coldest quality base stocks and premium additive winter temperatures and providing immediate packages that ensure they maintain their packa post-startup lubrication. protective viscosities, neutralize acids and protec prevent the formation of harmful sludge and preven High-Temperature Protection varnish deposits. varnis High-temperature operation causes many Still, however, even with vehicle manufac- Stil conventional oils to volatilize and lose mass, turers and a number of lubricant manufactur- seriously compromising their protective quali- ers extending drain interval recommendations, ext ties. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide some customers are stuck on 3,000-mile superior protection and performance in high drains and have not yet embraced the concept temperatures, resisting volatilization, keeping of extended drain intervals. In addition to the exte oil consumption and emissions extremely low benefits of extended drain intervals, the supe- and ensuring engines are thoroughly lubri- rior fo formulations of AMSOIL synthetic motor cated and protected. High temperatures also oils provide many other benefits: pr contribute to oil oxidation that leaves behind damaging acids and deposits. AMSOIL syn- Exte Extended Equipment Life thetic motor oils are formulated with premium AMSO AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated additive packages that resist oxidation and with to top-of-the-line synthetic base stocks that keep engines running clean and deposit-free. provide excellent viscosity film strength for providd superior wear protection, while robust addi- super p Corrosion Protection tive pa packages further reduce wear in metal-to- Corrosion inhibition is an especially impor- metal contact regions, extending equipment tant feature for engines subject to frequent life an reducing major repairs. In addition, and short-trip operations and for stored engines. while wear protection is often compromised AMSOIL synthetic motor oils contain anti- in conventional oils operating in hot and cold con corrosion agents, preventing the formation of temperature extremes, AMSOIL synthetic mo- tempe corrosion on critical engine components and tor oils maintain their protective viscosities in oil extending equipment life. extreme temperatures, providing unsurpassed extrem AMSOIL synthetic motor oils offer many protection and performance. protec significant benefits, including extended equipment life and fewer repairs, improved Fue Fuel Economy fuel economy, superior protection in hot and Synth Synthetic motor oils have been shown to yield cold temperature extremes and protection significant increases in fuel economy over against corrosion. conventional motor oils. Petroleum-based lu- conve bricants are composed of irregular molecules brican n of various sizes that create excess friction, varr in addition to the friction generated between i add ddd moving parts. The vehicle’s engine must burn movin extra fuel to overcome this friction, decreas- ing fu economy. Conventional lubricants are fuel also v very susceptible to volatility, increasing viscosity and forcing the engine to consume viscos more energy pumping oil at the expense of fuel e economy. Because AMSOIL synthetic lu- bricants contain only smooth, uniform mol- brican ecules, they effectively reduce friction, resist ecules volatilization and improve fuel economy. volati Cold Temperature Protection Conve Conventional lubricants often contain paraf- fins (wax) that cause the lubricants to thicken (w and lose ability to flow in cold temperatures. lo Cold-thickened lubricants sometimes hinder Cold-t the rotation of the vehicle’s crankshaft so much that it cannot rotate fast enough to start the engine. In addition, cold-thickened lubri- cants may leave working parts unprotected for as long as five minutes, causing significant
  3. 3. Clutch Packs and Transmission Hydraulic Brake Bands System These are mechanical devices which The transmission oil pump, driven by the release or hold rotating members. When torque converter, generates fluid pressure applied with transmission fluid pressure, inside an automatic transmission. clutches and brake bands will either hold Pressurized fluid is the force used to or turn the gear sets to provide different move the valves that determine shift gear ratios. points. The control valve assembly senses Fluid Requirements: Correct Frictional inputs from many sources and regulates Properties. Thermal and Oxidation Stabili- the valves to provide smooth shifts at the ty. Minimal Vis-cosity/Temperature Change Char-acteristics. Anti-Wear Properties. GOVERNOR PUMPSThe automatic transmission performs onlyas well as the automatic transmission CONTROL VALVE BLOCKfluid (ATF) put into it. Components of the Brake Bandautomatic transmission such as the torqueconverter, clutch packs, brake bands,gears and hydraulic system all placespecial demands on ATF. correct time, based on vehicle speed and co orrect AMSOIL Synthetic ATF is formu- engine load. en nginelated to exceed the extreme demands of Fluid Requirements: Minimal Viscosity/ :the modern automatic transmission. Temperature Change Characteristics. Anti- Te emperatureTorque Converter Clutch Packs Corrosion Properties Seal Compatibility Corrosion Properties. Compatibility. Anti-Foam Capability. Anti-Wear Properties. AThe torque converter is a fluid couplerbetween the engine and the gears of the A AMSOIL Protectiondrivetrain. The torque converter consists A AMSOIL Synthetic ATF provides unmatchedof two halves, one attached to the engine thermal and oxidation stability, and it th(impeller) and one attached to the trans- maintains its vis-cosity over a much wider mmission (turbine). temperature range than conventional ATF, te maximizing transmission performance. m Ge Gears ears Tests prove AMSOIL Synthetic ATF Ge Gears are the muscle of any transmis- greatly exceeds all original equipment sion, whether manual or automatic. Gears sio manufacturer requirements, making it the transfer torque and power and can provide tra only choice for maximum transmission the vehicle with changes in speed and protection in modern vehicles. direction. dir As the engine spins the impeller, AT is ATF TFforced across a small gap onto blade of blades esthe turbine, causing it to spin as well. Therotating turbine eventually provides power poowerto the drive wheels. Fluid Requirements: Thermal and Oxida-tion Stability. Anti-Corrosion Properties. Planetary gear sets are used as the ba- tarySeal Compatibility. Minimal Viscosity/ sic means of transferring or multiplyingTemperature Change Characteristics. Anti- torque from the engine in an automaticFoam Ability. transmission. Planetary gears offer many advantages over manual slide-type gears. Force is dis- tributed over many teeth for more strength. They are always in mesh and do not have to be shifted to change gears. Therefore, they do not clash like gears going in and out of mesh. Fluid Requirements: Extreme Pressure Properties. Anti-Wear Properties. Anti-Cor- rosion Properties.
  4. 4. AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Makes a Difference Peter Virgona of Merrick, “to confirm that the numbers are average NY is a self-proclaimed and not just a fluke.” oil enthusiast. Virgona also installed AMSOIL 5W-30 “I do a great deal of in his sister-in-law’s 1996 Dodge Caravan reading and research, al- with a 3.0 litre V6 engine. She had always ways looking for the best used conventional motor oil with regular oil oil,” Virgona said. “The changes every 3,000 miles, Virgona said. more I read the more “Nonetheless, she had a significant I realized AMSOIL was amount of sludge that was obvious under the the best ‘true’ synthetic oil cap,” he said. “She also experienced a I could buy. After using very loud lifter noise that would come and go Mobil 1 since 1986, I with the engine either hot or cold. Presum- made the switch to AM- ably the sludge was affecting the oil circula- SOIL.” tion to the lifters.” Virgona drives a 1999 Oil consumption in the van was increasing, Ford Crown Victoria with using about one quart every 1,500 to 2,000 nearly 98,000 miles on miles. the engine. He switched from Mobil 1 to “I switched her to AMSOIL and put in a“ The more I read the more I realized AMSOIL was the AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. “The difference was immediate and signifi- cant,” Virgona said. “The idle became much smoother. There are times I can’t tell if the car is running. It also became much more responsive to the gas pedal, so much more new filter,” Virgona said. “Within 1,000 miles the lifter noise was all but gone. By 3,000 miles, virtually all the sludge was gone. I drained and refilled the oil a second time with AMSOIL 5W-30. The oil consump- tion is now down to one quart every 3,000 best ‘true’ synthetic responsive my wife asked me what I did to miles, with no more lifter noise. And, except the car.” for a little yellow varnish, all the sludge is I could buy. ” He has owned the car for almost nine years. “Not surprisingly, the gas mileage im- proved significantly,” he said. “This car al- ways averaged 15 mpg going back and forth from work. It now averages 16.5 mpg. That’s a 10 percent increase. I truly didn’t expect gone. “I am very happy with AMSOIL and plan to use it from now on. I recommend it to anyone who wants a great synthetic oil.” Virgona just had a case shipped to his father-in-law in Florida because he believes such a big change.” in AMSOIL products, he said, and wants oth- He waited to report his findings until after ers to experience their benefits. In fact, he’s he had driven the car at least 5,000 miles considering becoming a Dealer.Ordering Tips – Commercial and Retail Accounts get free freight with orders of $8 000 (U S ) or more UPS delivers product to street addresses not to $8,000 (U.S.) more. addresses, post office boxes. To order: 1-800-777-7094 or www.amsoil.com, click on the “Account Orders” link at the top of the AMSOIL home page.Printed in U.S.A. © Copyright 2008 R/Q/C 2/08 AMSOIL INC. AMSOIL Building Superior, Wisconsin 54880 Fax: (715) 392-5225 Phone: (715) 392-7101