A 4 Aa Prods. And Services 2lgmc


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A 4 Aa Prods. And Services 2lgmc

  1. 1. IV. SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTOR<br />With its expertise in constructing <br />water features and playground <br />equipments, LGMC ventured in <br />the construction of swimming pools <br />to offer its clients beautiful swim-<br />ming pools that are far better than <br />those offered by other swimming <br />contractors at a cheaper price with-<br />out sacrificing quality, performance <br />and workmanship. Employed <br />technical people are experts in their<br />field from years of experience. <br />Equipments and materials used are<br />selected from the best of the best. <br />Therefore, you are assured that you<br />will enjoy a worry-free swimming <br />pool no matter what size it is.<br /> Infinity Pool at Tokyo Mansions, South Forbes <br />Musical/Dancing Fountains<br />Be amazed and mesmerized with our Musical <br />Dancing Fountains in different sizes. As a major<br />attraction, it will surely make your place stand out from the rest. Assemblies can be made in aluminum or steel pipes depending on your discretion and budget. Training of operators is given for free. A wide choice of music is available for your selection. Completely computerized for easy handling and operation. LED lights are used for longer life. <br />Musical/Dancing Fountain System Assmbly<br /> Musical Fountain/Dancing Fountain Complete with Lights and Sounds <br />