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Main tent Sept 2012 presentation IBM Global Consultants / System Integrators conference - "Disruptive Innovation in the Modern IT World". This entertaining, fast-paced keynote provides an overall IT industry-wide look (not just Storage only) at Disruptive Innovation in Today's Modern IT World. We'll examine how, what, and where 2012 Internet Scale, Big Data, Mobile Disruptive Innovation is occurring, project how this will affect all in 2013 and beyond. Insightful examination/examples into how Disruptive Innovation works, thus putting clarity into why today's massive change in fabric of IT infrastructure, IT skills, and the *business models* is occurring in the blending of traditional IT with consumerization of IT, mobile devices, tablets, broadband wireless, real-time computing capabilities, real time Big Data modern analytics, and internet scale workloads. You'll come away with clarity and answers to: "What do I need to know about 2012 Disruptive Innovation in Modern IT? How will consumerization of IT, mobile technology, high performance Big Data analytics, and data center design affect by IT?" "What does this mean for my IT infrastructure and my IT staff job skills?" "What are innovative IT customers deploying today to provide competitive advantage?" "What technologies, workloads, innovation, and the job skills will be demanded in 2012 and beyond?" When referencing this material, my only request is that you give full credit to me and IBM as the authors of the research, and use the material with good business judgement. That having been said, please spread the good word. In today's internet global world, wise collaboration is how we all will thrive... .and how we as a human race will successfully address the challenges facing our collective future and our planet.

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  1. 1. Disruptive Innovation in Modern IT World USA perspectiveJohn Sing, Executive Strategy Consultant, IBM Let’s compare with India perspective video 1
  2. 2. John • 31 years of experience with IBM in high end servers, storage, and softwareSing – 2009 - Present: IBM Executive Strategy Consultant: IT Strategy and Planning, Enterprise Large Scale Storage, Internet Scale Workloads and Data Center Design, Big Data Analytics, HA/DR/BC – 2002-2008: IBM IT Data Center Strategy, Large Scale Systems, Business Continuity, HA/DR/BC, IBM Storage – 1998-2001: IBM Storage Subsystems Group - Enterprise Storage Server Marketing Manager, Planner for ESS Copy Services (FlashCopy, PPRC, XRC, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror) – 1994-1998: IBM Hong Kong, IBM China Marketing Specialist for High-End Storage – 1989-1994: IBM USA Systems Center Specialist for High-End S/390 processors – 1982-1989: IBM USA Marketing Specialist for S/370, S/390 customers (including VSE and VSE/ESA) • • IBM colleagues may access my webpage: – • You may follow my daily IT research blog – 2
  3. 3. Disclaimer: Today’s presentation is a continuously evolving research document• The purpose of this presentation is to educate, inform, and raise awareness• On the important topic of : – What is going as of this point in 2012 in the area of Big Data, Internet Scale Data Centers, Disruptive Innovation• All information sources are in the public domain• All information sources are clearly documented and WWW URLs provided• This document is meant as a reference document, continuously evolving, for you to enlarge and expand your own research and awareness. The observation’s are the author’s alone and not necessarily the official opinion of IBM.• Illustrative examples are derived solely from generally available published analyst and journalist opinions. No express IBM endorsement is implied or intended.• Conclusive business case judgments and business actions should be made on the basis of your own research and verification. This information is provided for your professional and educational awareness. 3
  4. 4. Inter-Agenda Disciplinary1. Exploiting the opportunity: Data, Data, Data!  Real-time Data Factories  Bandwidth created “The Cloud”  Internet Scale Data Center architectures house internet scale data -disciplinary2. Disruptive Innovation in Today’s IT World  The Non-Traditional Competitor  The mobile Web 3.03. Principles, collaboration for a successful IT Future 4
  5. 5. Part 1: Exploiting the Opportunity: Data! Data! Data! 1. Exploiting the Opportunity: Data, Data, Data!  Real-time Data Factories  Bandwidth created “The Cloud”  Internet Scale Data Center Architectures house internet scale data 5
  6. 6. The nature of workloads is rapidly shifting…. Rapid unstructured data growth Unstructured data workloads = Traditional OLTP, database 6
  7. 7. Humans collecting useful data on massive scale 7
  8. 8. We are building real-time, integrated stream computing on massive scale Inter- Disciplinary n d 8
  9. 9. IBM Predictive Analytics: Movement in a City•10 minute-ahead volume forecast (blue) vs. actual •10 minute-ahead speed forecast (blue) vs. actual value (black) value (black). Blue line: IBM analytics prediction 10 minutes in advance Black line: actual result 9
  10. 10. IBM Predictive Analytics Ensuring Public Safety: video Memphis Blue CRUSH Map Memphis Blue CRUSH Map 10
  11. 11. A new class of data-rich industries is emergingNew business models: company’s value based on amount of information stored, exploited Today’s Hyperscale Tomorrow’s Hyperscale Data Companies Data Companies Industries Examples Aerospace 3.5 PB in 2010 Banking Healthcare 1 TB CT scanner → 2.5 PB/Year/Scanner Energy Provider Government Healthcare Claims 20 PB in 2011 Grow 300 TB per month, every month Insurance Processor Manufacturing Media and Entertainment Retail 11 11
  12. 12. McKinsey Global Report on Big Data – May 2011 Number of Big Data scientists and mgrs needed in USA 12
  13. 13. Will Big Data Change the Way We Compete? Already Has! Healthcare FinanceEase ofcapture Information Value 13
  14. 14. The Big Data opportunity is huge 2015: # networked devices 2x 9000 global population 8000 100Global Data Volume in Exabytes 7000 90 Total # social media accounts > Aggregate Uncertainty % 80 6000 70 global population. s) 5000 of r s in g rn nso 60 Th e 4000 S 50 et te (In 3000 40 ia ) M ed d text 2000 30 i a l an S ,oc audio 20 eo P 1000 (vid VoI 10 0 Enterprise Data Multiple sources: IDC,Cisco 2005 2010 2015 14 14
  15. 15. Inter- DisciplinaryWorldwide, Broadband Internet Speeds are Zooming 15
  16. 16. State of worldwide Internet:average Internet user connection speed End user average connection speed 16
  17. 17. Growth of The Cloud by 2014 • Mobile • Geo-locational • Real-time data • Shift to cloud mega-data centersSource: 17
  18. 18. How Big is the World? - 1 Cheaper Network 7.1x Storage 5.7x Admins 7.3x This is significant 18
  19. 19. Bandwidth Availability created “The Cloud”………… • Worldwide bandwidth • Pervasive web services delivery model – (i.e. “The Cloud”) • Data centers with massive amounts: – Processors – Storage – Network 19
  20. 20. Bandwidth and the Cloud….. • Internet-scale centers….. • Data: – 10s / 100s petabytes • Servers: – 100,000s …. • Workloads: – Require server clusters of 100s, 1000s, 10,000, more ….. 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Large Data Centers in past 2 years 10. SUPERNAP, LAS VEGAS, 407,000 SF 9A and 9B. MICROSOFT QUINCY AND SAN ANTONIO DATA CENTERS, 470,000 S 22
  23. 23. Container Data Center Architecture 7. PHOENIX ONE, PHOENIX, ARIZ. 538,000 SF Microsoft’s Chicago Container Data Center5. MICROSOFT CHICAGO DATA CENTER, Chicago 700,000 SF 2. QTS METRO DATA CENTER, ATLANTA, 990,000 SF 23
  24. 24. More data centers…. 3. NAP OF THE AMERICAS, MIAMI, 750,000 SF 4. NEXT GENERATION DATA EU 1. 350 EAST CERMAK, CHICAGO, 24
  25. 25. 2012: Other large world data centers Tulip Telecom, India, BangaloreAmadeus, Erding, Germany China to build 6.2 M sq feet data center by 2016 Utah Data Center, US Govt, 1M sq feet 25
  26. 26. That’s Big!Now….. what about the web giants? • i.e. Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc? 26
  27. 27. Here’s what powers iCloud, see Jobs at WWDC 2011 iCloud announce (YouTube) Apple iCloud Apple Apple Data Center Newark, CaliforniaData Center FAQ Rendering of Apples new North Carolina Data Center. Credit: Apple Maiden, Under construction: Prineville, Oregon North Carolina 500K sq ft USD $1Billion 27
  28. 28. Facebook Lulea, Sweden - 290K sq ft (27K sq me 28
  29. 29. Amazon Web Services 905 billion 450,000 objects servers 650K req/sec EC2 17K core, 240 teraflop clusterAmazon Web Services 1Q12: 450,000 servers 42nd fastest supercomputer in world Amazon Perdix Modular Datacenter 29
  30. 30. Inter-What is Google? Google is not a search engine Disciplinary Google is a real-time “Data Factory” ecosystem – Defacto organizer of all human internet data – Worldwide Patterns of Life data – Android ingest / output devices • Motorola Wireless acquired $12B – Supporting businesses and ecosystem roles: • Google+, Play, Shop, Books, Gmail, Docs • Voice recognitionThe history of search engine 30
  31. 31. GoogleData Centersin 2008: 31
  32. 32. Google Data Center CAPEX worldwide Each data center between $200M and $600M• Capital expenditures on datacenters: – 1Q12: USD$ 607M – 2011: USD$ 3.4B – 2010: USD$ 4.0B – 2009: USD$ 809M The Dalles, Oregon 32
  33. 33. Part 2: Disruptive Innovation2. Disruptive Innovation in Today’s IT World  The Non-Traditional Competitor  Big Data, mobile Web 3.0 33
  34. 34. With all this opportunity……. Why is this Disruptive Change flat-lining traditional consumer PC / desktop manufacturers? • PC / laptop stalwarts • Unsuccessful in shift • To mobile Cloud / mobile market value *bigger increases*not azl ai pa Ct ekr a M PC/laptop market value big decreases i i t 34
  35. 35. Inter-Observe: how fast mobile internet grows by 2014 Disciplinary• By 2014:• Mobile will be main way• Of connecting to Internet 35
  36. 36. Disruptive Innovation Clayton Christensen Harvard Business SchoolDefinition:• Create new market and value• Eventually disrupts existing• Displaces earlier technology 36
  37. 37. Disruptive Innovation Clayton Christensen Harvard Business School• Not “advanced technologies”• Inferior yet “good enough”• Novel combinations• Starts low end• Grows up-market – “low end disruption” 37
  38. 38. Disruptive Innovation• Learn lessons• Watch today’s world Illustrative examples only 38
  39. 39. Disruptive Innovation Clayton Christensen Harvard Business School• “Consumerization”• Not just technology• Delivery models (cloud)• Business models• Ecosystems 39
  40. 40. Mobile will affect all business models… Mobile = Geo-locational superfood Real-time analytics 40
  41. 41. Cloud-scale Data Centers required for: Data SupertransformagicabilityTaxiWiz HousingMapsWeatherbug Source: 41
  42. 42. By 2016, how much mobile data? What kind? • 2012: – Mobile-connected devices > # people Smartphones 48%• 2016: – 10 billion mobile devices Web data, – (world population: 7.3 B) video 70% 42
  43. 43. Will Big Data, Internet Cloud data centers, mobile-centricbusiness models affect the way we compete? Implement IT? Yes, it will! Let’s see one more video 43
  44. 44. Disruptive Innovation Clayton Christensen Harvard Business School Inter-• Big Data / Cloud on Disciplinary disruptive path• Traditional IT still around but….• Newer technologies disrupt all platforms What will the effect be on your business model? 44
  45. 45. It’s NOT your Traditional competitors you need worry about 2011: 24 million Netflix customersBlockbuster2002:“Online video notviable”“Niche market” 2010: Blockbuster files for bankruptcy 45
  46. 46. It’s NOT your Traditional competitors you need worry about Illustrative examples only 46
  47. 47. Today, customers have many non-traditional alternatives Traditional alternatives: • Non-traditional alternatives: – The Cloud, the Developing World • Other platforms • Other vendors What will the effect be on your business model? 47
  48. 48. Part 3: Principles for a successful IT Future Plans Meld / meet / build readiness Use, exploit, thrive 48
  49. 49. Big Positioning picture e gar o s, r evr es/ $BP, BT, B G : d qer e gar o S t t ’ Traditional Data Big Traditional Data Big IT Warehouse Data, IT Warehouse Data, Internet Internet scale scale 49
  50. 50. Big Positioning picture Current IT architectures Growth areas Current Mobile, Cloud IT architectures e ga o t s. r evr es/ $ Growth areasBP, BT, B G : d qer e gar o S t Mobile, Cloud r ’ Traditional Data Big Traditional Data Big IT Warehouse Data IT Warehouse Data Internet Internet scale scale 50
  51. 51. Build new, different skill sets Current IT architectures Traditional IT workload Current IT architectures e gar o s, r evr es/ $ Highly parallelized internet scale architectureBP, BT, B G : d qer e gar o S t Integrated E2E softwaret centric ’ Traditional Data Big Traditional Data Big IT Warehouse Data IT Warehouse Data Internet Internet scale scale 51
  52. 52. Key strategy Current IT architectures Traditional IT architectures• Continue modernize current traditional IT … Architect new-gen connectors,• Architect future skills expandability e gar o s, r evr es/ $• Connect with Internet scale architectures – New generation t mobile-enabled workloads Traditional Data Big IT Warehouse Data Internet scale 52
  53. 53. To successfully co-exist / thrive with new generation workloads Views new gen• Understand Big Data / new as powerful partner gen workload environment Traditional IT architectures• Successfully innovate new capabilities• Expand your understanding r evr es/ $ Views Internet scale traditional IT architectures as powerful• Be the change you want your enabler company to be Traditional Data Big IT Warehouse Data Internet scale 53
  54. 54. Inter-How to get ahead and thrive in this new world? Disciplinary• 2012: devote 1st hour of day to keeping current – No longer optional• Establish power-knowledge digital footprint, intelligently sharing what you find – Don’t email what you find (too much email already) – Use social networking, social bookmarking, blogs, etc• Become a power user of your smartphone’s ecosystem 54
  55. 55. • My external sources, daily IT research:Keeping – Sing’sbookmarks – – • IBM colleagues may also see my IBM Intranet webpage: – – • 55
  56. 56. Inter-Learning Points Disciplinary 1. Exploitation of the opportunity: Data, Data, Data!  Is being done in real-time Data Factories on internet scale today  Bandwidth will continue to create “The Cloud”  Must understand and study how Internet Scale Data Center architectures house internet scale data -disciplinary 2. Hyper-pace of Disruptive Innovation in Today’s IT World  Beware the Non-Traditional Competitor  The Mobile Web 3.0 is already impacting all business models 3. Invest your 1st hour of every day in being a part of the future  Be the change you want your company to be 56
  57. 57. Inter- Inter-disciplinary Current IT Traditional IT Disciplinary Disruptive Innovation: New gen workloads r evr es/ $ Greatest opportunity to Internet scale workloads thrive we have yet seen disciplinary Inter- Traditional Data Big IT Warehouse Data Internet scale Big Data Identify inter-disciplinary new Applications Exascale datacenters generation workloads, business models Cloud  Massive parallelism Business Models  E2E automation Mobile Know non-traditional competitors wellDevelop / implement to meld, meet, use, exploit, thrive with new reality 57
  58. 58. Together, let’s build a Smarter Planet 58