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Academy of Management 2014 Cultural Entrepreneurship PDW


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Over the past five years, a network of scholars has formed with the aim of advancing research at the intersection of culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. From this shared starting point, scholars have examined how culture – defined as shared sets of understandings that are encoded in cognitive frames and material artifacts and shared among actors (Scott & Lane, 2000) – provides a “toolkit” of resources (Swidler, 1986) that may shape innovative activities and that can be drawn on to legitimate and garner support for new products and ventures (Garud & Karnoe, 2001; Hargadon & Douglas, 2001; Lounsbury & Glynn, 2001).

Search Terms: culture , innovation , values

Organizer: Joel Gehman; U. of Alberta
Organizer: Matthew G Grimes; U. of Alberta
Organizer: Tyler Earle Wry; Wharton School
Organizer: Jean Siobhan Clarke; U. of Leeds
Participant: Howard E. Aldrich; U. of North Carolina
Participant: Ted Baker; North Carolina State U.
Participant: Raghu Garud; Pennsylvania State U.
Participant: Mary Ann Glynn; Boston College
Participant: Michael Lounsbury; U. of Alberta
Participant: Alan D. Meyer; U. of Oregon
Participant: Violina Rindova; U. of Texas at Austin;
Participant: Siobhan O'Mahony; Boston U.
Participant: Majken Schultz; Copenhagen Business School
Participant: Klaus Weber; Northwestern U.

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Academy of Management 2014 Cultural Entrepreneurship PDW

  1. 1. Cultural Design and Designing Culture: Ins1tu1ons, Values and Entrepreneurs Organizers: Joel Gehman, Ma>hew Grimes, Tyler Wry & Jean Clarke
  2. 2. Why this PDW? Ongoing conversa-on, da-ng to a 2010 workshop at Leeds, PDWs 2010-­‐2013, another workshop at Leeds in 2013, and now today’s PDW Diverse but allied interests in understanding intersec-on of culture, innova-on and entrepreneurship and more Today’s theme extends this conversa-on to include “design” considera-ons, leI purposefully vague
  3. 3. Today’s format Opening plenary (50 minutes) Roundtable discussions (50 minutes) Report back (15 minutes)
  4. 4. To help this process At your tables, please jot down thoughts or ques-ons to share during the roundtables and/ or the report back We are circula-ng a sheet for you to give your names and email addresses in case you want to be no-fied of future events
  5. 5. Opening Plenary – un1l 8:55am Ted Baker Raghu Garud Siobhan O’Mahony Mary Ann Glynn Majken Schultz Violina Rindova Alan Meyer Klaus Weber Mike Lounsbury (moderator) Panelists were asked to come prepared to make a few remarks about their connec-on to / interest in the session topic, and to indicate some interes-ng research ques-ons from such a cultural perspec-ve
  6. 6. Roundtables – un1l 9:45am Table 1: Ted Baker, Alan Meyer, Raghu Garud Table 2: Siobhan O’Mahony, Klaus Weber, MaXhew Grimes, Howard Aldrich* Table 3: Majken Schultz, Violina Rindova, Joel Gehman Table 4: Mary Ann Glynn, Michael Lounsbury, Jean Clark
  7. 7. Report back – un1l 10am What has the session opened up? Where can we go from here?
  8. 8. The conversa1on con1nues… 4th Alberta Ins1tu1ons Conference How Do Ins1tu1ons Ma>er? June 12-­‐14, 2015 Fairmont Banff Springs Resort Banff, Alberta, Canada Abstracts due: December 15, 2014