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Procon Management Services - how we can help you get from Point A to Point B

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Procon Capabilities2010

  1. 1. A Statement of Capabilities For PROCON MANAGEMENT SERVICES 1 Oakwood Blvd Suite 265 Hollywood, FL 33020 Tel: (954) 340-2990 Fax: (954) 340-2963
  2. 2. Procon Management Services – Statement of Capabilities Company History PROCON Management Services’ founding company began operations in 1985. During the last 20+ years we have developed a professional services company that specializes in Management Consulting Services, IT Project Management Services, eBusiness and Internet services. PROCON provides our clients with strategies and deliverables to address all of the business requirements necessary to achieve successful results. We have various partnership alliances and contract arrangements with other companies to supplement our service offerings. PROCON is headquartered in South Florida. How do we help clients? We believe that in order to provide superior technology solutions, we must first understand the business needs that are driving the technology. We have significant business experience in a variety of disciplines and can provide the appropriate solutions. We can transform the capabilities of an organization in accordance with prudent and attainable strategies. As management consultants, we can assist you in aligning your IT operations with overall strategy and optimize your technology to meet changing business needs. We believe that saving time and money by integrating legacy systems (where available) is a more prudent approach than rebuilding/replacing systems/processes that work. Additionally, ongoing support for the system should be a balance of both internal and external resources that maximize the financial investment. We can define and implement a meaningful and productive web presence through strategic and tactical planning that goes beyond a basic website. We view a website as the means to expand your business communication and marketing to a wider audience. For a website to be successful it must integrate your business culture and process. Page 2
  3. 3. Procon Management Services – Statement of Capabilities Management Consulting Services: Business Analysis Services Integrating strategy with processes, technology and people has become a major challenge for many organizations today. To successfully accomplish this integration, businesses must adopt a structured approach to managing change and ensuring the effective delivery of improved operational performance and working capital. The underlying factor to success in delivery of these improvements is an understanding of the true business needs of the company. Managers today are facing the difficult task of devising workflow solutions for optimum productivity in order to remain competitive. PROCON can assist you in automating and improving your business process by performing a Process and Procedure Analysis to: - Document workflow and determine what processes need automation - Integrate processes into a collaborative computing environment using Workflow Management - Identify the most optimal Business Process Reengineering methods - Evaluate alternatives to select the best solution for the business To facilitate an enterprise-wide solution, PROCON also performs Software Analysis to incorporate your business needs into the IT environment. Software recommendations and Platform Analysis then lead your company into the final phase in the selection process of determining your Hardware Requirements. And finally, we can assist you in determining the most viable, least disruptive Migration Strategy with the lowest total cost of ownership. As part of the business analysis phase of the project and during the implementation, Security Management must be defined to ensure that the decisions you make are implemented accordingly. Overall business analysis is a major factor in how successful you are in turning your project into a success. Let PROCON provide you with a proven approach for designing better business solutions and using the right technology to do so Page 3
  4. 4. Procon Management Services – Statement of Capabilities Business Applications Services In order to provide superior technology solutions, we must first understand the business needs that are driving the technology. We have significant business experience in a variety of disciplines and can help provide the appropriate solutions. • IT Infrastructure Design & • Strategic Planning • Project Management Management • Hardware / Software / Data • System Development Life Cycle • Requirements Definition Study Architecture (SDLC) • ERP Solutions • System Design / set-up • Process Improvement • Workflow Management • Implementation Support • Audit Compliance • Integration of eCommerce Solutions • Integration of Legacy Systems / • IBM i-Series / AS/400 (eDesign, eMarketing & eOperations) Processes • Quality Management • Audit Compliance • Change Management • IP Telephony (VoIP) • RF / Wireless technologies • Business Continuity and Redundancy • Technical / Process Documentation • Budgeting and Scheduling • Vendor Contract Negotiations We approach any project utilizing a staged methodology: Phase 1 – Requirements and Needs Analysis - information gathering Phase 2 – Strategic Planning and Documentation Phase 3 – Analysis & Design Phase 4 – Implementation, Training & Solution Management Phase 5 – Maintenance/Monitoring/Post Implementation Review Information Technology Services The development of an integrated set of business, process, human and technology architectures can help your organization deliver a strategic fit between IT and the business. PROCON will be there with you to plan, design, negotiate, implement, integrate and support all of your technical service needs. Page 4
  5. 5. Procon Management Services – Statement of Capabilities eCommerce – The Global Economy As we move into the next century, businesses must make the transition from an environment with traditional boundaries into an age of electronic commerce. The rules have changed. In order for established companies to survive, and in fact thrive, new strategies and new processes must be developed and deployed in a cooperative and cost-effective manner. We are right in the middle of what historians will eventually label the eCommerce revolution. It’s bigger than the industrial revolution and every other major economic shift that preceded it. It is changing the way we live, obtain information and buy goods and services. When it comes to eBusiness, you have a difficult choice to make. If you do not act soon you are guaranteed to lose the competitive advantage that is available to you. At the same time, you need to plan your Internet strategy in an appropriate fashion. Reports indicate that by 2010, over half of the entire workforce will be employed by industries that are either major producers or intensive users of information technology products and services. The commencement of the eCommerce revolution poses many challenges for businesses, governments and other organizations that rely on information technology. eBusiness is about people, systems, and organizations communicating in completely new ways. Good advice on eCommerce is hard to find. Risks Every company involved in selling eCommerce software urges everyone to implement eCommerce on their websites. IT managers are continuously confronted with new issues: • How to plan when technology is advancing at warp speed • How to create applications for a world of users • How to ensure reliability of these new systems One of the most fundamental errors in eCommerce is the belief that online transactions are an electronic version of what a company already does; business as usual. Another common eCommerce mistake is misunderstanding the online customer. Many companies entering the eCommerce world are business- to-business suppliers, and fail to alter their product arrangement to suit end-users. However, in an environment of rapid change, the riskiest move may be no move at all! Page 5
  6. 6. Procon Management Services – Statement of Capabilities Approach To win in today’s competitive environment, companies need a new approach to strategy. PROCON can provide for this new approach while supporting our client’s efforts with a methodology described below. As Internet consultants, we review current business processes, research competition, and outline marketing objectives to help you develop a strategic plan for your Internet initiative. PROCON’s proven process builds a solid framework to guide project development, launch and review. We combine imaginative ideas with sophisticated principles of design to create websites that are visually stimulating, effectively organized and easy to navigate. Our extensive marketing research allows us to determine the best ways to bring qualified prospects to your website, thus increasing exposure and producing quality results. We manage and maintain a scalable, flexible and reliable hosting environment for our clients. We analyze traffic statistics and make design recommendations on a continuing basis. We can assist you in exploring the excitement of interactive website applications. PROCON can incorporate interactive features such as searchable databases, search engines, shopping carts, and more. Finally, we can work with our clients to ensure that they have addressed all of the issues related to assuring that the organization can carry out operations to support their eCommerce efforts. Conclusion PROCON helps organizations meet the operational and technical challenges brought about by new technologies. Let PROCON show you the best way to do business in today’s competitive environment. Procon Management Services Tel: 954.340.2990 Fax: 954.340.2963 Email: Page 6