IAOP_Impacting Business Outcomes Through Cloud-Based Service Delivery


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IAOP_Impacting Business Outcomes Through Cloud-Based Service Delivery

  1. 1. International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) Chicago Chapter, Midwest Chapter, Cloud Computing Chapter and Tools & Technology Innovation Chapter presents: One-day IAOP Member Forum on “Use of Advanced Tools & Technologies in Outsourcing” 10:10- 11:00 am session: Impacting Business Outcomes Through Cloud-Based Service Delivery Prem Shanker Vice President, Mahindra Satyam 10th November, 2011© Mahindra Satyam 2010 1
  2. 2. – An Overview Business Global business and information technology services company Part of $13 B Mahindra Leverages deep industry and functional expertise Group Advanced, global delivery model to help clients transform their highest-value business processes Along with parent company $2.5 B Service Offerings • Enterprise Business Solutions, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Infrastructure Management Services, Consulting & Enterprise 350+ global customers Solutions, Application Development & Management Services and including Fortune 500 Business Process Outsourcing customers Industry Operations in 50+ Insurance, Banking, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, countries Competency groups (ADMS, Testing, Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Business Solutions, Specialized / Shared Services) Associate base: 60,000+ Major Partners SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Computer Associates, Fujitsu, Enlighta© Mahindra Satyam 2010 2
  3. 3. Tools Practice Overview Key Customer LandscapeExperience• Over 12 years matured delivery experience.• 50+ active customers engagements.• Over 300+ projects delivered successfully across implementation, migration and support.Resource Strength• 50+ Tools Consultants: Highly qualified and Experienced• Continuous skill development by training online or classroom, provided by different technology vendors.• 65% Product certified consultants.• Large Pool of Consultants for work in various aspects of HP, Mix of Experience Levels IBM, BMC, CA Nimsoft & Enlighta suite of products.• CoE Labs for hands on practices on latest versions of HPSM, uCMDB, CA Nimsoft.Expertise• Expertise in implementing ITSM/ESM solutions across multiple domains.• Service Line Specialists for implementations, Migrations, Upgrades and Support.• Experience across various platforms like RHEL 5.X, AIX 5.X, Solaris, Linux, UNIX and Windows etc.• ITIL v3 based Service Delivery Platform.© Mahindra Satyam 2009
  4. 4. Partnerships “Integrated best-of-breed cloud-based solution bundled as part of our service delivery model” Partner Relationship Technology alliance partnership. cloud-based managed services platform. “Service Desk as Enlighta a Service” HP Global System Integrator & Managed Services Program Partner. BMC Remedy AR System, BMC Remedy ITSM Suite, BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Application BMC Dependency and Discovery Mapping, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Manager, BMC Analytics. IBM IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager, IBM Tivoli CCMDB, IBM Tivoli Asset Manager CA CA Nimsoft Unified Manager, CA Nimsoft Service Desk© Mahindra Satyam 2010 4
  5. 5. Business Drivers for Service Delivery Reduced costs From Need for flexible licensing models – Named User, Concurrent User, Volume Based, Enterprise Most of the tools have limited service utilization, chargeback capability Flexibility Most of the tools are enterprise-based & lack multi-tenant architecture Limited multi-tenancy to support single tool across multiple business units and Corporate IT Some of the tools are very difficult to integrate with other data sources Transparent Governance Lack vendor management with SLA tracking Lack governance capabilities (contracts, penalties etc) No/ Limited Program Management © Mahindra Satyam 2010 5
  6. 6. Mahindra Satyam’s Unified Service Delivery Model Objectives Value Drivers Key Elements Guaranteed Outcomes Service Design, Self Help, Service Integrated Service desk Desk, Infrastructure & Application SupportConsolidation of servicedesks across the globe. Global, Multilingual Service 40 locations, 14 languages Improved ReliabilityBest- in-class design andexecution. Enhanced User Satisfaction Consistent Experience,Enhanced End-user Robust ITIL/ITSM based delivery Continuous Improvement - Lower TCOsatisfaction. Analytics, Lean Sigma Simplified GovernanceReduced spend for service Common Ticketing System /desk operations. Platform based automation BPM platform Self ServiceImproved control andgovernance . Output based pricing Reduced Costs Outcome based pricing Improved cash flow © Mahindra Satyam 2010 6
  7. 7. Overview of our Integrated Service Desk(Operations, Infrastructure, Applications) Comprehensive ITSM based Serviced Desk design Service Desk, Application Support & Infrastructure Support Self Integrated L2 L3 Service L1 Support Support Support Analytics, Lean Sigma Knowledge Management & Empowered personnel BPM deployment & Automation Service Desk as a Service© Mahindra Satyam 2010 7
  8. 8. Pricing Models Output based pricing Financial Portion of Structuring Guaranteed fee linked to minimize Savings to ‘User upfront satisfaction’ expenses Simplified governance through Committed contractual alignment to business YOY Total Cost outcomes. Reduction© Mahindra Satyam 2010 8
  9. 9. Client Case – Benefits Delivered: 1. Manage Results vs. Devices, Tickets and performance vs. FTEs 2. Measure end-to-end Business Process based SLAs, KPIs vs. Discrete IT SLAs 3. Online Program Governance vs. PowerPoints & Emails 4. Proactive vs. Reactive 5. One tool and One Process to measure all services and delivery groups vs. Multiple 6. Better throughput, quality, and Collaboration – one integrated system for all ITIL for all services and delivery groups vs. Multiple 7. Single source of truth vs. Multiple 8. Access and ownership to raw data© Mahindra Satyam 2010 9
  10. 10. Insight and automation across engagementsClient IT Systems Automated Batch Files Import Incidents Incidents Performance & SLAs Performance Projects Dashboards Projects Defects Defects Summarize Data Credits & Earn-backs Transform Data Normalize Data Changes Validate Data Changes Service Level ManagementDelivery Systems Issues/Changes Contracts & Work Orders Manual Excel Import Projects Support Risk & Compliance Assess Relationship Exceptions Processing Health Defects and/or Review , Correction, Resources Approval & Reporting Health Survey Risk & CompliancePeriodic Data Uploaded via Excel Delivery / Engagement Mgmt.& Automated Batch Files© Mahindra Satyam 2010 10
  11. 11. Q&A© Mahindra Satyam 2010 11
  12. 12. AppendixEnlighta – among our key partners Supplier Governance Performance, SLAs, Contract s Admin, Financials, Relationship Program Governance Program Insight, Projects, Tasks, Resources, Financials Software Assets Governance License Entitlement, Deployment, Contracts, Compliance Deliver Suite (ITIL v3 Compliant) Help Desk, Service Request, CMDB, Change, Release, LiveChat, KPIs On Demand & On Premise Solutions to Maximize Value from Global Services Delivery© Mahindra Satyam 2009