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Blazing fast sites using Blaze, Hybrid CMS NYC


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Slides for DecoupledDays 2019 at NYC

Published in: Technology
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Blazing fast sites using Blaze, Hybrid CMS NYC

  1. 1. Blazing fast sites using Blaze, Git-based Hybrid CMS by Jesus Manuel Olivas / weKnow#DecoupledDays #DecoupledDays2019
  2. 2. $ whoami Jesus Manuel Olivas
  3. 3. Mexicali
 Mexico + California Calexico
 California + Mexico $ ifconfig
  4. 4. weAre
  5. 5. weKnow
  6. 6. weGive 4,567,311
  7. 7. 101 Web Development
  8. 8. Visitor Server CMS Database
  9. 9. Is there anything else we can use?
  10. 10. Static Site Generators
  11. 11. Back to the flat-files
  12. 12. JavaScript Any dynamic programming during the request/response cycle is handled by JavaScript, running entirely on the client. This could be any frontend framework, library, or even vanilla JavaScript. APIs All server-side processes or database actions are abstracted into reusable APIs, accessed over HTTPS with JavaScript. These can be custom-built or leverage third-party services. Markup Templated markup should be prebuilt at deploy time, usually using a site generator for content sites, or a build tool for web apps.
  13. 13. Visitor CDN
  14. 14. Challenges • Web Forms (CRM Integration , Serverless Function, Form submission PaaS) • E-Commerce (Shopify, Salsify, PXM, Headless Commerce, Stripe, Paypal, Recurly) • Comments (Disqus, Serverless functions)
  15. 15. A GUI providing a WYSIWYG to enter content and create a content model
  16. 16. ● ● CloudCannon NetlifyCMS Forestry Sanity GraphCMS Contentful Git Based / Headless CMS
  17. 17. ● ● CloudCannon NetlifyCMS Forestry Blaze Sanity GraphCMS Contentful PaaS ~ Hybrid CMS
  18. 18. Blaze ~ Hybrid CMS ~ PaaS ●
  19. 19. Create a Project • Headless CMS (Exposing a GraphQL API) • From template (Preconfigured project) • From repository (Your own code repo) • From Project URL (Someone else code repo) • From Archive File (Your own code files)
  20. 20. Create a Git Based Project 1/3
  21. 21. Create a Git Based Project 2/3
  22. 22. Create a Git Based Project 3/3
  23. 23. Live Demo
  24. 24. Register to early beta access
  25. 25. Which features are planned for early-beta release?
  26. 26. • Headless CMS exposing data via REST/GraphQL API • Post data programmatically via REST/GraphQL API • Form generation using GUI • Process form submissions via Serverless • Attach to serverless functions as hooks on create/update/delete data. • Add and deploy custom Serverless functions • Deploy to external PaaS (Netlify, Github, GCP, AWS, CDN)
  27. 27. GraphQL ~ Content
  28. 28. GraphQL ~ Forms
  29. 29. Embracing the modern web using Drupal as a headless CMS with Gatsby Jul 18 14:45pm Pantheon
  30. 30. Thank you … Questions? Feel free ask during the event and via twitter @jmolivas / @blaze_moxiera #DecoupledDays #DecoupledDays2019