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Comslide 3


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Published in: Technology
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Comslide 3

  1. 1. Code Red Virus is a computer worm in July 13, 2001.
  2. 2. Love Bug Virus Love bug virus was a virus that was sent  to a e-mail, and when it is opened it gets in your computer and corrupts it.
  3. 3. Biometric Computer Security Is when you can use your fingerprints to  get into your computer. Fingerprint, eye scanner, and hair.
  4. 4. Phishing Scheme Is when people online try to get your  personnel info like your credit card number.
  5. 5. Biometric Security 3 examples are having no one else  getting in your computer, no one getting your fingerprint except you, and you don’t need to memorize anything.
  6. 6. Disadvantage Disadvantages are expensive, if it is  really important people will try to take your fingerprint, and it can break easily.
  7. 7. Anti Virus Anti virus combats viruses by sending  using a firewall so the virus doesn’t get in your computer.
  8. 8. Encrypting 3 examples of information that should be  encrypted is documents, homework, and important information.