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Social media analytics


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Possibilities of Social Media Analytics, TIBCO Spotfire tools

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Social media analytics

  1. 1. Social Media Analytics Jithu Pettan Mathew Robert Sahil Singh Pavan Kanna Asif Anwar Harsh Singh
  2. 2. Overview• Social Media• Data Source• Tibco Tools ▫ Spotfire Miner ▫ Spotfire• Output• Extension
  3. 3. Social Media• Instant and real time data.• 465 million twitter accounts.• Average tweets of 250 million tweets per day (2011).• Peek at 25088 tweet per second. (“Castle in the sky” TV show)• 1 billion active users on facebook.• Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+,instagram some popula
  4. 4. Data For Analysis• Analysis of text data. • Sample : “Samsung Galaxy• We analyze tweets send from Premier” various users across the globe. • The fetched tweets had the• Analyze patterns of tweets on a following contents particular event, topic under ▫ Username discussion. ▫ Tweet• Collect tweets on a particular ▫ Followers for the user hashtag. ▫ Location twitter data.xlsx
  5. 5. Data Model
  6. 6. Data Model Read File : 343 Samples read from the source file.
  7. 7. Data Model Missing values Removal : 229 Samples after dropping rows without location data.
  8. 8. Data Model Duplicate Removal : 196 Samples after removing users who have tweeted multiple times.
  9. 9. Model• Used descriptive analysis technique.• Spotfire Miner to develop the model• Model data input to Spotfire for better graphical analysis.
  10. 10. Spotfire • Location based output. • Most activity generated from “Venezuela” • Top locations were buzz was generated include : Indonesia, Bangalore, Philippines
  11. 11. Spotfire • Key personalities who were active on this subject. • Helps to analyze comments from opinion leaders. • Notable Tweeters include : Blackberry Indonesia Community(131214 followers), Phone Crazy (69138) •
  12. 12. Extension• Sensitivity analysis of the content can indicate positive or negative attitude.• Intelligence analytics frameworks like Attivio Active Intelligence Engine to analyze tweets for the sentiments.• Time series analysis to analyze the change in magnitude over time.• Followers, retweets,mentions data to analyze the impact.
  13. 13. Thank you