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Myths Busted About Majors and Careers


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Myths Busted About Majors and Careers

NACADA Miami Region 4 2012

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Myths Busted About Majors and Careers

  1. 1. HIGH DEMAND INDUSTRIES: HIGH DEMAND CAREERS: Adding Adding Jobs!! Fastest Growth Jobs!! Largest Growth Top 7 Overall1 Top 5 Overall1 Top 5: Degree Required1 Registered Nurse 711k+ Registered Nurse 711k+Healthcare Support Occupations 26% inc. Associate’s 26% inc. 34% inc.; 1,443,700+ jobs; $24,760 median wage Retail Salesperson 706k+ Postsecondary Teacher 305k+ Most growth for: Home Health Aide, Medical Assistant, Dental 16% inc. Doctoral or Professional 17% inc. Assistant, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy Assistant/Aide Home Health Aide 706k+ Elementary Teacher 248k+Personal Care and Service Occupations 69% inc. Bachelor’s 16% inc. 26% inc.; 1,336,600+ jobs; $20,640 median wage Personal Care Aide 607k+ Accountant/Auditor 607k+ Most growth for: Personal Care Aide, Nonfarm Animal Caretaker, 70% inc. Bachelor’s 15% inc. Childcare Worker, Fitness Trainer/Instructor, Residential Advisor General Office Clerk 489k+ Physician/Surgeon 168k+Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations 16% inc. Doctoral or Professional 24% inc. 25% inc.; 2,019,700+ jobs; $58,490 median wage Most growth for: Physician/Surgeon, Nurse (RN/LPN), Pharmacy Tech., Veterinary Tech., Therapist (OT, PT, Speech, Respiratory) HIGH DEMAND CAREERS: AddingCommunity and Social Service Occupations Jobs!! Fastest Growth 24% inc.; 582,300+ jobs; $39,280 median wage Most growth for: Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Top 7 Overall1 Top 10: Degree Required1 Counsellor, Healthcare Social Worker, Health Educator Personal Care Aide 670k+ Biomedical Engineer 9k+ 70% inc. Bachelor’s 61% inc.Construction and Extraction Occupations Veterinary Tech. 41k+ 22% inc.; 1,407,200+ jobs; $39,080 median wage Home Health Aide 706k+ Associate’s 52% inc. 69% inc. Physical Therapy Asst. 30k+ Most growth for: Supervisor, Brickmason, Carpenter, Plumber, Associate’s 45% inc. Electrician, Construction Laborer, Construction Trade Helper LOW DEMAND INDUSTRIES1 Biomedical Engineer 9k+ Event Planner 31k+ 61% inc. Bachelor’s 43% inc.Computer and Mathematical Occupations Postal Service (181.1% dec.) Medical Sonographer 23k+ Federal Non-Defence Associate’s 43% inc. 22% inc.; 778,300+ jobs; $73,720 median wage Brickmason 17k+ Government (121.8% dec.) 60% inc. Occupational Therapy Asst. 12k+ Most growth for: Database and Systems Administrator, Actuary, Apparel Knitting Mills (91.6% dec.) Associate’s 43% inc. Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Web Developer Newspaper, Periodical, & Book Carpenter 25k+ Interpreter/Translator 24k+ Publishers (61.6% dec.) 55% inc. Bachelor’s 42% inc.Business and Financial Operations Occupations Manufacturing (55.7% dec.) Marketing Analyst 116k+ 17% inc.; 1,172,500+ jobs; $60,670 median wage Veterinary Tech. 41k+ Bachelor’s 41% inc. 52% inc. Family Therapist 14k+ Most growth for: Management Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Master’s 41% inc. Financial Analyst/Advisor, Event Planner, Cost Estimator Iron Worker 9k+ Physical Therapist 77k+ 48% inc. Doctoral or Professional 39% inc. 1 Source: Employment Projections Program, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; 2 Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers
  2. 2. HIGH DEMAND CAREERS: Technology HIGH DEMAND CAREERS: Science Jobs!! Jobs!! Computer Network Computer Software Engineers Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Systems Analysts Typical Path: Master’s or Doctoral in Physi- Typical Path: A Masters degree or higher in Oc- Typical Path: Bachelor’s in a computer re- Typical Path: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, cal Therapy (PT). Common Bachelor’s include Biol- cupational Therapy (OT). Common Bachelor’s in- lated field (Computer & Information Science, Man- Engineering, or Math. ogy, Chemistry, and Exercise Science/Physiology. clude biology, psychology, sociology, liberal arts, agement Information Systems, Information Technol- anthropology, and anatomy. ogy), MBA’s are preferred for more complex posi- Alternative Path: Bachelor’s in a business re- tions. Alternative Path: Must gain professional PT lated field or physical sciences. degree, but Bachelor’s can be in any field as long as Alternative Path: Must gain professional OT pre-requisites are met before graduation. Many PT degree, but Bachelor’s can be in any field as long as Alternative Path: Bachelor’s in a business re- Required Skills: Programming, deductive & in- schools also require volunteer experience in physical pre-requisites are met before graduation. Many OT lated field or Associate’s in any field with proper ductive reasoning, complex problem-solving, critical therapy departments, hospitals, or clinics. schools prefer volunteer or work experience in technical certifications and work experience. thinking, creativity, effective oral and written com- healthcare. munication, and ability to develop, evaluate, and Required Skills: Practice evidence-based re- Required Skills: Complex problem-solving, implement solutions. search, well-organized, detail oriented, caring, strong Required Skills: Strong interpersonal skills and ability to multitask, detail-oriented, knowledge of interpersonal skills, and a desire to help people in a desire to help people in need, active listening and operation and system analysis, knowledge of pro- 10 Year Growth Projection: 32% need. learning, reading comprehension, speaking, critical gramming, critical thinking, and effective oral and thinking, service orientation, social perceptiveness, written communication. 10 Year Growth Projection: 30% and time management. Median Pay Range: $87,790 10 Year Growth Projection: 20% Median Pay Range: $76,310 10 Year Growth Projection: 26% Median Pay Range: $69,160 Median Pay Range: $72,320 HIGH DEMAND CAREERS: Business HIGH DEMAND CAREERS: Math & Engineering Jobs!! Jobs!! Accountants and Financial Analyst Actuary Biomedical Engineers Auditors Typical Path: Bachelor’s in accounting or Typical Path: Bachelor’s in a business related Typical Path: Bachelor’s in Math, Statistics, Typical Path: Bachelor’s in Biomedical, Biologi- related business field and certifications (Certified field. An MBA or a masters degree in finance is Actuarial Science, Finance, Economics, or Business. cal, or Biological Systems Engineering or Biosci- Public Accountant [CPA], Certified Management often required. ences. M.D. or PhD preferred. Accountant [CMA], Certified information Systems Alternative Path: Bachelor’s in any field with Auditor [CISA], Chartered Financial Analyst [CFA], Alternative Path: Bachelor’s in any field with knowledge and understanding of applied statistics, Alternative Path: Bachelor’s or graduate degree and Certified Financial Planner [CFA]). knowledge and understanding of statistics, econom- economics, math (including calculus and probabil- in Agricultural Engineering, Life Sciences, Biology, ics, and business, knowledge of accounting policies ity), corporate finance, and pass certifications. Pharmacy, or Veterinary Science. and procedures, corporate budgeting, and financial Alternative Path: Bachelor’s in Risk Manage- analysis.  Required Skills: Strong background in math, ment or Economics or Associate’s with certifications   statistics, and general business, strong computer Required Skills: Strong research experience and in accounting and work experience. Required Skills: Strong math, analytical, and skills (spreadsheet, database, and statistical analysis documented research training, background in medi- problem-solving skills, communication, detail- software), knowledge of programming languages, cal device technology, patent drafting experience, Required Skills: Mathematical, critical think- oriented, motivated to seek out obscure information, well-rounded, strong communication skills, good excellent computer skills, creativity, effective oral ing, reading comprehension, good working with peo- familiar with economics, tax laws, and money mar- interpersonal skills, and ability to keep up with cur- and written communication. ple, computers, and business systems, and good kets, and ability to work with spreadsheets and sta- rent economic trends and legislation. judgment and decision making. tistical packages. 10 Year Growth Projection: 61% 10 Year Growth Projection: 21% 10 Year Growth Projection: 15% 10 Year Growth Projection: 20% Median Pay Range: $81,000 Median Pay Range: $87,650 Median Pay Range: $61,000 Median Pay Range: $74,350  Presenters: Chevonne Brown,; Nina Flanagan,; Chanelle Johnson,; & Bernard Shuford, FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Division of Undergraduate Studies, Advising First NACADA Region IV Conference, Miami, FL March, 13, 2012