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Oli Reserve Problem ?


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Some thoughts on how we learned from one day to the other that some banks were out of business... Can it be the case for oil reserves ?

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Oli Reserve Problem ?

  1. 1. In 2008, Some Banks have disappeared.
  2. 2. In Belgium, FORTIS was a strong Bank
  3. 3. On Sept 26th, Someone said “ Fortis has no solvability problems”
  4. 4. On October 5th, FORTIS had to be rescued by the BeNeLux governments
  5. 5. Today, There is still a large petrol reserve
  6. 6. What if ? TOMORROW Texaco, BP, Total or Shell tell us...
  7. 7. there is a sudden OIL RESERVE PROBLEM ?
  8. 8. Maybe, tomorrow, Someone will tell us oil's reserves are empty
  9. 9. Just as, Yesterday, Someone told us the bank is bankrupt