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3-minute summary presented during closing session at FredNMT 3.0 - 3rd annual New Media & Technology Conference hosted by the Frederick County (MD) Chamber of Commerce

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Tumblr for Business - FredNMT3

  1. 1. 3-minute summary presented by Jessica Hibbard (jesshibb.tumblr.com) during the closing session atFredNMT 3.0 – 3rd Annual New Media & Technology Conference hosted by the Frederick County (MD)Chamber of CommerceWhat is it?• Microblogging • Much like a typical blog, but Tumblrʼs platform makes it exceptionally easy to post photos, quotes, chat transcripts, links, videos, text, and other content via a web browser or mobile phone. • This results in shorter posts -- snippets of curated content pointing toward other sources all over the web.Why is it important?• Weʼre losing our patience for long-format, traditional blogs• Article published by The New York Times on Monday -- Blogs wane as youth drift to sites like Twitter• Weʼre increasingly interested in short-format posts, community interaction, curated content ... Tumblr offers an elegant solution.Whoʼs using it?• Since Tumblr launched 4 years ago: • 14 million blogs • 3.5 billion posts • 18 million posts per day• The average user: • Creates 14 original posts and 3 reblogs each month • Half of the posts are images -- Itʼs a very visual platform • Couldnʼt find verified stats, but from observation, Iʼd say community skews younger than major platforms like Facebook & Twitter, and definitely seems more youthful than the average blogger using WordPress or Googleʼs Blogger service.• Every month: • 4.5 billion pageviews • Up from less than 2 billion monthly pageviews in September • Explosive growth
  2. 2. How can businesses use Tumblr?• Options are infinite. Greatest potential for: • Developing thought leadership -- Collect and curate links, images, video, and other content that may appeal to your clients and customers. Give them one place to find industry news and interesting tidbits. • LL Bean uses Tumblr, and they post sartorial photos they find around the internet of people wearing LL Bean products, as well as “lifestyle” content that helps create an overall image that appeals to their audience. • Connect with a community -- Tumblr users may not write long comments, but theyʼre engaged in other ways -- liking, reblogging, asking questions, and recommending your blog for the Tumblr directory. • NPR (and Fresh Air) other media organizations are using Tumblr this way, and theyʼre able to engage with their audience beyond the on-air segments. They post additional information and pictures of featured guests, links to online archives, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. • GQ interacts with Tumblr users via the “ask any question” feature. Readers ask them, for instance, what to wear at work, and GQ will provide insight. • Provide content and ideas for Tumblr users -- If you donʼt want to create a Tumblr account for your business, find Tumblr bloggers who are talking about industry topics and give them information and images to use. • For example -- If you sell bags, talk to the Tumblr bloggers behind Everyday Carry and Pack Lite, two blogs that post photos of bags and luggage and what fits inside them.Telling a story, sharing information, and spreading ideas never goes out of style, but the culture ofblogging is slowly shifting. Tumblr is a great example of a tool thatʼs blurring the lines, and worth checkingout.More examples of brands using Tumblr:• Beastie Boys• New York Public Libraries• Ace Hotel• Moo• Big Cartel• Photojojo• Uppercase Magazine• Rollinʼ Egg - Startup Quote