Sponsorglobe 2012-13 jersey report excerpt


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Sponsorglobe 2012-13 jersey report excerpt

  1. 1. Extract Report 09/2012 [28] NEWSLETTER SPORT+MARKT European Football Jersey Report 2012/2013 (Extract) 1
  2. 2. Extract Report 09/2012 [28] NEWSLETTEREUROPEAN FOOTBALL JERSEY REPORT2012/13TREND GRAPH:Total annual income of jersey sponsorship in the six key Europeanmarkets(ENG, FRA, GER, ITA, NED, ESP)Source: Jersey Sponsorship of European Football Clubs, Figures in million Euro p.a. For the first time, overall jersey sponsorship income has passed the EUR 500 million threshold in the top six European markets of England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. The total revenue generated in the six top flights investigated has surged to EUR 522 million in SPORT+MARKT’s European Football Jersey Report 2012/2013. Hence, spending on jersey sponsorship has increased by EUR 33 million since the 2011/2012 season and by EUR 200 million p.a. in the past 10 years. In 2012/13, record spending has taken place in England, Germany, Italy and Spain, while figures have also remained stable in France and the Netherlands, leading to the outstanding total value. In particular, the high figure generated in the English Premier League plays a major role. 2
  3. 3. Extract Report 09/2012 [28] NEWSLETTEREUROPEAN FOOTBALL JERSEY REPORT2012/13 Are you interested in the full report and further information? Please contact Richard Heaney (richard.heaney@sportundmarkt.com) 3
  4. 4. Extract Report 09/2012 [28] NEWSLETTERAbout SPONSORGLOBESPONSORGLOBE is a bimonthly newsletter featuring central key information frominternational sport business, brought to you by SPORT+MARKT and REPUCOM.The SPONSORGLOBE database, unique throughout the world and containing over50,000 current sponsorship deals as well as key facts on sponsors and sponsorshipengagements in sport and the entertainment sector, serves as a basis alongsideother sources.About SPORT+MARKTSPORT+MARKT is a leading global provider of sports marketing analysis, evaluationand consultancy. The company is focused on maximising the success of its clientson the global sport, sponsorship and advertising markets. As an independent andimpartial market insider with over 25 years of experience, SPORT+MARKT is arenowned partner of the top players in the sector. In addition to its headquarters inCologne, Germany, SPORT+MARKT has offices in the U.K., Spain, France, Italy,the Netherlands and Singapore. As a member of the RSMG Insights group,SPORT+MARKT forms part of a global network comprising 1,400 employees in 17countries. Utilising the leading technology and facilities for media evaluation, marketresearch and commercial auditing, RSMG Insights has created the industry’s firstglobal, full-service portfolio for sponsorship research and consultancy. Your contact: SPONSORGLOBE NEWSLETTER: Barry Johnston E-Mail: barry.johnston@sportundmarkt.com Telephone: +49 - (0) 221 - 430 73 177 SPONSORGLOBE DATABASE: Andre Haberla E-Mail: andre.haberla@sportundmarkt.com Telephone: +49 - (0) 221 - 430 73 784 4