Autobiography<br />Jerry C. Reyes <br />   By the way this is the first time that all of my information in my life. Is bee...
Autobiography Pot2
Autobiography Pot2
Autobiography Pot2
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Autobiography Pot2

  1. 1. Autobiography<br />Jerry C. Reyes <br /> By the way this is the first time that all of my information in my life. Is been wasted by the way he is Jerry C .Reyes taking aBachelor of Secondary Education. Of course this is the longest time in his life that all of his hardship will be done. His mother’s name is Lolita C. Reyes and his father’s name is Efren C.Reyes .For his he has six sibling namely Eliza, Atonio, Joseph, Alexander, Jessica, and he is the youngest. For his being the youngest it so hard you know why? Because when he is an elementary student in Halayhayin Elementary School in Brgy. Halayhayin his mother died because of cancer from her brest. And so for his it hard to survive because there is none mother that always there if you have a problem and always there if you have need and always there if you have a very special moment specially if have a contest. <br /> And so it hard to move-on but because of his family and friends he try to be strong in any obstacle that’s come in his life. Time goes by, of course after elementary student high school life come’s. First, year for his, a freshmen student is just like a child that he did not thinking what happen tomorrow. But the most he learned is just believing in god and trusting in every person. And he is adapt in his environment that he encountered. And he know that every seconds in his life is very important. And he learn how to be in love. First he is in love to her classmate namely Harriette Icarangal but in every day if her friends are always their his feeling is change like he is in love to his friend namely Jomeil Felix D. Alvarez. <br /> But he think that it is just only a crush but he think that he is a gay. He is a kind of men that he like is men. Ohh!! Shocking moment. But he try to be guy he try to be in love again to Harriettte. But the destiny is always there that you be suffered a very hard problem. One day in science laboratory we need to experiment a leaf that we need to drop a chemical. If the leaf after you drop the leaf is change in color. But in co-accident the leaf of Jomeil and Jerry has the same color and this is the time that jomeil propose that Jerry you like to be a best friend.<br /> His said yes of course why not? After freshmen of course sophomore moment, in second year high school he develop that Jomeil have a feeling to Harriette. But he feel right because for his he is best friend of Jomeil. So he is never been jealous. But when the time that when Jomeil and Jerry try to be have a conversation about Harriette. He said to Jerry that he need to help with. Because he like to be her girlfriend. He is shocking because he feel jealous but he remember that he said to self. That he did not feel jealous because Jomeil is his friend. But in every moment that i saw her i feel very jealous you know why? Because after my classes Jomeil try to be their.<br /> Of course, after sophomore a junior moment. For his thrid year student is just like who you are and what you are. And this is the time that you need to express the feeling that he feel. And for his third year student is the happy moment that he is encountered. Because he express his feeling to Jomeil. Because one time, in accidentally moment that we need to have a project but in co-accident Jomeil, Harriette, Jerry, has the same group. His topic it’s all about are you agree in the same sex relationship. Ohh!! What a shocking moment. Frist he said that he like to be in another group but he stop to be transfer in another group by Jomeil. He feel very happy with matching gigling. Time goes by, we need to have a reseach about my group topic. First in the meeting place that we see in the house of Jomeil. So he prepared he like to be the first in the house of Jomeil. <br /> But when the time is come this is the time that we waiting. First, he know that he is frist in the house of Jomeil. But when he arrived in the sala’s of jomeil house. He saw Harriette and so he feel jealous and angry with them. And so he feel not good and in seconds, comes he feel very jealosing with them. And so he is not stoping to try to be humble. And he did not stoping to have a crying with them. <br /> He said with his why are you crying and the same that Harriette question. He said nothing but when he look in the ete to eye contact with Jomeil he said the truth. He said that Jomeil in first he look in his status between you and me is just like in friend. But in every moment that always their you if i have a problem. He feel for you that it is not just like a friend only this is just like a feeling for being i in-love for you. So he is shocking and not only Jomeil but also Harriette.<br /> He is try to walk-up. And when the time of evening when Jomeil and i texting he ask me what is your problem and i am alright. He answerd he is o.k. and his prolem is that you. He ask why he is my problem? And i answer directly i said that every moment that i saw you between Harriette i feel jealous and i feel lonely when i did not saw you.<br /> And he text me. And he ask me a question is that true. I answer yes its true and the time goes by. He said to me that i dont like to saw me lonely and i ask them why? He answer that i am kind for his and i try to be question them. What Jerry for you. He answered he is the one person that very important with him. <br /> And so he feel very happy and i said to his that the codename between Jomeil and Jerry the codename of Blast it means love you. And this is the time that are waited its time to be report my group report.<br /> And of course after junior, senior comes for his senior time is the time that we need to feel not comfortable. You know why? Because this is the time that Jomeil is disappar in his life. And this is the time that all my hardship is done. And this is the time that all my sacrifaces in studying is judging. But in co-accident i happen to be the top of the class. Then so be it. No pressure i8 had not fully understood it then until now. <br /> But after his graduation his father died and he feel that god is always gave him a problem. But he think always that all the prolem that encountered that is the trial a trial that can make a student interest in studying. And for his this is not the end of the world. And so he try to be stronger in any prolem that he encounter.<br />