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Samsung galaxy nexus


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Samsung galaxy nexus

  1. 1.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the outcome of months of rumours and rumours surrounding the following Google Nexus Android phone, initially thought to be called the Samsung and Google Nexus Prime the new Galaxy Nexus has now had deals, prices and then a release date announced at a recent launch event.
  2. 2.  This new Samsung Galaxy handset is usually to be the first in the world to own latest Android 4. 0 operating system which is also referred to as Ice Cream Sandwich and is a direct upgrade to your previous Google Nexus S model thats also manufactured by Samsung. samsung galaxy nexus UK retailers have already released details of their Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals which show that new device is not going to be the most inexpensive at launch, a free phone is likely to set back consumers a whopping £46 per month within line rental or to get a £30 upfront cost could potentially be connected to the next tariff down at £41 per month.
  3. 3.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date has been set for November which means that consumers will for the first time be able to experience precisely what Google has been focusing on with its new Google android update. The specifications may not be far off from the current best-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 using a 1. 2 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM on board, the camera is a 5. 0 mega pixel unit with an LED flash and is competent at recording 1080p full HD video clips the same as the S2 and this recent iPhone 4S.
  4. 4.  Compared with the previous Google Nexus S the Galaxy Nexus is slightly heavier but thinner with the overall weight of 135g and a slim body at 8. 94mm, the biggest difference comes with the size of the main touch screen which remains a super AMOLED display as along with the Galaxy S2 but has been expanded to a large 4. 65 inches. Further similarities between your Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nexus include the fast download speeds these handsets are able to achieve via HSPA+ abandoning to 21Mbps, also offered is Wi-Fi, GPS, Google+ integration and voice typing.
  5. 5.  The Galaxy Nexus is usually to be marketed in two memory types, both a 16GB and 32GB model is going to be on sale. So considerably, three of the UK network operators have announced that they will be selling the new Galaxy Nexus phone, these include 3 Mobile, Vodafone and O2, further networks are likely to follow suit soon.