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de Bono – Six Thinking Hats

The Hats
              Blue Hat
              Manages the thinking process – systems approach...
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The Six Thinking Hats De Bono


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The Six Thinking Hats De Bono

  1. 1. de Bono – Six Thinking Hats The Hats Blue Hat Manages the thinking process – systems approach – metacognition – thinking about thinking – whenever discussing which hat we are using, or process of thinking hats Red Hat Feelings, hunches, intuition and emotion – does not need any justification – usually comes first and last, but also when it becomes apparent it is needed, or as a source for green White Hat Information – just the facts – data, information, statistics, comparisons and contrasts, magnitude – separated from positive and negative and from emotion Yellow Hat Value and benefits – positive and sunny – what can go right – possibilities – comes before black hat so if there is positive upside, there will be commitment to overcome risks Black Hat Cautious – critical thinking – deals with risk and what can go wrong – why things are a bad idea – important to separate from emotion – more than just not liking something Green Hat Lateral thinking – closely related to creativity – new ideas and opportunities – shift to a new perspective – alternatives and breakthroughs Use of the Hats  Use should be decided beforehand so the system is shown as being fair and not simply used for one persons' agenda  Typical use can open with blue, red, white, yellow, black, green, blue, and red to close  First blue is process and ground rules  First red is where we are at emotionally, without justification needed  Then information, what information do we have and what is needed, these are only facts, no justifications needed  Yellow (before black) is discussion of the positive side of things, value created, and possibilities  Black is risk, current and future failures, negatives to be avoided, mitigation or other information is available under white and green, so must stay under black until all risks are discussed  Close with review of the thinking hats, and a check on emotional satisfaction with process Derived from de Bono (1999, 1985) Six Thinking Hats