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How To Recycle Used Batteries And Ink Catridges


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Recycling is an important issue, and finding ways to recycle used batteries, and ink cartridges has become even more important as time rolls on. Here are a few tips on how to find ways to recycle your used batteries, and ink cartridges.

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How To Recycle Used Batteries And Ink Catridges

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  2. 2. Tech Tip: How To Recycle Used Batteries And Ink Cartridges
  3. 3. Thousands of used batteries and ink cartridges go into our landfills on a weekly basis.
  4. 4. Many people would love to recycle their old batteries, and ink cartridges, but they have no idea how to do that.
  5. 5. Here are a few sites to check out in order to recycle these items.
  6. 6. CartridgeWorldUSA.comWhere you can recycle your old ink cartridges Where you can recycle your old batteries
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  8. 8. If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area, and need your computer fixed, be sure to visit
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