ib biology answer key ib cells genetics 7.3 2.7 organelles 1.1 cell theory chromosomes 1.2 7.1 dna protein synthesis translation transcription cell structure statistics biotechnology cloning genetic modification 3.5 gmo scnt 3.4 pedigree mendel theoretical genetics punnett inheritance biology meiosis 3.3 3.2 7.2 3.1 genes 1.3 1.4 cell transport endosymbiosis 1.5 endosymbiotic theory origins of cells 1.6 mitosis cell division stem cells metabolism 2.1 enzymes 2.5 2.2 2.4 2.6 dna structure dna replication anaerobic aerobic 2.8 respiration 2.9 photosynthesis 4.2 4.1 ecosystems carbon cycle 4.4 4.3 climate change carbohydrates 2.3 lipids protein protein structure organic molecules ecology energy flow prokaryotic eukaryotic energy evolution introduction to cells standard deviation data stats t-test cell membrane membrane sex gametes hl higher level ahl genome ultrastructure of cells membrane structure cell membranes membranes osmosis active transport diffusion cancer organic molecules anabolism molecular biology catabolism catalysts water water properties proteins amino acids rna atp food chain food web global warming greenhouse effect carbon natural selection 5.2 5.1 darwin 5.3 classification taxonomy cladistics cladogram 5.4
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