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Room service

  1. 1. Bryan Cheong Teik SamChoong Yew HengFoo Wei KingChan Litt BinJeffry Chee Hoe ChanMuhammad Faiz bin Sahrom
  2. 2. What Is Room Service?  Room service is part of the hotel operations where they serves food conveniently to their respective guest rooms by just calling the room service department and place order of food & drinks to be sent to their room.  Room service is a 24 hours service  Duties includes checking of minibars upon check out,collecting breakfast menus every morning.Sending food and beverage & room amenities to guest.
  3. 3. Why Room Service?  Can enjoy meals in the privacy of own room.  Can place order even at odd hours.  Food is delivered to room,therefore it saves time.
  4. 4. Room Service Orders  Telephone  Interactive TV system  Door Knob Menu
  5. 5. Room Service’s Order Flow Guest Order / Order Taking - By phone - Door Knob Menu - Television Preparation - Mise en place of the tray or trolley from the pantry - The order will be done by the distribution departments (kitchen/bar) Distribution / Service - Room service staff bring the tray or trolley using stairs, lift or special lift for food Billing - On spot OR charge to room - Room service department will communicate the order to the front office in order to charge the bill to the room if the payment has not be done on spot by the customer
  6. 6. The Sequence of Room Service1.  Knock the door lightly2.  Announce yourself (room service~)3.  Greet guest warmly4.  Use guest’s name5.  Ask if you may enter in the room6.  Ask where to set up order7.  Offer to pour beverage (bottle beverage)8.  Service of the dinner according to the guest needs9.  Offer additional assistance10.  Inform guest about pick-up11.  Wish guests an enjoyable meal12.  Thank the guest
  7. 7. Location of Room Service Pantry  Close to the kitchen  Close to the service lifts  Close to storage areas
  8. 8. Mobile Folding Room ServiceTable  Comfortable even though for 4 persons.  Quiet rolling wheels made from Vinyl- coated PVC.  Comes with a food warmer racks below.  Can be cleaned with soap and water, or can be steam cleaned.
  9. 9. Plate Warmer  Made from stainless steel.  Has double door for ease of usage.  Holds up to 120 plates at a time.  Low electrical usage due to low power needed to operate.
  10. 10. Coffee Machine  Height adjustable legs with rubber footings  Large lid area for warming and stacking cups  Easy swivel positioned steam arms and extensions available  2&3 group machines have 2 steam arms and alternative nozzles for frothing.  The volumetric models not only have a control box for each touch pad, but also a separate control box for the override system
  11. 11. Micros  MICROS Systems makes point-of- sale terminals, central reservation systems, and other hardware and management software.  Touch-screen systems that restaurant employees use to register orders and bill customers.  Keep track of inventory and enable management to analyze demand.
  12. 12. Blending Station  Allow you to blend almost any drink at the touch of a button.  Each program combines the right speed and timing to produce perfectly blended and homogenised drinks with no icy chunks.  The blender comes complete with a perspex sound-reducing cover.  The in-counter mounting provides extra stability, ease of cleaning and a neat appearance, making them ideal for exceptionally busy operations.
  13. 13. Ice Machine•  Makes up to 30 kg of gourmet cubed ice a day.•  Store 12.5kg of ice (approx. 4 bags) in its storage bin with pouch holder and hygenic scoop holder.
  14. 14. Food Warmer Machine  Fit up to 6 items inside.  The exterior is stainless steel, and the interior is aluminum. Both clean quickly and easily. With the added benefit of a removable back panel.  Easy to maintain the quality of food.  Each unit has its own built in thermostat to keep the temperature at the optium level.  Compatible with room service table.
  15. 15. Types Of Menu
  16. 16. Two types of menu All Day Menu Breakfast Menu
  17. 17. Three types of breakfast Standard / Continental BreakfastLight Breakfast Heavy Breakfast / American Breakfast
  18. 18. Full English Breakfast(Traditional)
  19. 19. All-Day Dining  A lacarte menu Benefit -Same as the normal restaurant menu Drawback -Limited to only a certain time
  20. 20. CoffeeService Tea Service Other services Wine Service
  21. 21. Other Items•  Amenities •  Mini Bar(in room) -Fruits -Soft drinks -Chocolates -Alcoholic drinks -Sweets -Snacks