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CDC project


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CDC project

  1. 1. CDC Project
  2. 2. System Overview • The RDS system to be installed at the Landmark International facility in Dubai will be responsible for managing selected functionality within the DC, under the control of the Oracle WMS. • The RDS system incorporates both warehouse management functionality (WMS) and warehouse control functionality (WCS) and comprises the following: – A Tote Conveyor system – Put to light equipment (PTL) – Direction of pickers via RF equipment (supplied by others) – Selected functionality • Inbound shipment’s Allocation orders/ Replenishment Orders(CDC Stock) are downloaded from the LMI host computer system. A single order is processed in full, at any one time. • Items are processed through the RDS , Put to light (PTL) module • Receipt confirmations are uploaded from the RDS system, according to the agreed host interface specification
  3. 3. Processing in RDS • Each item is barcode labeled with the unique SKU barcode • Within each major merchandise category the product undergoes stage pick for allocation to each store. These functions are facilitated by the tote conveyor and pick to light equipment, in the case of apparel, and via handheld RF units, in the case of footwear and accessories • Each item is scanned prior to packing, generating a price ticket which is automatically printed and manually applied • Orders destined for local stores are packed for local transport (eg on hangers for apparel), while orders for GCC stores are packed into shippers • A packing list, for every package shipped, may be printed on demand
  4. 4. Location Management • The RDS will maintain all locations within the CDC area. • The “RDC area” is further divided into zones • Each zone is mapped to a merchandise department – Which location belongs in which zone, and which merchandise department is mapped to which zone, will be determined prior to system configuration • All locations are designated as pickable. • It is possible to place multiple SKU’s in a single location. Items directed to this area will be putaway, to locations, using handheld RF units. • Store replenishment orders will be downloaded from the Landmark International host computer system. • Picking in the DC area will be performed using handheld RF units. • Items will then be processed through the respective modules (pick to light or RF), as per Replenishment Order downloaded • An inventory synchronization facility is provided whereby RDS notifies the Landmark International host computer system of all stock within CDC area • The Landmark International DC will be divided into logical areas as follows: – Receiving – Footware processing – Accessories processing – Apparel processing area (configured to cater for 8 territories and up to 14 stores per territory) – Despatch – Local RDC
  5. 5. Interface Touch points • Item detail (Dept,Group , Subgroup, Color,Size,Marketing group, EAN code etc downloaded from Host system to RDS • Store Detail , name, shipping address , territory, country etc downloaded from Host system to RDS • Price detail (sku wise ) downloaded from host system to RDS • Allocation Sheet/ASN downloaded from Host system to RDS system • Order Receipt confirmation (SKU wise) uploaded from RDS to Host system • Replenishment Order Downloaded from Host System to RDS system • Pick confirmation by Pick Quantity (SKU wise ) uploaded from RDS to Host system
  6. 6. Store Sort Packaging Area Two Areas dedicated for PTL Systems
  7. 7. Design of PTL system Store Sort In bound cartons Outbound Cartons Wh Stock
  8. 8. From Singapore Dubai CDC Facility Conveyor Price Tickets & Packing PTL System Palletization Loading into trucks Sortation of stock for stores/RDCs as per allocation sheet
  9. 9. RDS system ORMS Shipment Invoice from Supplier PO Upload in Host System Qty Received Allocation File worksheet generated by store Store Sort Put Away Price Ticketing Allocation & Price file detail downloaded for PTL Transfer out to stores Qty Received updated in RMS CDC stock Custom Invoice TERRITORY WISE Generated (EXPORT) Loading of outbound Shipments for Territories Carton packing for Stores Packing list store wise with carton detail Interface platform Retail Pricing for SKUs in respective currency of territory RF guided putaway in Actual Bin locations in CDC Wh Proposed Solution Despatch to Stores